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  1. Yeah, I really want to get (afford) this Thanos, too. So far guesses seem to be $899 to $1000. If the ES is high enough, the price might be smaller (I hope).
  2. There is one in the trailer. Similar to the one in Alien, but a little sleeker with less design, smaller back tubes, smoother features.
  3. Nice stuff. I will be getting that Psylocke Statue.
  4. I love this scenario.
  5. Is that Shaw? Must be in the film as a reminiscent scene of some kind.
  6. RIP Bernie, gone too soon. He had been sick for some time. Such a talent.
  7. I agree, Juggernaut is good. How about a classic Abomination in the beefed up format? I will always throw in a vote for Bi-Beast, too.
  8. Ugh, Doc Samson. I know he is a part of my beloved Hulk-verse, but I always secretly wish Hulk would off him for good. We need a good beefed up, old school comic, Emil Blonsky Abomination.
  9. Near Dark is great and a special memory for me. I saw a preview for it at this old school art house theater that only show odd stuff and b-movies. The type of place that showed Pink Floyd's The Wall a lot. I absolutely had to see it and showed up for the first showing. Easily my favorite vampire movie and near the top of my favorites list. Paxton killed (pun intended) that role. Hell, they all did.
  10. Happy Birthday Matt!
  11. Frailty. I discovered it because of a mention in a horror rag and it immediately became a favorite of all time. Paxton starred and directed. If you haven't seen it and are not squeamish, get access to it asap.
  12. and
  13. Happy birthday my friends! I wish you all the best, always.
  14. What should I get my wife for Valentine's Day?