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  1. I am half tempted to go to NYCC now...
  2. I actually avoid Gamestop unless there is a massive sale or clearance. They are always trying to upsell me on stuff or sell me things I don't want. It gets annoying. Its a massive hit to DST so I hope it gets worked out.
  3. Yikes. I am currently not in any of the "subscription" collections, but I have quite a few of their pieces.
  4. I have gotten MANY reports on this thread. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and expressing it in a straightforward or pleasant way is all good. Call me biased if you like but I know Zach and some of the other long time DST folks. They price things as they can with the fans in mind and they come here, often on their own time, to give us free information. I seriously doubt any one of them would come here to debate economic stability and recession/inflation, for any reason other than trying to help us understand the behind the scenes costs passed on to us consumers. These guys are fans and I know this for a fact because I have seen them geeking out at Cons, just like we do. Be civil in your conversations with everyone and agree to disagree.
  5. I really didn't see this one coming, but I am totally on board. Its crazy where the prices are going, but thats the world today. Everything is more than I want to pay.
  6. I really didn't know what to say to this, other than to agree. I think the world economy in general is a minefield of specialized inflation and economic inflation in general. Anything plastic tends to ride the oil/petroleum roller coaster and I can only image Minimates will fall victim. I have often been turned off by the rising costs passed on to consumers. I get more and more picky about what I buy and gave up being a total completionist, long ago. No TRU, no Walgreens, no LCS, and almost no comic conventions, so I rarely even see them in the wild anymore. Packaging can be entertaining, but I am a mostly loose collector, so they may as well be in brown bags, as far as I am concerned.
  7. I saw the Hulk Minimate proto on RTM and knew I had to have one when released. I've been hooked ever since.
  8. I never thought we would see GI Joe or Transformers. Seemingly unobtainable, but now reality. I am not holding my breathe, but I am an optimistic collector.
  9. I knew you'd be back. I'm also glad you're back brother!
  10. Congrats folks! This is a truly rare and unique Minimate. Thanks to Zach for breaking these out.
  11. I have always loved the promos. Yes, they can sometimes be a struggle for completists like myself, but they are usually fun to hunt. Thanks Zach for the giveaways!
  12. Awesome! Thanks Zach for giving it away. Little bit of trivia, I was told long ago that this Minimate was designed to look like former Minimate painter Eddie Wires (RIP).
  13. I would like to see them and I feel like there is enough there to spread out over a few wave, with more coming.
  14. I have a couple already so I don't need another, but thanks for offering these up Zach!
  15. The Chef Duff set was also back in the "wild west" days of Minimates, before DST got the medium.
  16. To me, different facial expressions make it an entirely different figure, even if it is of the same character, with its own need to be collected...
  17. There was some perceived threat in the little tone you can glean from worded post. I myself thought maybe you were angry about something, so I reached out.
  18. Its not about voicing opinion. Its how people voice their opinion.
  19. As always, thanks for the heads up Zach. As for the berating DSTs exclusives, lets not get personal. Make your opinion known and move on. This place has always been a sounding board for opinions on DSTs (and many others) offerings, but it is NOT a place to abuse others about their love or hate of said offerings. The world is toxic enough, don't bring it here.
  20. Sounds like a very interesting position, but I am not prepared to move.
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