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    Man I love these minimates!

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  1. They should make Disney store exclusive Tron Minimates!!
  2. Im going to be listing a few of these on Ebay soon. I'll post a tread on here when I do..
  3. I think Im gonna try cleaning a few of them up with a dremmel then list them for sale on Ebay. I'll post on here when I do.
  4. Tell me what you think of these? Ooops, forgot the guns...
  5. Ive been using the "lost wax" casting method. I cast in white investment powder. Here are some more pics and Im going to put some pics of the Legos Ive cast in the Legos section of the forum.
  6. I need to get a better pic of this. I think I need to take a dremel to it. Solid brass, non poseable... What do ya think so far?
  7. I just love this little bunny!!!! It makes me want to run outside and tare all my clothes off and scream at the neighbors that I am Jimmi Hendrix!
  8. I just opened my Spiderman Scorpion Minimate and his right knee joint isnt green, its white. His left is green though. I wonder is this just a one time accident, or are they all like that?
  9. You could say I know him, because I am him. Glad you like it! It's a sweet figure, but I couldn't bare to have a stay-puft the same size as the 'buster, GITD or not. Wow it's a small world!! Yea I LOVE the fig bro!! Thanks for selling it! Im not a huge ghostbusters minimate fan (Im mainly marvel) But I got the clear slimer 2 pack and I am a sucker for glow in the dark stuff so when I saw the stay puft all by himself I was like "man I wouldnt mind that". I think now Im going to have to get the glowing slimer too. I was going o bid on yer dr. doom but I forgot , oh well at least I got Staypuft!! Rock on bro!!
  10. Why yes I did...why do you know of him? IT glows GREEN TOO??? Im going to have to try this!!! I think it looks pretty darn good with the white underfig. My camera is broke though... I wonder if glowing slimer glows blue too?
  11. I just got my glowing stay puft minimate from ebay. IT GLOWS BLUE!!!! Other than glow sticks, I have never owned something that glows in the dark that wasnt green! And even better, his "underfigure" is a "blank" that ALSO GLOWS BLUE!!! I replaced my underfigure with one of my extra white Free comic book day mates and now I have my glowing stay puft mate AND a blank mate that also glows blue. (cept for his white feet and hands). THIS ROCKS!!!
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