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  1. that likeness is eerily spot on, great part choices.
  2. a razor point sharpie is basically the same thing, maybe they call them "fine line" sharpies now
  3. Really outstanding painting skills here, everything looks fantastic. Death Leaper is pure awesome though, love it!
  4. GAAK , I keep popping in here to spy pics of the LIS stuff, I may be out of the game more or less but the B-9 is gonna be a must have item I would think. and Dr. Smith, er, and Wil..... I really , really hope they go with second season outfits, those silver jobbers never did it for me..
  5. Thanks for the continued encouragement. Looks like we are going to shoot for me returning home, to Portland, in about six months. In the end I think this is pretty optimistic and will most likely take a bit longer, more like the end of the year I think. But things are going well between Jess and I. We have both been able to gain some perspective on what was happening and I think we are having some pretty honest, constructive conversations about it. I also just about have myself weened off of the meds that were fracking with me, which is good. I have been using natural substitutes and have instigated a serious lifestyle change in the way of diet and sleeping habits and will readily admit I am feeling much clearer in my head. eBay Listings start ending today with a current total of over 200 listings! I have more to list under Banners_ID, but, The Menagerie did take out 70 plus figures, I know you guys frown on price gouging and the like, honestly I spend a considerable amount of time harping on Him about some of the choices in the store, because in the end I am strictly a fan not a re-seller, in this instance I let his judgement be final on some of the harder to acquire items, I hope you fellas understand its a matter of necessity right now. I have kept very little for my self at this point but I do have a small stash of maybe 30 figs right now, though I do keep going back and thinning it out again and again. Again, Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to browse and bid on listings and most importantly taken time out of your days to offer support and friendship to a person in need. Thanks.
  6. the later seasons of sliders actually pick up quite a bit as I remember, but i think it also involved a full revamp of most of the cast. its been a looong time. Amazing Stories in no way, shape or form got the air time it deserved, the B-17 episode is my personal favorite, unprecedented production values all the way around for the era.
  7. Nice, I just started season 4, Cranston continues to floor me along with the rest of the cast at this point. Please tell me this trend continues into future seasons
  8. It took me a painfully long time to persuade a few friends to the joys of minimates. Equally I have had a hard time getting any of my local buddies to watch Breaking Bad surely some one here must be a fan?
  9. Hi all, I just wanted too update that my Wife and I have managed to have two or three really decent talks with each other as of now. As screwed up as our situation is I believe her and I are going to find a path to healing our relationship. I am truly elated by this. Ebay listings currently at 120 posts, I'm off back to work expect more listings by days end. Have a great day all.
  10. Classic Battlestar Galactica items are up, I've also posted a handful of DVD sets with rock bottom "buy it now" prices! Have a great day every one!
  11. That is actually one of the coolest monster truck concepts I've ever seen. It's like a Corvette Stingray on giant wheels, plus the awesomeness of Doc Strange. Very nice! Thanks guys, I am pretty thrilled with it especially with Neils signature on it now, a way fun piece of my own personal history
  12. No one should feel any kind of obligation here as far as eBay listings. Paris Hilton and Randall the Honey Badger guy have just taught me there is something to be said for shameless self promotion.
  13. A little thread necro, but I'm going to chalk it up to the idea that Grails don't happen every day. I have two friends here in Il who work for the Monster Truck / Motorbike circut. Now its not my thing by any stretch but a couple of years ago the two of them spearheaded a marvel project. being quite the Marvel geek I didn't hesitate to give my unsolicited input into their project. One of my gripes was a consistent "where's Dr Strange?" The fella who gives design input into the trucks responded with this wonderful concept art for a Doc truck. I've had it for a while now really wanting his signature on it in ComicCon fashion. he stopped by last night and I got to spend time gushing like a true fan boy. Maybe a silly one, but, Grail achieved!
  14. Timbo, you should know I had myself pretty worried. I seriously cannot convey enough gratitude to the friendship put forth by the members of this forum.
  15. I've managed to post a lot of unnerving stuff around the internet these days, I thought it would be favorable to say something somewhat positive. The past three nights I have managed to sleep for at least 6 hours a night with afternoon naps of maybe an hour or two. This might not sound like a lot, for me its been a long time coming, I seriously haven't had a full nights sleep since the middle of last summer. It's been bliss being able to shut my eyes and actually sleep. eBay continues, my method has been to cut the stuff from my collection I can view as extravagant, surplus army builders, figs I have just for parts, etc. the longer I have time out of work the more that gets posted. Once work starts I will probably slow down. Although when I think about "keeping a favorite or two for myself" it comes down to this. My Wife is my favorite, I would trade every two inch piece of plastic I have for the chance for things to be right with us. Thank you all once again for the fabulous support you've shown a, for the most part, total stranger. I've said it before and I'll say it again, best damn place on the net, you guys ROCK! My current auctions for quick reference. Here
  16. Glad tidings on the anniversary of your birthing! All of you have a great day!!
  17. I bet a minimate version of the Palamino would be down right cool, plus Ernest Borgnine mate to go with it, win!
  18. I think at this point all of you should feel free to call me Rich ;-)
  19. There are a couple like Longshot I've wanted since day one, its a can of worms man, once you start....... Truth be told I am just a little embarrassed by just how many of these little buggers I really have. We'll see how the weeks go. I had a fella call and say he would try me for work yesterday, its a couple weeks out though.
  20. Thanks Shane, I know everything you wrote there is truth. Thanks, all of you seriously.
  21. up and running auctions now total 36 and counting, most of the army builders posted have another auction or two waiting to pop behind them ebay only allows me one of any item at a time in auction format. This quite a bit bloody harder than I anticipated, letting go of the mates, posting is a piece of cake.
  22. I am doing my very best, I know some of what comes out of me doesn't convey that very well, but it is truth. I am trying.
  23. A painfully slow start and really nothing special listed but the first six or so auctions are up. My ebay handle is Banners_ID. I am open to any criticism or suggestions that might lead to a more successful fire sale. Thanks all.
  24. Have a great day Harley its been a long time, hope your back is doing better, hit me up and catch up if you like.
  25. It has been my intent not to post anymore after the other night. I am sorry for any concern I've caused. Yes I am absolutely ravaged with depression right now, it is something I have had a life long battle with. It seems I also struggle with PTSD. My current situation is legitimately dire and I do want to do my best to find my way out of it. Leaving Portland was a serious mistake, I had been seen by a psych there because I was having such trouble adapting and was given serquel, right now I have almost none left and no way to acquire more, the withdrawal effects are debilitating in the extreme. I often find myself alone in the middle of the night with insomnia just crying out to no one to make the pain stop. While I have been a member of this board since my wife and I split, minimates were my balm in the begging of our first separation, I don't know, right now it is finally time for me to put those things like toys and comic books to the side and find a way to generate some real security for at least myself and hopefully my wife. On that note and the 2nd reason for this post, the owner of the Minimates Menagerie is my dearest personal friend of the past 25 years or so, he has agreed to take the very best 20 -30 figures in my collection and sell them in his store so I can get top dollar for them, the rest will start to go up on ebay this week, the rest being more common items and figures that have had parts swapping and the like done to them. I know plugging your own auctions is frowned on and its not my intent to wreak more havoc than I have already, I just need the sale of this collection to be a smashing success. Finally thank you all seriously for the compassion you have shown me, Thank You. Jessica, if for some reason you have seen this, I know you aren't talking to me right now, or at least not very much, I just want you to know the truth about how I feel when I have a small window of clarity like this. I love you baby, You are the greatest light in my life and I will not stop fighting until I find my way back to you.
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