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  1. I like Kubricks and am fascinated by the odd stuff they have tackled. The difficulties in finding them and the lack of available info on them, is what eventually turned me off with collecting. As I said earlier, I have a handful. Mostly Star Wars. I have a few from Ultraman, Disney, and a few odd balls. Creature From The Black Lagoon is a favorite. Tarkin is a great figure, but the ears are odd.
  2. I have that Tarkin! My SW Kubrick collection consists of about a dozen figures. Very cool figures, but I think the repacks and spotty distribution killed the line.
  3. I have found Minimates at my local B&N for quite some time, but maybe they will take on more product.
  4. Hey guys! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I was just showing a coworker my "Jerkface" SDCC badges. He goes every year and was quite surprised to see my "old" badges. As I like to think, age is a state of mind and I am still a kid. I am just much slower than my 7 year old and I tired out faster, but I am still a kid at heart.
  5. Some odd license (for 2018), but kinda cool.
  6. So many greats are moving on to the next world. I feel lucky to have met so many and known their legacies. RIP.
  7. I agree with the talk of going to the next level with Minimates, but the line is always touted as have a very low profit margin. I don't know the specifics and have never been privy to the wholesale price of a Minimate, but until the line makes considerable money for a retailer, I doubt DST will give it much more attention. Mainstream characters for exclusives has never offended me because I have always been able to acquire the sets. Yes, maybe a few bucks more than a regular set, but that is the idea. Go to the con/event or buy secondary. That is the way it works.
  8. I agree. Interesting character, along with the droids.
  9. The Hasbro lines at SDCC should be classified as cruel and unusual punishment.
  10. I already miss TRU. The locations near me have been gone for weeks. There is now no brick and mortar places to shop for Minimates here. I can get a comic shop to order them, but I can do that on my own and usually cheaper.
  11. Actually, this would be cool. I liked the different body sizes, but it does come with some difficulties.
  12. I remember when I first saw protos. It was a line I was passionate about and, at the time, I really liked how they used different sizes of minimates. I always had a hard time finding them in physical stores. TRU in my area was real bad about stocking these or getting them way after they had been released. I enjoyed these and still hunt some of the unreleased figures. That Witch King looks so awesome and Lurtz is great. I have neither.
  13. I own the above. Here are some photos of those I do not.
  14. I have a few of these pre-production figures myself. I am not sure I still have hosted photos since Photobucket went nuts, but I do have photos. I have a Twilight Witch King and a Ringwraith. There was also a Mordor Orc that did not get released. Let me see if I can put some pics up.
  15. Happy Birthday Zach! I love seeing the pics you post of the old Toyfare crew. I read that rag religiously.
  16. I have tried very hard to hear "Laurel". I just can't convince myself that is what is coming out of the speakers. It is interpreted by my ears as "Yanny".
  17. Done. I will have my bags packed.
  18. My TRU had what they called a sale during the week and now the building is empty.
  19. My crowd funding days are over.
  20. Thelast visit I had at TRU, the clerk told me to throw away my rewards card and then corrected himself, saying that I would need it if I was expecting any coupons. Otherwise, trash it.
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