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  1. On 2/23/2018 at 4:32 PM, funkguerilla said:

    Oh, I think they know what they're doing, they're just going after the short term buck and not thinking about the long term.  Cause I get it, events sell better than regular books, issue ones more than issue 400+s, and you get more press with the death of a character than just doing something interesting with them.  The problem is, however, that every time they do one of those things it kills their baseline readership and eventually that's going to be what does them in.

    I remember this thing someone told me in college about Ecstasy; She refused to take it because while it made you feel great while you were on it, you would never feel that good again in your life.  That the drug would hypercharge your endorphine glands (or whatever) and give you the rush, but afterwards you could never produce the same amount with or without drugs.  Seems to me that's what's happened to Marvel.  They found this drug - be it relaunches, events, or press coverage - and are addicted to the rush without realizing that if they keep it up, they'll never achieve those kinds of sales naturally again.

    Also also, them blaming fans for anything is just total bullshit.  Back in my day, Marvel listened to the readership and adjusted accordingly not demanded that the readership just fall in line.

    I think your friend was misinformed about ecstasy  :P... other than that, if the drug actually DID work that way, your analogy is excellent and I agree with everything you say LOL. Especially the part about blaming the fans...Total BS and a very bad business practice to boot.

  2. I quit buying Marvel comics about 5 years ago. Back in the bronze age, a book would keep a creative team on a book for years. It really gave the writers and artists a chance to develop the characters slowly and you felt like you were going on a journey with them... Later on, the comics became a series of never-ending changes in creative teams, lack of continuity,  unfinished ideas, jarringly different art (even in the middle of a story), gimmicky cross-overs, etc., etc., ad nauseum. After years of being disappointed, I finally threw in the towel... BUT I will always love these characters that I grew up with, I enjoy seeing them come to life on screen, and we now get merchandise of those characters that I never would have even dreamed as a kid and teenager (minimates being way up there on my list).  I guess the only way this effects me is like Gillbob said... more new costumes for some cool looking figs?

  3. This will be a post regarding my X-Men (heroes) wants only... I may do a wishlist of my other Marvel hero and villain wants later.

    Armor - not really a big fan, but I want to see how DST designs her.

    Colossus - 80's Romita-era red costume with white stripe. He didn't wear it long but I really liked the design.

    Colossus - Utopian era costume with the red, yellow, and black colors

    Cyclops - Marvel Now! costume

    Namor - X-Men costume

    Nightcrawler - Utopian costume identical to Colossus'

    Kitty Pryde - the green "Ariel" costume, maybe it's just nostalgia but i want it because she wore this when she appeared in Micronauts and fought the Morlocks for the first time.

    Kitty Pryde - "Sprite" costume from when she joined

    Psylocke - Marvel Now! costume

    Storm - Marvel Now! costume

    Storm - Asgardian "goddess of thunder" costume - always a fave of mine

    Storm - Xtreme X-Men... I know I may have been the only one to like this group but I really want a box set of Storm, Bishop, Sage, and the Neal Sharra Thunderbird in these duds. It would give us 2 new characters and another Bishop who needs to be revisited since a lot of us missed the first two minimates.

    Bishop, Sage, Thunderbird - see above

    Rogue - Original outfit - To me,  this is the most glaring omission in minimates. We can't even complete our 80's line up or Secret Wars roster without her. and while we're at it...

    Rogue - Utopian era costume

    Rogue - 80's black leotard with ripped shirt

    Hell, give us Rogue in that orange monstrosity she wore after secret wars or her savage land bikini for that matter. She's easily had as many different looks as Jean and yet she gets no love.

    Polaris - purple Shi'ar outfit

    Havok - Modern look from the mid-2000's.

    Oh , and I know I said I wouldn't do villains but I really want a Callisto to fight Storm. (Marrow sux)

    I'm sure I'll think of more later...  :P

  4. A little too cartoony for my tastes guys... and I GET it. They're based on a cartoon, but these seem particularly basic to me. I guess the Black Panther looks okay, but why would I pick him up when the movie versions look better and come out around the same time. Modok is a definite downgrade from the last one LOL. Sad. I wanted a Jackal and a modern Wasp, but I think I'm going to have to pass on these. :( 

  5. Whenever I see this Marvel Girl costume, I think of that conversation between her and Scott before the final battle with the Imperial Guard:

    Cyclops: You're dressed as Marvel Girl! Why?

    Jean: I'm not sure - - Nostalgia? Pride? I started as Marvel Girl, and that's how I'll finish.

  6. 21 hours ago, thereasonsy said:

    Go in and delete doesn't work?

    That would be excruciating. I have 990 attachments and this message: "You have used 63.82 MB of your 1000 kB attachment limit". I can only delete one attachment at a time and honestly, I wouldn't want to delete my custom designs as this is the only place they are all saved. I lost my own files years ago.

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