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  1. Well, Marvel seems to still be going strong. DC Comics is not on the table. DST still seems to be testing the waters with the different licenses they get. Maybe I am a pessimist, but I didn't give much hope to some of the properties. At the same time, I feel DST didn't give much effort with others. Granted, they do research and poll retailers for what will sell and they know better than I do, I just think the research does not always show the markets actual interest, just what retailers are banking on. Frankly, I accept that my personal opinion is not worth magic beans in the scheme of things, so I do not get butthurt and respect the direction these things go. Do I think Lost in Space should have gone forward? Yes, but its not up to me and I am okay with that. Vinimates seem to be doing great. I think that is good for Minimates. Some of the things that get made into Vinimates are also made as 2 inch Minimates and I think interest will flow down in many cases. I also believe any success for DST will create opportunities for more Minimates lines. I do not see any "writing on the wall" for Minimates. DST keeps pitching them, even to folks who are saying no (for now) and they know they have a product with a nice fan following. Why abandon it?
  2. Some people spent thousands on this. A real shame. I lost a couple hundred, which I'd love to have back.
  3. Yes, a security issue forced me to do another upgrade this morning.
  4. Agreed. My focus is promotional and pre-production stuff. I will track what I want down, as I always do.
  5. A lot of Star Wars. Tarkin, Imperial Gunner, Imperial Guard, Emperor. I really like the Gladiator Hulk, but wish they muted the colors a bit.
  6. Wow, really? I hate to see you go. All that cool pre-prod stuff...
  7. I kinda expected this to be a thread already. Anyone seen the DST private release Steve Geppi set? Given out to Diamond employees and to SDCC retailer/press event attendees.
  8. That is awesome. I urgently need to make that Kermit-Hulk.
  9. Thanks everyone. I had a good day and a great weekend. They just built a Dave and Busters here and I finally tried it out. Lots of new toys for me. A nice haul.
  10. Sideshow is doing another affiliate giveaway. Enter using the special link below. Good luck to all! Spider-Man Premium Format Give-away sponsored by Sideshow Collectibles!
  11. "That kangaroo stole my ball!" Great shots Zach!
  12. He is a moderator on one forum section as he partly manages it. Lets take it down a notch.
  13. I have disabled Vigilink for this forum starting today. I don't like how it messes up link that members add and it has completely ruined how the site was supported by advertisers. The site has received ZERO affiliate fees for 2017 and hopefully things can go back to the way they were.
  14. Hey folks! Sideshow Collectibles has an affiliates only giveaway going on right now for a Premium Format Wonder Woman 1/4 scale statue. Only affiliate sites are given access to the link. Add your name to the drawing with the link below and good luck to all members who enter. Wonder Woman Giveaway Exclusive Affiliate Link
  15. I happen to be a big fan of Shane. I even have an original movie poster from when it was in theaters. That said, keep in touch Josh. I'll try to keep the King Cakes flowing pal.
  16. Great pics Zach! I will be getting this set for sure.
  17. Shanester

    DC Vinimates

    Yeah, I like them waaaay better than I thought I would.
  18. Fun with cornstarch...who knew? Great shots Zach!
  19. You are only as old as you feel. Most of the time, I am still a kid. Happy birthday Zach!
  20. Yep, 501st, Bast Alpha Garrison. Thanks for the tip.
  21. There is not one thing about this video that is not completely BAD-ASS! The use of the licensed properties with their titles, the MAX guys for tactics and rescue, the globe puzzle for theme and plot. Seriously, that is very, very cool. Nice work!
  22. I never had anything big from the ARAH stuff either. This WHALE is quite cool but is missing a lot. Most of it he does not want to replace, just the guns mainly. I appreciate everyone's help.
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