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  1. New Warriors is such an obvious one. Outside of Nova and Firestar I don't think any of them have even been made, and Firestar is certainly due for an update. My personal vote will always be for the Squadron Supreme: Hyperion, Nighthawk, Power Princess, Doctor Spectrum, Whizzer, and any number of characters for that 6th spot. I would specifically want the designs from the Mark Gruenwald comic, but I'll take modern ones if need be. Just...not Supreme Power.
  2. LOL I didn't want to be the one to mention them.
  3. Solo? I feel like there were a lot of vigilantees avenging deaths in the 90s. It was a rough time.
  4. Aw man, I'm going to have to get those variations, aren't I?
  5. Yes! I made a bunch of them using cylon armor. Back then those were really easy to find; I bet Luke still has some. I used a Nightcrawler head and the snake base from...oh, a Pathfinder character maybe? For the snake guy. A Gambit hairpiece for that one guy that wore one like that, and Starfire's head for that one big woman. And Jugger I think was just the original X-Men Cyclops visor, which is shaped differently from the more modern ones. But maybe it was a different piece; I still haven't checked. 😄
  6. Well...I really hope the CM Punk Minimate is too far along in production. 😬
  7. I believe I used a Cyclops visor to make him? I'm not sure, I'd have to check. I made a bunch of Alien Legion characters years ago.
  8. I think I already wrote this, but I think the sculpted heads used for things like The Simpsons and Looney Tunes look really good. They actually fit Minimate bodies better IMHO because they look a bit big for Legos. Also any helmeted heads, like Darth Vader, look very good.
  9. There's a very big market for all things wrestling collectibles. AEW has only been around three years, so other than action figures and a few other things they haven't had a whole lot of merchandise. I think this is going to be one of DST's bigger licenses.
  10. I think Zach said that there was a tag team set that was currently being held as a possible exclusive. My guess is that it's the Young Bucks and that Ringside Collectibles is the store. But that's just a guess. Bryan Danielson is my biggest want. Sting and Darby Allin also make sense. If they are looking to mix in more women, Thunder Rosa would make for a great looking 'mate. MJF seems like a must. If they are going after just the Hellpop market, the next box set will be Bryan Danielson/Ricky Starks/Daniel Garcia/Konosuke Takeshita.
  11. Welcome to our world buddy! 😄 You know, the Rocketeer would also make for a cool video box....
  12. Technically it's Diamond Comics Distributors, the parent company, doing the suing. So it might not involve DST products directly. But that definitely sucks for them.
  13. Finished Sandman yesterday, which got me thinking about how nice it would be to get some Minimates from the show. I figure three box sets, one based on the first five episodes of the show, one on the last four, and one on the largely standalone episode six: Set One: Dream (robed with helm)/Lucifer/Johanna Constantine/John Dee Set Two: Dream (1789)/Hob Gadling (1789)/Lady Johanna Constantine/Death Set Three: Dream (long coat)/Corinthian/Rose Walker/Gilbert If those do well enough, I could see one last set focusing on The Dreaming: Lucienne/Cain/Abel/Merv Overall I quite enjoyed the show, although I'm afraid that the second half does not live up to the first. I think the biggest problem is that the actress playing Rose Walker just isn't up to the demands of the role. And of course, the Death episode is the standout, just like the comic it was adapted from was the standout of the early issues of the series.
  14. Yeah, this set is definitely too expensive for just custom parts. Which is kind of a bummer. I don't mind paying a premium to support Minimates, but in the past I would often buy extra sets to use for projects, or even just to give someone else an extra accessory (I can think of several figures that would look nice with those Invisible Woman force shields), but that's not going to happen with this set. By the way, anyone looking to make other stretchy Reeds, or any other stretchy characters, I found that the elongated Jack Skellington torsos work really well (with some paint and/or decals of course).
  15. John Constantine is a real easy QC to make. I used a Jack Bauer head and hairpiece, though there's certain to be other options in the 10+ years since I made him (there's some good scruffy heads from Walking Dead). Then a trenchcoat and any shirt/tie torso combination. You can even find cigarette hands from a couple places, like the X-Files set. Done! Not to toot my own horn, but my old custom thread is mostly DC figures, since I'm much, much more a DC guy than anything else. I haven't updated it in ages though. There's a lot of other DC customs in those threads, so it's definitely worth poking around some of the older pages and see what people were doing 5-6 years ago.
  16. Picked this up from Luke a few days ago. Despite the sticker shock (can't believe they didn't make it $44.99 at least) it's a very nice set. Love the extra parts for Mister Fantastic, and that they finally added some black to the Thing's rocky bits. I don't really get the deal with the all black Silver Surfer, but the new heroic Doctor Doom is nice to have. HERBIE is very cool, though I do wish I had a Franklin to go with him. I guess that's an easy enough quick custom to do (come to think of it, I may have already done that at some point). The new box art is quite classy; all in all, very good work.
  17. That's nice of you to say. If I remember it was a pain to do, because I had to cut the neck pin off a Minimate torso and glued it on. Someone more talented than me could probably drill a little hole in it. Those little Brave and the Bold figures were a great compliment to Minimates. They made a Plastic Man hang glider that's perfectly proportioned for 'mates.
  18. Luke's heart has always been with Marvel, unfortunately. He's made a lot of great DC customs over the years though. Now Boyd...Boyd's the DC guy....?
  19. Zach, my friend, have I said to you how much I would like for your future plans to include a certain samurai rabbit?
  20. I think it's mostly due to the extreme niche nature of our community. You can get some great parts on Shapeways, and I know Nervous was working with someone there who designed some things for him, but for the most part I just don't think there are that many designers that are working on Minimate customs the way there are, say, Legos. The one real advantage that I think you would have with 3D printing Minimate parts is that it should theoretically allow you to have tampos printed directly on them. I remember talking with someone (Luke or Nervous, can't remember who) about that, and the big problem with printing directly onto Minimate parts is that these days even the blanks are usually painted rather than just colored plastic, and they won't take a printed tampo the way plain colored plastic would. So theoretically you could 3D print your own torsos and then print a design right onto them. Far, far outside my area of expertise though. And I could be wrong about all of that!
  21. Same. Gonna have CM Punk give the GTS to Optimus Prime.
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