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  1. Sounds like a very interesting position, but I am not prepared to move.
  2. Can't wait to learn the news! These are my favorite promos and thy are quite hard to find. Thanks Zach!
  3. Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2021 is good to every one of you.
  4. A lot of the Kubrick SW designs are based on the old Kenner designs, which is cool. However, a fresh approach might work. I think its all hot air really, but it would be a game changer for us as collectors.
  5. Always been this way. We can buy a security certificate that will make it "secure", but I haven't. There has still been some trouble with our hosting service and I am planning to move to IPBs hosting when our current contract ends. At this point I will obtain a certification making us "secure".
  6. Thanks for this. I have been working with IPB. Already installed a patch and still working.
  7. I just recently updated us to the latest version pf IPB, so I am sorry if things changed a little.
  8. Man, that is a cool Vinimate. I guess I better go order one...
  9. For those of you with Detolf cabinets, I just had a crazy experience. I was sitting at my desk on the computer and a loud pop and cascading glass, scared the bejezuz out of me. One of my glass shelves exploded. No obvious reason why and the weight on the shelf was not much. It had a Kotobukiya vinyl 1/6th scale Batman on it. Just a warning that this happens...
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