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  1. Well, the Deadpool counterpart was called Deathwish who really was Victor Von Doom but acted more in line with Deadpool. And Death Mask was Wade Wilson who acted more like Doom. Either way, it was an alternate reality so they made up new names. I didn't care for the names much either but they were throwaway characters. And I didn't know about the MvC3 thing either but now we know how deep they dug for their comic knowledge!
  2. I think you mean Death Mask.
  3. I do like the comic. I do like minimates. But I can't say I must own the ToT minimates.
  4. Thing-pool! Dead-pocalypse! Dead-slaught! Armored Spider-pool! Is that a hint of wanting a Deadpool 10 pack box set down the road? Because I could go for that with those figures included.
  5. Of the rehashes, I don't have the Mk VII and that gold version of Mk 42. Plus I like the Mk I and II and V. But this is still a little hard to swallow. I'm on the fence. Definitely a good casual crowd box set, though. And I love that the TRU style cardboard box returned! Ah, memories of my 2nd minimate set.
  6. Yeah, I realized it after I posted when I looked down on the page, hehe. Staring at Captain Ameri-pool makes me think he's a communist, though.
  7. This might be the consolation prize to the Deadpool Taco Truck set, which I'm sure will sell out at Hasbro. I'm looking forward to the packaging of this to see if they are playful with it as the previous one.
  8. But then you'd miss the inconsequential matches, like Cesaro vs. Sin Cara. I assume that was cut. No idea how Hulu plus edits things, though. It was a good match and made me hopeful for Cesaro's possibly hinted future. I really do wish he would wear the thigh wraps again. I feel weird looking at a guy basically in his underwear and shoes...
  9. Bryan/Rollins on RAW was a PPV quality match, as the saying goes. I was surprised it was much better than I even imagined.
  10. The Flair wrestling a broom analogy updated to now is like Bryan wrestling a Ryback.
  11. Exactly. Sheamus vs. Del Rio series of matches got old quick. Not that they were the most horrible thing, but the matches were mostly standard and we still kept getting it. With Shield, it feels different since they seem to deliver quality matches with their common dance partners. And interesting storylines to keep them together. Very rare these days. Who can beat them as a 3-man team? Are they as effective apart? And what is Bryan going to do next? Granted, more people are involved than in a singles match storyline so it may be unfair to compare. But those guys caught lightning in a bottle. Even though we want new and fresh storylines, I just kind of fear new feuds with new people might lose the current dynamic. Especially if Bryan goes on in a singles career for the WWE title and the Usos slowly becoming a threat. And I tolerate Miz vs Barrett now with Fandango involved.
  12. I hope you are wrong too! It'd be interesting to see Bryan as the WWE champion and trying to prove to everyone he is a worthy champion to carry the company. It seems like an extension of his current weak link storyline where nobody believes in him. It seems like Punk is the only person who seems worthy enough to be in the title hunt for the WWE title after Ryback. But we've seen Cena/Punk enough. Give Punk/Bryan a shot at the WWE title picture! Make Bryan win over Cena, then Punk reclaiming that he is best in the world after the Jericho storyline which sets Bryan off more. Imagine the epic matches between the two, especially with the title on the line.
  13. Congrats you lucky old man! So you won't be offended anymore when I call you gramps, right? Rest easy when you can and come back whenever you got a spare moment.
  14. Aw man, that sucks. I thought Daffney was a good addition to the Knockouts roster too. Hope she is doing well now. Her and Taylor, wherever she is.
  15. I haven't saw the PPV yet but will eventually. Glad to hear there was at least one good thing to come out of it. I will admit that TNA has had a better women's division for a while and that they actually give them a chance to showcase their abilities. WWE's has been weak since the Attitude Era when Trish and Lita were there. It sucks that WWE can't take that chance on giving their women's division more TV time to develop anymore. And proper commentary too as Cole, Lawler, and JBL constantly talk down all of their matches. That Kong upset blonde, I think you mean Taylor Wilde. She was pretty impressive and I am surprised she hasn't came back to rebuild that division. The Knockouts and X-Division were pretty weak for a while but they are slowly getting better. I still remember that time when Gail Kim gave the WWE a middle finger in her last match by eliminating herself from a battle royal a few years ago. With the exodus of female WWE talent last year, seems like nothing changed much. I still have hope that they won't mess up Paige down in NXT when she gets called up. I can see the division built around her. And what happened to Daffney? I forgot. I do remember something bad, though. Let go while injured?
  16. I don't really worry that Kane will fall out of favor with the company. At worst, he'll probably just help out the younger guys with a feud over the Intercontinental title. It's just that Kane has survived for so many years that I am curious what the next iteration will be. Kind of like Y2J, I guess. I don't mind Kane being a monster heel again, but I still currently enjoy Big Show and Mark Henry filling that role. Though there doesn't seem to be anyone new for them to work with right now to make things interesting while keeping them credible forces of destruction. I was hoping the Orton/Big Show and Sheamus/Mark Henry feuds would turn into a tag team feud since I find the Big Show/Mark Henry superheavyweight team interesting. So WWE and Flinstones doing a direct to dvd movie? John Cenastone, CM Punkrock, Vince McMagma. My inner kid is finding those names entertaining, even though they are kind of stupid.
  17. So Khali your guilty pleasure, huh? I have been wanting to see Bryan against Santino while both are still comedy acts. But Santino hasn't been used much lately (injury?) and he isn't remotely in Bryan's league. Can't remember if they faced off in the ring this past year but I'm sure they could pull off a throwaway comedic match sometime. Bryan vs. Ziggler seems like it'd be good business. Ziggler has been booked as a weak champ but Bryan is a worthy, but defeatable opponent to help cement his reign. I know we all see upside in Bryan, but that begs the question, what happens to Kane? He's still in great shape and I don't see him slowing down. But I can't figure out where he'd go next or what's the next evolution.
  18. The Shield has been amazingly consistent. I keep thinking their matches are going to be dull since they seem to keep fighting the same people over and over in different combinations. But I have no complaints yet. And I agree, Bryan was the breakout star of the match. There's just a feeling he's building up to something. Not necessarily a breakup with Kane but perhaps just a tweak in character? The appreciation night was just a fun little thing and I hope they continue to show them online so everyone has the chance to see. It took me a while to figure out that was Lance Storm, though. I was hoping he might come out and say a few words in front of the hometown crowd.
  19. I got suckered into downloading the WWE app and finally used it on RAW this week. I kind of understand why it exists. But don't know why they want to ignore their advertisers by making people watch during commercial breaks. Also, when there's a video happening during a match, I don't know where to put my focus and I end up dividing my attention and not really watching both. Either way, they put their WWE app videos online anyway so there isn't a need to watch them live (or even at all). The polls and other pop up stuff are kind of fun, though. Onto the show. The first highlight of the night was just seeing Jericho and Paul Heyman in the ring together in the Highlight Reel. Those two together can't be bad. But Jericho challenging Punk to return at the Payback PPV? I know it is in Chicago, but Heyman accepted on Punk's behalf. Heyman is a liar. It has to be Jericho vs. Axel, which makes sense since Jericho likes putting over new talent. And speaking of new talent, the second highlight was seeing the video package of Bray Wyatt. His swamp preacher/Waylon Mercy gimmick is pretty interesting in NXT so I am extremely happy to see him debuting soon. Plus, his entrance music really sets the tone well. I know the video package referenced lambs, but those masks looked like goats to me... Here's the promo: And the Heyman/Jericho segment just cause I was looking for the above video:
  20. I couldn't find any matches between the two on youtube last night, but I eventually stumbled upon a couple of ridiculous videos from Chikara. One guy was throwing an imaginary grenade at some masked ant wrestlers and when it explodes, everyone in the ring reacts as if it was real. You have to love the indy's for being different!
  21. Sami Zayn/El Generico debuted on NXT this week and it wasn't a bad first showing. But he then had a 2nd match in the show against Cesaro, who demanded some competition (same exact promo he did a few weeks ago). Solid match with Cesaro doing another couple of moves that I will remember for a while, like that suplex on Kofi. A reversal on a top rope crossbody in the most fluid way I have ever seen into a backbreaker and also countering an inside cradle attempt into a vertical suplex. Cesaro is slowly becoming the true human highlight reel for me. At this point, he might as well should join the Shield since it is an injustice that he's being wasted. Until then, I'll keep beating this dead horse dead.
  22. I missed the boat on these too. They were my first real big minimates test after I decided to curb my collection a little and not become a completist. Do I regret it? For Kang, Grim Reaper, Iron Man and Ant-Man, yeah, as I held the set in my hands. A little regret with the Fear Itself set with Spidey too. But I had less affinity for the other 3 figures. Oh well, life goes on and so does the minimate line. Lots more to look forward too!
  23. I thought I'd give the name a little more time to sink in, but it still isn't doing it. Axel just has like a 90's rock/grunge connotation to me (most likely due to Axel Rotten and Axel Rose). But I'll get used to it eventually. Much better than McGillicutty. So how about the rest of RAW...? Okay, let's move on. FYI, El Generico is making his debut tomorrow on NXT. Well, his maskless persona, Sami Zayn. I have to say, I was intrigued by his promo last week. I only saw his last match in the indies where he gave his farewell speech but I am really looking forward to seeing more of him.
  24. So Paul Heyman unveiled the new Paul Heyman Guy. And he is Curtis Axel! 3rd gen star. AKA Michael McGillicutty. AKA Joe Hennig. AKA son of Mr. Perfect. At first, I thought it might be Cesaro to help get him over more. But I am not disappointed with this. Some probably will. I always liked McGillicutty but really, McGillicutty as a name? Calling his fans McGillibuddies didn't help either even though I thought it was funny. With Punk and Brock out for now, good to keep Paul in the spotlight and help elevate some new talent. Of course, Triple H had to bury him in the grand unveiling. However, Axel had a match with Triple H in the main event and won...? Well, Triple H started getting dizzy or something and the match stopped. This is supposedly to sell the effects of Brock's brutal beating at the PPV. Still a little weird seeing a guy who has been jobbing on Superstars for the past few months hit the RAW main event. Especially since his look didn't get repackaged so it's really only a name change plus Heyman. And yeah, he's going to need new music. Not just a quick remix of Mr. Perfect's theme. I didn't notice that Cena wasn't on RAW until you mentioned it Hellpop. Cena technically did walk away on his two feet. Apparently it was on the post-show where Cena Cena'd up and got off the stretcher and said he's fine and didn't want to go to the hospital. But all you need to know from tonight regarding that feud is ambulance match at Payback (next PPV). Eh. I miss Zigglypuff.
  25. Found them today at the Emeryville, CA TRU. I only like the IM armors but still haven't warmed up to the War Machine/Iron Patriot molds. A shame as I really wanted to like them but passed them up.
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