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  1. With friends like you guys...well you know the rest...
  2. I noticed it and was not surprised at all. AA does one thing very well and that is sculpt/design toys. Public image concerns, marketing, customer relations and product placement are all issues they refuse to grasp. Sad...
  3. I am quickly learning this to be true.
  4. I am spreading the word. We need to get TBT some kind of Sailor Moon outfit made up promoting the Multiverse. That way he can wear it to SDCC and promote the forums. Think we can get him to do a bikini wax?
  5. Most of my collection now belongs to Fujis, so MMH will always have my respect.
  6. Man, I really like that new Cap America. Still not impressed with the variant Sentry and he is a favorite of mine.
  7. Very cool indeed. Congrats on the partnership Danny & Ady. When is the afterparty?
  8. Until the LOTR trilogy came out, it would be hard to say. I am a horror fan, so probably The Excorcist. However, I can watch the LOTR set on DVD just about anytime and it never gets old.
  9. Shanester


    I usually stick around and read through some of the credits. I know a few guys in the biz and its cool to see their names. I also know that clips are snuck after the credits, so I try to be patient. However, in this case I had a 9 year old holding his pee-pee, so I couldn't wait.
  10. If I go down, I'm taking Cappy with me! :ph34r:
  11. Thats a shame. I am going to ask the guys at AFX what they know about them. If that doesn't work, I will harass DST & AA at SDCC until I get some news.
  12. Cappy! MiniJeff! Boy the whole gang is coming over. I just saw a post from Lurch, too! First rounds on me!
  13. Ady, this is a great forum and I have already found a home here. I just need some cushy house slippers and a robe with my name on it. Any chance we can drag MrPL over here. He is a great mod.
  14. Wow, I am a bit shocked by the results so far. I was a huge fan of the AA boards, but was very unhappy with AA and thier treatment of fans. The moderation was good, but got to be a bit overzealous in some areas. The spat I had with another members spouse showed me the true colors of a few members and made me realize that power had gone to some folks heads. Regrettably, I rarely hear from my pal Minijeff now. I am 99.9% sure I won't return. If Brandon is still involved as an AA representative, that may be the only thing to get me to return. I applaud his great efforts to be a diplomat and contact on AA's behalf.
  15. Has wave 3 of the LOTR series been officially killed? AFX is no longer taking orders due to the "uncertainty" of the lines release.
  16. I thought this should be rehashed. If you are going to go to SDCC 2006, let us know. Hopefully, we can all meet up. I will only be there one full day (Friday). After that, I am off to Hawaii to commit suicide to get married. :o
  17. They show up as "in stock" in a lot of shops now. I just can't convince myself that they are worth $80. I am sure I will see them in person at SDCC, so maybe I will change my mind then.
  18. Shanester


    I just figured that Phoenix didn't really "kill" Cyc & X, but merely moved them into an alternate plane or something. She would have the power to re-assimilate Cyc & X's bodies if their consciousness' were not destroyed. What the hell did I just say?
  19. Shanester


    I hate when I miss these. No, I didn't catch it. I was shuffled out by my sons who needed to hit the men's room. I liked it. I'm a little stunned over the whole Cyclops & Prof. X thing, but figured the "cure" would not last. X4? Whatcha think?
  20. I have NO problems with it at all, but my youngest son gets real bad stomach problems from it. I have learned much about the stuff over the last few years.
  21. TBT! Its good to see your name here pal.
  22. Yeah, the registration page does have color/background issues, but functionally it performs great.
  23. I had to stop in Target last night to look for a Kingdom Hearts II game for my son. I took a look at the toy aisle and there were lots of Dark Tide DVD sets and a bunch of late series minis. I picked up a few sets of Blade/Punisher. Its good to see these in mainstream stores.
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