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  1. I can't tell how well the Fortnite action figures sell. Two of my sons play the game and one is a nine year old. He loves action figures, but has been noticeably "lukewarm" over the FN figures. He has a few and really shows them little attention. I point them out when I see them but he really doesn't get exited over them. I would like to see them in Minimate form, but I don't know how well they would do.
  2. No need to apologize. As a senior member here, you have no need to. My statement was just to keep us on topic.
  3. We are all (mostly) adults, but lets keep in mind that no politics are meant to be discussed here and this can certainly be construed as political. I feel like it can be allowed as long as tempers are kept in check. Many of us here have "known" one another for at least a decade. Just be considerate no matter your feelings regarding police or the current political climate and this thread will stay active.
  4. Awesome! I have kinda slowed down on Minimates a few times, but they are always on my shortlist when toy hunting. I think it happens to most of us over time. Welcome back!
  5. Shanester

    DC Vinimates

    Will do. Asking about Buffy.
  6. Shanester

    DC Vinimates

    BHM, shall I order some of this?
  7. I always appreciate any guidance. Its fun for me to reunite this accessories with collectors of the different lines that I don't collect.
  8. I am a fan of the Red Son alternative story line. It was well written and Dave Johnson's artwork is a thing of beauty, IMO. I also agree about Gotham by Gaslight.
  9. Moved. Sorry about that folks. I didn't notice the location when I did the merge.
  10. Shanester

    DC Vinimates

    I understand the frustration with exclusives, but its been part of the Minimate collector experience since day one. At this point, it is part of nearly any collector line. I feel bad for guys outside the US because there is added levels of difficulty, but it is what it is. I collect pre-production Minimates. If you want to feel true frustration, try collecting those! My beef with exclusives is when they are impossible to find (not just difficult). Example: the Donatello SDCC EX that BHM mentioned. Either like two dozen were made (I jest) or someone is sitting on a giant stash of those. Where the heck are they and why do all other exclusives show up on the secondary market but never a EX Donny? If I can help anyone outside the US get an EX Vinimate, let me know. I promise to do all I can.
  11. I absolutely loved the LOTR Minimates and was super excited when they launched. I remember stalking my lame TRU for weeks until they finally showed up. I welcome another shot at the line if it happens and will track down the larger figures. I like them. Also, that Storm is beautiful. Just sayin...
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