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  1. Does anyone know if this is a custom (all the way at the bottom)? Saw it today and was kinda curious...
  2. Did you get those from the Brandon TRU? I usually go there since I live in Riverview.
  3. Are you the one that grabbed the pack from the Brandon TRU?? If, so we have ourselves a good 'ol fashioned fued!!
  4. Ummm...... then I'm really confused as to what this is: I mean I already have them but I'm a sucker for that silver sticker. And the next question is do they all have them? weird...
  5. I'm guessing new videos for Ultimate Alliance 2 If you pause the first one at 1:08 you can see Patriot. I wonder if the rest of the Young Avengers are going to be in it and if they are palyable, because that would be sick!
  6. I don't know bout y'all but I think these may be worth working some overtime to be able to afford these, they are straight up awesome! Especialy the Amazon set!
  7. Ok, so am I missing something or is there no variant pack with these waves? I don't remember seeing anything about that in this thread.....forgive me, I've been drinking.........seriously.
  8. didn't it give you straight up chills??? after iread it I looked over my shoulder for a week! I can't wait for the movie!!
  9. If you like the book listen to the audio book. oooo where would one find said audiobook....that could be fun Jeff of the Miniacs I would sooo order the extra creepy version with the HI-DEF zombie sounds
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