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  1. Happy Birthday guys! Sam, drop me a line the next time you're in town. I only get to BR about once a year, so its more likely I'll catch you here.
  2. Not sure about the broad market, but in my hood, those Mez-its are always on clearance and do not seem to move at discount.
  3. The tearing and deteriorating rubber really caused me to scale back on 1/6th. These things are just too expensive to disintegrate.
  4. I am feeling WAY better and coming down to the kitchen for a Krimpet was the height of my day. Almost gone! There is a lot going on with Minimates. There are so many, I just can't get them all.
  5. So, My year started out poorly, but I optimistically feel like I was just getting some minor bad out of the way or it was 2016's last stab in my back. On New Years Eve, I got really sick and was in bad shape until about the 5th. I wouldn't wish that crud on even Buttheadsmate! Feeling new and ready to hit the shops again, I am looking at the new stuff including non-Minimates and assessing shelf space to determine my collecting path. There is some cool stuff coming out. I particularly like the direction Aliens and Predator have been going. More Muppets would be nice. A return to Classic Marvel would make me happy. I am digging the statues DST are doing and already have a couple. My brother sent me a pic of the Hulk piece and I didn't even know it was out yet. I'd love to hear the thoughts/plans of my fellow collectors.
  6. I want to wish a very happy birthday to our resident man servant, Lurch. Happy Birthday and thanks for all you do here.
  7. These do look awesome. I am impressed by them all. I had it in my head that I would pass on some of these like the Ancient One (a personal favorite), but the end result is quite nice.
  8. Ooh, good one. I think I am going to get the new 1/6th Judge Dredd figure.
  9. Yes, there were some one time use coupons, but all the codes I posted were for free reward points. In the end, they gave away about $80 worth of them. Free to use on anything you like, whenever you want.
  10. No problem guys. I did about $60 myself. I went camping on Saturday before Halloween, so I missed some, but thats life.
  11. Sorry about the losing stuff mess. I love your customs.
  12. Yeah, I know a few who took that deal.
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