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  1. Classic bag guy of horror. He looks good to me Luke.
  2. I welcome increased access to these short packs, but it probably boils down to (retail) buyer interest.
  3. Let Mattel know you want them. Maybe they will change their mind.
  4. I still sense a grudge on DCs part after the whole DAVE School thing. Maybe, I am off base, but the way we were talked to by the DC guys years ago, they seem to be holding a grudge.
  5. I like the new DST stuff. Spiderman was at my TRU on the last trip I made. I have not seen the Hulk yet but I think I want it. I am also pretty sure I want the Psylocke. I hope you guys get that "companion piece" Silver Surfer made.
  6. Ah yes, its coming back to me. We all have our beginnings. I blame the old RTM site. One of their header images for a long time was a Minimate Hulk. This was just as Marvel Wave one was beginning to hit retail. I had to have just that one pack...until I fell in love with the overall design and saw waves 2 and 3.
  7. Yeah, its gotten too much for me. I paid more than I wanted to for the SSC Green Lantern PFEX but I really liked the design. I am a Thanos fan, but not at $1200. I passed on Hulk v Wolverine for same reason and wasn't real crazy about Hulks portrait. The market is flooded and prices have gone crazy while quality lacks. I think I have what I want and am prepared to sit out for a while. My only new piece is the up coming Tweeterhead Wonder Woman.
  8. I believe Kubricks got him into Minimates, but I don't know what got him into Kubricks...
  9. 750 ES on EX with both heads. Regular version, they are calling "collectors version" does not include both heads and has a TBD ES.
  10. I love Starship Troopers because it was the first date my wife and I went on. She still married me...
  11. I love the dropship. I have one from Neca with the little APC that comes out of it. So cool.
  12. Mine too mate.
  13. Yeah, I really want to get (afford) this Thanos, too. So far guesses seem to be $899 to $1000. If the ES is high enough, the price might be smaller (I hope).
  14. There is one in the trailer. Similar to the one in Alien, but a little sleeker with less design, smaller back tubes, smoother features.