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  1. No, the mechanics are exactly like a typical 2" minimate. Friction baby.
  2. I always like the "What if..." comics. They were one off stories just to shake things up a little and I found them fun and harmless since they were, by definition, not canon. Fan-boys thinking out loud, if you will.
  3. Obviously, folks are very passionate about spoilers. I myself, am the same way. NO SPOILERS. If you have a comment that you feel might contain info about a plot point in a film, book or TV show, use the spoiler tag. Click the eyeball and use it to hide your content from those who wish to not see the potential spoiler info. Its easy to use.
  4. This is a huge no-no. We have spoiler tags that are added with one simple click that hides the text for those who don't want your poilers. Use it or don't post here.
  5. Fully articulated. Every piece that is seperate on a typical Minimate is the same on this one.
  6. Well, maybe the Canadians will still get them...
  7. This is cruel. Stand by folks, its a possible new dawn for Minimates.
  8. I got one too. I was floored when I saw it. I was so stunned, my wife asked me what the big deal is. I don't want to post a picture because I think the creator will be inundated with requests. As BHM said, "Bloody-wow"!
  9. Abomination (classic) and The Leader.
  10. This guy... There are like 5 usernames banned from the Multiverse and he is 3 of them...true story
  11. I don't consider the PVC mini statues a competitor for Minimates. I have the Thanos on its way to me and a comparison with Minimates never crossed my mind. Just my opinion. Any chance at more Godzilla minis is great news. Ultraman next please!
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