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  1. I really want to get back into these, they are really cool and i got out of these because I needed to fuel other obsessions aka cards. Well know i want to know waht to get and the last set i remember is set 15 i think. Right now I really want the avengers and that was the last preview of a set I remember so what others should i get? How should I get them? Are they hard to get now? thanks in advance
  2. u hsould make naruto and then if u ever felt like selling them depending on the quality i might buy them but narutos probably the coolest but dont do the lame genings do shippuden or stuff like the sannin satoosa or akatsuki
  3. where r these things dont tell me they rnt coming ill be very disapointed if they rnt
  4. i really like the show. i used to be like ok its on ill watch it. but now my little bro. likes it so i watch it with him and right now its pretty exciting cause there is a rolling story line not like one show ur done and then off to the next. my little brother really wnat to get a toy omnitrix lol. the figs look pretty cool but i dont have the space or money to collect them.(darn u minimates)
  5. ultimate ironman is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. thats awesome i loved the show and i got one the transforming ones with all of the machines that could turn into that but sadly it broke like the 2nd week i got it i was really sad cause it was a gift
  7. super skrull/his hand thingy its a tuffy :tongue: human tortch
  8. if any1 wants a GR DD i have one for trade i dont want tosell it cause i want to get some new mates.
  9. this game is going to be really fun ill see if some of my freinds will play it because for sure atleast one will cause i told him about and he said it sounds SWEET!!!!
  10. that would be sooooooooo cool i would definately play that!!!!!!!
  11. oooooooooooo!!! more robots to fight my super heroes. cause those cylons arent doing so hot
  12. i just started loving transformers and these mates make me hope for some mates!! ooooo maybe the TRANSFORMERS movie will bring some new mates
  13. i think i would go with black panther being an exclusive cause we have the other 3.
  14. hey welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as for that email thing yhea it didnt work for me but than i finally found out how (it was in my spam folder )
  15. i have one i can think of its a quik custom but its a ultimate collosus quik custom by yours truly
  16. wow those are sweet!!!! my fav is venom
  17. she thing sort of made one using the hair piece but thats about all she used from new avengers beast.
  18. jjust picked up my 5 pack theyre awesome except i was sort of disappointed on the battle damaged cylon:(
  19. pyrot53


    except sometimes if u go to like a comic shop to look for something (maybe this is just me) but sometimes they have old things especially if they buy products they may have boughten an unopened set cause i found the 4 pack of wolvie gamma hulk silver surfer and iron man by going to a place called shinders ( i dont know if its a local shop or like country shop?????)
  20. wow those are really cool i might have to consider getting some but shipping costs are usually high so does anyone know the reg. shiping price for these?????????
  21. thanks donster it really helped cause when u call a store and ask for minimates (at least around me) usually they like uh what are minimates!!!!
  22. i thought i would add my oppinion on this about the like 40 or more posts thing cause only dedicated members should really deserve things and instead of coming here to get stuff try to be friendly and make some friends. and back to the point i think ady should make a restriction on the randomness topics of like between 30-50 posts or somthin so we dont have people singing up to get prizes.
  23. if anyone is interrested in naruto still i have a 8 inch rock lee figure "premium sculpt" this is what it looks like (i dont know if it actually is 8 in but thats the package says or sommin like that) thats a picture. i would do a trade for it consisting of minimates or i would sell it or..... if u have naruto cards i may be itnerested in some gold writing ones
  24. its from pokemon and by the looks of it a japanese episode. oh and welcome aboard.
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