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  1. I found the Star Wars line to be incredibly creative. I have quite a few from many different properties. I think the first line that really grabbed me was Ultraman. I had never seen Ultraman mini figures before and the Kubrick line delved deep.
  2. Thanks so much Ken! I never would have guessed that I would even get a chance to ask you, much less get an answer. Mystery solved. Thanks much!!
  3. Welcome aboard Ken. I have a couple of Palz I got with some Minimate test shots. Any idea what the story on them is? BTW, Scully has been sitting here by my monitor since I bought her back in the day.
  4. I want to see Oppen but I rarely see movies straight away.
  5. We need to do another meet up. Chicago was a blast.
  6. The news that this stuff was getting rereleased was awesome news to me. Minimates based on these properties would be great, but sources have told me for years that both ROM and the Micronauts are difficult licenses and certainly do not belong to Marvel.
  7. I think it all depends on the accessories, especially head gear.
  8. I met him at a show in Dallas and it was right after Hurricane Katrina. I drove up to the show for a change of scenery. I bought some of his art and we talked for a long time about what I was going back home to. Real nice guy. I sought him out at shows after that. I have many more sheets than I thought. Some are just parts to figures or even part of the figure, but several are nice drawings on the character design sheet.
  9. I will look through my folder. I also have original art of a Minimate done by Tommy Castillo that my team got done for The Hunt scavenger hunt at SDCC. I gotta find it all. You have me interested. One of the items I know is of the original Maestro from the Hulk four pack.
  10. I just saw D&D movie last weekend. I loved the nod to the 80's cartoon. I look forward to finally getting these Minimates. Also, I have a few pages of hand drawn minimate design work, but I don't think I know who did them.
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