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  1. Maybe Asgardian Wars or the X-Men annual with the New Mutants in their graduation costumes? Yeah, I'm an Arthur Adams fan.
  2. Your parents' GOTG roster: Pratt, Gammy, Rocket Varmint, Antenna Lady, Tattooed Hulk, and Tree Kid.
  3. Xtreme X-men (I liked the black and red costumes) Asgardian Storm Shi'ar Polaris Shuma Gorath
  4. I think your friend was misinformed about ecstasy :P... other than that, if the drug actually DID work that way, your analogy is excellent and I agree with everything you say LOL. Especially the part about blaming the fans...Total BS and a very bad business practice to boot.
  5. I quit buying Marvel comics about 5 years ago. Back in the bronze age, a book would keep a creative team on a book for years. It really gave the writers and artists a chance to develop the characters slowly and you felt like you were going on a journey with them... Later on, the comics became a series of never-ending changes in creative teams, lack of continuity, unfinished ideas, jarringly different art (even in the middle of a story), gimmicky cross-overs, etc., etc., ad nauseum. After years of being disappointed, I finally threw in the towel... BUT I will always love these characters that I grew up with, I enjoy seeing them come to life on screen, and we now get merchandise of those characters that I never would have even dreamed as a kid and teenager (minimates being way up there on my list). I guess the only way this effects me is like Gillbob said... more new costumes for some cool looking figs?
  6. A short "skunk-stripe" hairpiece included with the Rogue would also be much appreciated... So what's the official line-up of TRU 26 again? I looked on toyark but only saw Wave 76.
  7. Although I'm happy with the 2 Namors I have, I would buy that set too. ^^
  8. I'm pretty selective with movie-verse minimates. However, I did pick up the Tactical Killmonger set at Walgreens today. That mask is very cool.
  9. There are quite a few I like, but I also couldn't vote for just one of the Warriors Three. I went with Kurse...I just always thought he looked bad ass.
  10. Why are we still talking about this trollop? LOL
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