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  1. If I go down, I'm taking Cappy with me! :ph34r:
  2. Thats a shame. I am going to ask the guys at AFX what they know about them. If that doesn't work, I will harass DST & AA at SDCC until I get some news.
  3. Cappy! MiniJeff! Boy the whole gang is coming over. I just saw a post from Lurch, too! First rounds on me!
  4. Ady, this is a great forum and I have already found a home here. I just need some cushy house slippers and a robe with my name on it. Any chance we can drag MrPL over here. He is a great mod.
  5. Wow, I am a bit shocked by the results so far. I was a huge fan of the AA boards, but was very unhappy with AA and thier treatment of fans. The moderation was good, but got to be a bit overzealous in some areas. The spat I had with another members spouse showed me the true colors of a few members and made me realize that power had gone to some folks heads. Regrettably, I rarely hear from my pal Minijeff now. I am 99.9% sure I won't return. If Brandon is still involved as an AA representative, that may be the only thing to get me to return. I applaud his great efforts to be a diplomat and contact on AA's behalf.
  6. Has wave 3 of the LOTR series been officially killed? AFX is no longer taking orders due to the "uncertainty" of the lines release.
  7. I thought this should be rehashed. If you are going to go to SDCC 2006, let us know. Hopefully, we can all meet up. I will only be there one full day (Friday). After that, I am off to Hawaii to commit suicide to get married. :o
  8. They show up as "in stock" in a lot of shops now. I just can't convince myself that they are worth $80. I am sure I will see them in person at SDCC, so maybe I will change my mind then.
  9. Shanester


    I just figured that Phoenix didn't really "kill" Cyc & X, but merely moved them into an alternate plane or something. She would have the power to re-assimilate Cyc & X's bodies if their consciousness' were not destroyed. What the hell did I just say?
  10. Shanester


    I hate when I miss these. No, I didn't catch it. I was shuffled out by my sons who needed to hit the men's room. I liked it. I'm a little stunned over the whole Cyclops & Prof. X thing, but figured the "cure" would not last. X4? Whatcha think?
  11. I have NO problems with it at all, but my youngest son gets real bad stomach problems from it. I have learned much about the stuff over the last few years.
  12. TBT! Its good to see your name here pal.
  13. Yeah, the registration page does have color/background issues, but functionally it performs great.
  14. I had to stop in Target last night to look for a Kingdom Hearts II game for my son. I took a look at the toy aisle and there were lots of Dark Tide DVD sets and a bunch of late series minis. I picked up a few sets of Blade/Punisher. Its good to see these in mainstream stores.
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