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  1. I need all the Walgreens Endgame except the Hulk pack. I am trying to find them for a UK member.
  2. I went to Walgreens yesterday. The store I cleaned out so they would restock. They restocked with Black Panther...
  3. Welcome back! Its been a while.
  4. Not yet. My local stores usually get plenty of the BS figures. I have not been disappointed yet.
  5. I did the same as someone else and bought all the older Minimates my closest Walgreen's had. Three weeks later, no Minimates at all.
  6. Its always a good time to start a Minimate collection!
  7. All of the Spiderman and Wolverine Max statues that exist were never bought at retail. Only Sentinel and Galactus were sold at retail and they were a little on the expensive side, IMO. I think that and the shock of no articulation turned all but the most die-hard collectors off to buying these. They quickly went to the bargain bin, then dried up, then soared to a premium on the collectors market. (feel free to correct me if I am mistaken)
  8. I am getting the Vini and if the Select looks that good in production, its bought.
  9. Yeah, but Blackhole Minimates would be bad ass!
  10. Maybe do away with 2-packs and go to a 4-pack (or more) format.
  11. Hasbro has a carded Hulk exclusive. Of course they do...
  12. Art Asylum tried to get RPG going with Minimates. I remember them offering to work with game makers to create something for Minimates, but it never appeared that anything would come of it. The idea was to create a game where Minimates were used as game pieces that could be collected and customized. Think Heroclix with interchangeable parts.
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