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  1. Yeah, I like them waaaay better than I thought I would.
  2. Fun with cornstarch...who knew? Great shots Zach!
  3. You are only as old as you feel. Most of the time, I am still a kid. Happy birthday Zach!
  4. Yep, 501st, Bast Alpha Garrison. Thanks for the tip.
  5. There is not one thing about this video that is not completely BAD-ASS! The use of the licensed properties with their titles, the MAX guys for tactics and rescue, the globe puzzle for theme and plot. Seriously, that is very, very cool. Nice work!
  6. I never had anything big from the ARAH stuff either. This WHALE is quite cool but is missing a lot. Most of it he does not want to replace, just the guns mainly. I appreciate everyone's help.
  7. Hey folks, you guys know I am into a lot of stuff, but occasionally I run into unfamiliar territory. I trooped with the 501st at a toy collectors show last Saturday and my 5 year old bought went and bought a GI Joe W.H.A.L.E Hovercraft. $6!! Most of it is there, but a couple of weapons are missing. I have somewhat identified what is missing, but am wondering if anyone can advise the best way of replacing these missing parts. Even repro stuff would be fine with him. Appreciate the help. I had ARAH stuff as a kid, but have never really gotten back into it.
  8. To be honest, this was my thinking at first, but I really do like some of the designs. Others, I just don't care for and won't get. I like the Green Lantern & Iron Giant, for sure. Maybe a few others. I can display them at work and my coworkers/cleaning people won't destroy them.
  9. Well, people wanted more Maxi-mates. I'd say these are close. I'm not "collecting them all" but I do have my eyes on quite a few. That Green Lantern is very nicely done, IMO. I have only seen one in person, so far. It was the anti-matter B9 at my LCS.
  10. Welcome back. Good luck with your new direction.
  11. Classic bag guy of horror. He looks good to me Luke.
  12. I welcome increased access to these short packs, but it probably boils down to (retail) buyer interest.
  13. Let Mattel know you want them. Maybe they will change their mind.
  14. I still sense a grudge on DCs part after the whole DAVE School thing. Maybe, I am off base, but the way we were talked to by the DC guys years ago, they seem to be holding a grudge.