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  1. I wouldn't expect him to either. But couldn't there be a flashback scene with a younger Hank Pym (younger actor, not Michael Douglas) in a "Mark I" suit? Pure speculation, which is always the fun part when we are going on nothing.
  2. We don't know all the characters yet, but a wave isn't too much of a stretch. I'm assuming there are 2 versions of the Ant-Man suit, though. But the Iron Man three armors formula worked for the first 2 movies so I would hope there might be a final battle Ant-Man armor. Listing off possible characters: Scott Lang in Ant-Man Suit Hope Van Dyne Yellowjacket Old Hank Pym Young Hank Pym in Ant-Man Suit Howard Stark (I remember reading he was back, the IM2 Howard Stark) Scott Lang Civilian Civilian Yellowjacket character Army Builder (Some high tech thug? No idea.) I'd like to see a young 70s Nick Fury (Shaft?) but that is wishful thinking on the flashback scenes, haha. There might not be a lot visually appealing civilians which seems to be the worry. But I like Mystery Man's suggestion to balance it out. Add the tiny figures hanging on to the civilians!
  3. That Charlotte (with Ric) vs. Natalya (with Bret) was the last Takeover show, I believe. Best women's match I've seen in a long time. If ever! I finally caught up to Takeover on Hulu this past weekend. Easily more watchable than any of the main WWE shows. I will a little confused about the Bull/Mojo match being so short, especially after the squash match with Baron Corbin earlier. But the women's title and the NXT title matches were some good matches. The 4-way started off a little slow for me in the beginning, but had me at the end. The end was interesting. Well within the rules, as the announcers noted. But causes some more interesting tension. All those Breeze false finishes had me out of my seat. And Charlotte is becoming one of those wrestlers where I actually have to watch her matches undistracted. But when she gets called up, I think the women's division is still safe with Bailey and Sasha around.
  4. 4?? Man if Doc Ock weren't looking over my shoulder you would be in at least 12 different pieces right now... but yeah yeah 4 is fine. I got stabbed multiple times. And that was before this contest was over! There is no hiding. Ruuuuuuuuuunnnnnn! Or hide behind Josh since he has the golden ticket. Congrats!
  5. So things have been quiet here and I guess rightfully so. I don't remember many memorable things the past few weeks. I only caught the second half of RAW but the only thing that caught my eye this week was NXT on RAW! I was excited but cringed when I heard they were having an NXT match. Neville/Zayn vs Breeze/Kid. They definitely can bring it but with RAW, you knew they wouldn't get that long of a segment to truly show off. Match was okay and seemed typical, but it really seemed to elevate Neville as many weren't used to his moveset so he got a great reaction. Zayn still gets the Ole chants, of course. I'm hoping this was a test to get the audience accustomed to the new guys. And Breeze is gorgeous!
  6. I came up with 4. I hope that doesn't disqualify me... (Because it's Spidey) Spiderlings/Spider-Minions (More robots!) Mandroids (2 in 1?) Purifiers that you can remove robe and make alternate Choir angels (Can be put in same wave as Phalanx Ultron? I hear he has a movie coming up...) Phalanx Phalanx Ultron
  7. All hail the once and future king! Happy Birthday! You spoil us all with your time travels to the present just to post here.
  8. I'm not going to lie, I'd still pop for that if Ambrose suddenly came to the ring. But I think I like how the championship landscape might change if Rollins won the title. Sigh. Why did Sandow have to lose...?
  9. The long term tentative plan may be Reigns winning at Wrestlemania and Rollins cashing it in sometime after Reigns wins? I'm not sure if I want to see a Rollins vs Reigns feud so soon after the Ambrose feud is over. But you have to expect it eventually. I think I would feel a little cheated if Ambrose interferes during a cash in that already started. If it was the good guy cashing it in and the bad guy interfering, then that would work better for me. Heat on the bad guy.
  10. I do get the feeling that Ambrose and Rollins will have parallel but distinct careers that will lead them both to the main event scene in the future. Ambrose is a little unpredictable, that's for sure. If they added the US title to the mix, that would have greatly elevated championship too other than whoever has it now. But I'm happy those 2 will add some nice feuds in the singles arena when they are done with each other. It sucks Ambrose will be gone for a bit, but it might be a good break after a string of great matches. Reigns, on the other hand, still needs some work. He's progressing slowly, but I think he is best in small amounts right now. Like in tag team action when he gets the hot tag and cleans house. Or even in short one or two Raw/Smackdown segment matches. He needs to progress a bit more in character to help carry long PPV matches other than being an unstoppable cyborg. I mean, I like Ryback now that he seems to feel comfortable with his bully personality in Rybaxel. I hated him during his streak. Still a few months before Royal Rumble for Reigns to earn that match, though.
  11. Happy Birthday! So what happens if you see your shadow today? A Squirrel Girl Minimate gets announced?
  12. Bleeding Cool has an update that I just noticed. But the damage is done and the article is currently at the bottom of the page and ready to be out of the front page and forgotten. I appreciate Zach trying to make things better, but I think it just confused them more and now it seems to imply that the rage should be directed to Diamond? I think we all know the real story and the rationale behind the chosen lineup. Look! Dancing Baby Groot! He's so cute!
  13. I just think it is a shame minimates were unfairly brought into the argument to help prove a point. You can't expect everyone to understand how a line is decided. But any exposure for minimates can't be bad, right? I'm just taking the article as free advertisement. You know someone will read that article and want Groot and Rocket. Then it goes downhill from there, heh heh heh. Suckers!
  14. Anyone else see the Bleeding Cool article on the GotG minimates? Regarding the lack of females.
  15. Very convincing. But would have been perfect if not for the 4 star rating. We all know it deserves 5 stars.
  16. Yeah, that's a tough situation to be in. Doesn't jibe with the Be A Star message he was promoting. But you have to stand up to bullies sometimes. If true, I'd like to hear the firing of the guy who made the comment next.
  17. Didn't he have past altercations with other WWE superstars backstage? Maybe WWE drew the line with this slapping of a non-superstar. Yeah, I'm sad he is just going away without a send off. But I think he will be back. Just not in a few hours like many are joking but rather a year or so. He wasn't in any storyline so at least no one needs to reference him on TV.
  18. I really liked Batista for the first time at the end of his previous run, where he quit years ago and had the spotlight on him in the entrance. But Batista being a mega star now, tagging with Miz seems like a downgrade to his star power. I'm just not sure how the WWE universe would accept Batista now, though. Boo or cheer him? I'd think most like his performance as Drax, but he is the type who can be easily boo'd.
  19. Hollywood Batista should play off his Drax character and come off unintentionally lovable where nothing goes over his head. I wanted to hate the Drax character since I like hating Batista in the WWE, but I couldn't. Normally the Funko Pop human figures just aren't my thing, but DB is funny since his beard takes up half his body!
  20. I disagree, a more likely feud would be Hollywood Miz vs a returning Hollywood Batista.
  21. I'm all for Lesnar getting the belt just to see how it'd work and how long it'd last as it's something a little different. Mercenary hijacking the belt and just showing up whenever on his terms. Heck, I'd be happy if he keeps doing a video promo like Monday night. Plus, it'd give a reason to slowly phase out the 2 titles and just use one. As for who can take the title away if Lesnar wins? Unfortunately, I can only see Cena right now. Reigns still needs a lot of work, but is still possible. In the Brie/Steph contract signing, Brie mentioned something about karma coming back to bite her in the butt or something. Steph hiring Kharma as her hired gun? Wishful thinking. Ziggler keeps getting pushed down but still manages to get a lot of support. I hope he gets rewarded with a good IC title run, at least. If Lesnar wins, maybe the IC and US titles get more of a spotlight?
  22. Sorry for the SDCC interjection. I'm just waiting to see how the Spike/TNA thing turns out later. I do enjoy TNA, though. I couldn't get an autograph of Hogan and Bryan, but Big E was a manageable line. Cool guy who seemed to enjoy being there. Very wide dude and his face was sweating ever since he got in. I think the signature Big E thing is that he always doing some goofy face when taking pictures. So it is nice to see some of his genuine personality. Attached was just a random pic I liked of him looking mean for a pic. And the WWE panel was just insane! I mean, seeing Sting, the crowd erupted! Everyone was all wondering why there was some long pause when the Sting action figure was shown. Earlier, Heyman teased Brock Lesnar was coming out and even pointing behind the curtain, but of course Heyman was just playing the crowd. Best question was a fan asking Michael Cole if Jerry smelled like strippers. It was a little hard to get chants over in this crowd as it felt like fans were forcing it, but man, the Yes chant that followed the strippers question got everyone, including me in my first public Yes chant. And when someone asked about wrestlers royalties from the WWE Network, Bryan answered honestly saying no one knows, but you could see Hogan put his head on the table and shaking it in disappointment as it seemed like Bryan shouldn't have said anything. Oh, and of course, Michael Cole kept promoting the WWE Network every chance he got, which got a good laugh from the crowd every time. Even he laughed after saying it every time. This was the first year I ever did WWE related stuff at SDCC so I'm looking forward to doing it again next year!
  23. A lot of times, the warehouse has some TRU stock in the system that may or may not be really there. They just order it and see what they actually receive. I got a Kang set last year, so it is always worth it to look around the DST booth. In the pics below, you can see they still had some Boom Boom/Rictor TRU exclusive sets too. Below are some pics of Minimate products at last half hour of the show. So apparently DST sold out of all the stock of the DofP box sets that they brought. Glad it sold well! Kind of sad I didn't buy one when I had the chance since I was on the fence.
  24. On the will vs try. Might not want to quote me as I'm running on little sleep. But look at DSTs history. They usually won't waste a great design and most likely will be made. Just maybe need to figure out how to slip him in somewhere. Talking with Zach, seems like 60/19 are still being planned. I think sometime 2015? Minimates are diversifying a lot. Marvel may not seem like the focus due to output this year but there doesn't sound like there is any danger after talking with Chuck. Just lots of other great and different lines that try to expand the minimate fan base..
  25. From Zenoscope booth and Entertainment Earth booth. I didn't know those 2 booths had minimates. I'm so out of touch with all the lines...
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