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  1. This guy... There are like 5 usernames banned from the Multiverse and he is 3 of them...true story
  2. I don't consider the PVC mini statues a competitor for Minimates. I have the Thanos on its way to me and a comparison with Minimates never crossed my mind. Just my opinion. Any chance at more Godzilla minis is great news. Ultraman next please!
  3. Shanester

    DC Vinimates

    Love the Keaton Bats. It also kinda hurts because this as a Minimate....
  4. I thought the same thing, but what do I know...
  5. Gentle Giant was doomed once they took on the "rock star" persona. The fanbase was not there for the staff, it was there for the product. Some of it was great, some of it not so much. I have quite a bit of GG stuff and absolutely love most of what I have. I hope this creates new avenues for everyone involved.
  6. Minimates and Lego Minifigs are just not the same to me, but I can understand how license mumbo jumbo might perceive them as such. Regardless, the relationship would need to be lucrative for both parties and maybe it just isn't.
  7. The actual grudge, if there was one, is unknown to me. I had access to a decision maker and asked why they quit on the DC Minimates. I don't remember the exact quote, but it amounted to "don't like them". The person is long gone, but was there for a fairly long time, too. I am not trying to put words in their mouth, but it was said with an arrogant smirk that ended the conversation.
  8. In my modest, non-insider opinion, I have always felt that there were people at DC brand development that just did not like the Minimate medium. One guy in particular practically admitted it to my face. A lot of those folks are gone now, so I still keep hope flickering.
  9. We may do something again in the future. I am hoping we can put together a Geppi Mate type pack but a BHM-Mate instead.
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