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  1. I have educated myself on autos, fakes and COAs after a bad deal on something else, a faked piece of original art.  The COA really means little.  There are some good Facebook groups that will give opinions on signatures and sometimes insights on sellers to stay away from.  Find a reputable source and make it easy on yourself.

  2. Thanks Zach!  You are very good to us and we all know you are a fan.  Hopefully, we are not too hard on you and I personally appreciate all the time you spend giving us insight and answers.  Keep the pictures coming!  Best to you and your family!

  3. Right. I should not have trouble getting these.  My LCS participates in HCF, just doesn't always stock up with loads of the merch. I will inquire with them.


    EDIT: Already got a reply from my LCS. They have them so I will swing by.  

  4. All of the Spiderman and Wolverine Max statues that exist were never bought at retail.  Only Sentinel and Galactus were sold at retail and they were a little on the expensive side, IMO.  I think that and the shock of no articulation turned all but the most die-hard collectors off to buying these.  They quickly went to the bargain bin, then dried up, then soared to a premium on the collectors market.  (feel free to correct me if I am mistaken)

  5. Art Asylum tried to get RPG going with Minimates.  I remember them offering to work with game makers to create something for Minimates, but it never appeared that anything would come of it.  The idea was to create a game where Minimates were used as game pieces that could be collected and customized.  Think Heroclix with interchangeable parts.  

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