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  1. Oh that's interesting. I am semi-retired from customizing, in part because printing out decals was getting to be a drag. But this may solve that problem. Did you have any trouble with sizing? I still use Luke's old templates and I find they are still accurate for making decal pages.
  2. You're right! I hadn't noticed either. Yeah, should be pretty easy to paint.
  3. Aw that's a bummer. Thanks (as always) for being open with us.
  4. These sound very cool. I like that you all have a strong lineup of exclusives that do not include Marvel; it shows that the brand is coming back. 👍
  5. No, you're right that they'd need to make a separate deal. NECA did for their upcoming Usagi figure, and Stan's the nicest guy in the world so I bet they could work something out.
  6. I picked up a couple of the Mega Construx Call of Duty sets, and they pair pretty nicely with Minimates. I don't know how hard it is to find them (I bought them all when Toys R Us was going out of business, to give you an idea how long ago this was) but probably worth looking for if you really want some military vehicles.
  7. Hey Zach, any chance it will be revealed at the DST Showcase on Friday?
  8. TBF that happens more because employees aren't paying attention/don't care when things are returned, not so much because of how much they can see in the package. I think redos will be fine, if it's something like hooded Cobra Commander or original Snake Eyes. I'm down for supporting this line and Transformers to the bitter end, so I will definitely order them regardless.
  9. Well, I guess you all will just have to make a Mister Hyde Minimate so he doesn't look like a liar. 😄
  10. I think on the anniversary podcast Team Minimates did several years ago they mentioned that DC Direct was adamant about having sculpted breasts, and it became a big disagreement. The Power Girl figure with the extra chest overlay was a compromise. Apologies if that was something Chuck told us at MMMV meetup and I am telling it out of turn. 😄
  11. I'd love to see y'all revisit some of the old box set concepts, like the Through the Ages or Friends and Foes ones. Even if we got heavily villainized sets that included a core hero (like "Cap vs the Serpent Society" or "Iron Man and his archenemies") that would be awesome.
  12. If it's wrestling (and Zach's non-denial is a good clue that it is), that would be a big get. The wrestling collectibles market is huge, and also supports lots of exclusives and variants. WWE would obviously be the big one, since in addition to their current talent you would have access to anyone on a legends deal (presumably). AEW would be my preference, since AEW>>>>>WWE but I'd certainly be happy with either. I do wonder if those little minifigs they had out from WWE a few years ago kind of killed them for the format, but I guess we'll see. Now watch after I typed all that Zach will post "sorry it's not wrestling". 😄
  13. I was fortunate to be able to get Quasar (one of my favorite characters and the figure at the top of my want list for years) through a UK seller for a reasonable price a few months ago. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to do the same for Baron Zemo, but not counting on it. I was surprised when Walgreens took on another year of exclusives, because clearly their toy priorities have completely changed. Maybe they are just killing off a contract that the previous toy buyer signed? I don't know how these things work, but it's very frustrating for collectors.
  14. I just wanted to chime in here real quick and mention that Walgreens exclusives have become a problem across multiple toy lines. It's not just Minimates that are getting the shaft; they have several Marvel Legends exclusives that are all but invisible in their stores. And of course big thanks to BHM for helping everyone out.
  15. That's good of you to do, Luke. Can't wait to see what it is (and I hope Speedball bounces onto your list sometime this year).
  16. It's especially useful for Star Wars helmets (so Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Stormtroopers) and sculpted heads (like the Simpsons, Looney Tunes, Disney). Frankly I think most of the sculpted heads look better on Minimates than they do on Legos.
  17. That's very cool! I got my print the other day and I dig it.
  18. Wanted to let everyone know that artist Ryan Dunlavey is having a clearance sale, and it includes a Minimates print! He did an illustration for ToyFare Magazine way back in the day (I wonder if Zach hired him for that?) that he turned into a print. Here's a link to his store: Just select "Super Hero Toy Fight". Pretty cool piece of Minimate memorabilia, huh?
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