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  1. A lot of the Kubrick SW designs are based on the old Kenner designs, which is cool. However, a fresh approach might work. I think its all hot air really, but it would be a game changer for us as collectors.
  2. Always been this way. We can buy a security certificate that will make it "secure", but I haven't. There has still been some trouble with our hosting service and I am planning to move to IPBs hosting when our current contract ends. At this point I will obtain a certification making us "secure".
  3. Thanks for this. I have been working with IPB. Already installed a patch and still working.
  4. I just recently updated us to the latest version pf IPB, so I am sorry if things changed a little.
  5. Man, that is a cool Vinimate. I guess I better go order one...
  6. Want one? I will be posting this picture randomly today. The first TWO members to post "Dibs" after me, will get one. I will post the image three times today and three times tomorrow. Rules: One per member. Any Member, regardless of location is eligible. Minis will be sent out after the show (SDCC 2015) ends. All praise be to Zach & DST.
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