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  1. Tim is still around but a lot less active. I agree about posting pictures. It would be a lot easier if the Multiverse could host them like we did in the beginning, but server space blew up. MPL, I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my Dad 17 years ago and I understand the hole it can leave in your life. My sincere condolences.
  2. There are still a lot of old-timers around and we still get new folks all the time, but I think the instant gratification crowd does most of their conversing on FB. I just got some NYCC Battle Beasts to give away, so some folks will trudge back over for that.
  3. This used to be a popular one as we had quite a population there, but I know a few of the more active collectors moved away.
  4. Good to hear. I thought maybe they came and went, just that fast.
  5. Yes, I am. My main suit is ANH Stormtrooper. However, I also have an Imperial Bridge Crew and an ANH TIE Pilot. Once I build the helmet, I will finish an Imperial Gunner. Get to building!
  6. I have been checking the shop since I learned the extras would sell there. This is progress(?)(!)(.) Choose your own punctuation.
  7. I probably have more opportunities to see tigers than most. Louisiana State University uses the tiger as the school mascot and has a live one on campus. Plus, I am at the local zoo a lot as a member of the 501st Legion. I have never seen a fat tiger, though.
  8. Is that real? Never seen a fat Tiger, but things are rarely what they seem these days.
  9. Saga is an incredible story, IMO. Its been a top selling book for some time, but has not gotten a lot of mainstream attention.
  10. I have a few. Hulks, Thanos, an Iron Man. There are plenty more I'd like.
  11. We will be giving a few away when I have them in hand,
  12. I am happy to see this. I thought the Battle Beasts dead and buried, but here we are and its a Minimate exclusive. Given take it or leave it, I will take it.
  13. Agreed. Also, the Predator in that film is a beast and would make a good Minimate, IMO.
  14. Very nice work. The photography is great, as is the use of scale. Very impressive.
  15. I will check it out. Opinions are usually different and I am not expecting much. I hear a lot of raves about Black Panther and I found it boring. Go figure.
  16. I am going to have to break down and get one of those Shakespeare head banks. The Hobgoblin is quite nice, too.
  17. I like Kubricks and am fascinated by the odd stuff they have tackled. The difficulties in finding them and the lack of available info on them, is what eventually turned me off with collecting. As I said earlier, I have a handful. Mostly Star Wars. I have a few from Ultraman, Disney, and a few odd balls. Creature From The Black Lagoon is a favorite. Tarkin is a great figure, but the ears are odd.
  18. I have that Tarkin! My SW Kubrick collection consists of about a dozen figures. Very cool figures, but I think the repacks and spotty distribution killed the line.
  19. I have found Minimates at my local B&N for quite some time, but maybe they will take on more product.
  20. Hey guys! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I was just showing a coworker my "Jerkface" SDCC badges. He goes every year and was quite surprised to see my "old" badges. As I like to think, age is a state of mind and I am still a kid. I am just much slower than my 7 year old and I tired out faster, but I am still a kid at heart.
  21. Some odd license (for 2018), but kinda cool.
  22. So many greats are moving on to the next world. I feel lucky to have met so many and known their legacies. RIP.
  23. I agree with the talk of going to the next level with Minimates, but the line is always touted as have a very low profit margin. I don't know the specifics and have never been privy to the wholesale price of a Minimate, but until the line makes considerable money for a retailer, I doubt DST will give it much more attention. Mainstream characters for exclusives has never offended me because I have always been able to acquire the sets. Yes, maybe a few bucks more than a regular set, but that is the idea. Go to the con/event or buy secondary. That is the way it works.
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