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  1. That's good of you to do, Luke. Can't wait to see what it is (and I hope Speedball bounces onto your list sometime this year).
  2. It's especially useful for Star Wars helmets (so Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Stormtroopers) and sculpted heads (like the Simpsons, Looney Tunes, Disney). Frankly I think most of the sculpted heads look better on Minimates than they do on Legos.
  3. That's very cool! I got my print the other day and I dig it.
  4. Wanted to let everyone know that artist Ryan Dunlavey is having a clearance sale, and it includes a Minimates print! He did an illustration for ToyFare Magazine way back in the day (I wonder if Zach hired him for that?) that he turned into a print. Here's a link to his store: Just select "Super Hero Toy Fight". Pretty cool piece of Minimate memorabilia, huh?
  5. If there's anyone still looking for the first box set, or looking for extras for customizing, the set is part of Dorkside Toys Black Friday sale for a great price: I picked up an extra set to do the Prime/Bumblebee head swap and will probably turn Starscream into either Thundercracker or Skywarp. Now I'm wishing I bought another set! Ah well.
  6. I made all of the Starjammers awhile ago...they are easier than you think. Ch'od is actually really easy, as you just need a Hulk or Abomination figure and a one of the goblins from the Pathfinder series. For Hepzibah there's a skunk tail from one of Peter Pan's Lost Boys. If I remember when I get home I'll snap a pic of them. Hasbro included an Liliandra head as a pack in with another Marvel Legends figure (Mystique I think?), which was kind of a bizarre choice because there's not really a great body out there to make a custom with it.
  7. So I got my set the other day from Luke, and MAN is this a great one. Maybe the single best Minimate box set ever? It's way up there. The care that went into each one of these is outstanding. As I said in the NYCC thread the other day, I know from talking with some of the DST folks that there's a lot of Transformers fans on TeamDST, and you can tell what a labor of love this is. I hope this sells like gangbusters, and we get many more box sets!
  8. LOL I don't know which one of the two it was who painted those, but I respect both of them very much so it doesn't really matter. 😄
  9. Power Rangers, huh? Yeah, not something I am into, but definitely a property with a wide fan base. The fact that we are getting Minimates for three big popular properties this year is a great sign for the future.
  10. Afraid not. I haven't gone to NYCC in several years, but one thing I do miss is getting to meet and hang out with all you cool DST folks. I suppose I can tell this now, but I remember talking with you all about Transformers Minimates a decade ago, and knowing what a dream it was for some of you on Team Minimate made me so happy when you finally got to actually do it. Maybe one of these years I'll make it back.
  11. Oh those look even better than I expected! Wow, now I REALLY can't wait for them.
  12. Have you ever gone to Luke's Minimate Factory blog? He had lots of decals there. I know he posted a pack with some Star Trek decals at some point. I'd strongly encourage you to dig back though his posts and tutorials, especially the ones on decals. Here's the link:
  13. For GA Sandman, I chopped the gasmask part off a fireman and glued it to a fedora piece. That was more of a Sandman Mystery Theater look though. For cowboy hats, the best source for them is the Back to the Future Three box set. There's lots of hats in there, and that one you can get relatively cheap (or at least you could the last time I was making cowboy customs). For Wild Dog and Grifter, I would recommend decals/stickers. I have a Wild Dog decal that I made, but unfortunately it's on an old computer and I'm not sure I can get it working. Grifter I tried to make a decal of, but it was beyond my skill set, so I would second your request! Finally, if you're looking for parts Shapeways is a good place to check. There's some great custom pieces on there, including ones for Judge Dredd, the Rocketeer, and various Masters of the Universe characters.
  14. I've heard that the toy buyer at Walgreens who was responsible for most of their exclusives is no longer with the company. I've not had any problems with the Minimates, but their Marvel Legends exclusives have been a bit of a mess this year.
  15. I saw this and the first thing I thought was that it would be great with Minimates. You could probably even pop in the command chair from the Minimate Enterprise. But MAN is that price point a drawback.
  16. To be fair to DST, Hasbro is still mining the Avengers movies for Marvel Legends figures (they have announced four new figures from them this last week alone) so I think there definitely must still be a market for toys from these movies.
  17. Spanish Inquisition Minimates confirmed.
  18. DST sent out an email promoting their upcoming SDCC exclusive reveals. I sincerely doubt that they will have any Minimates (it's been years since there was a Minimate con exclusive) but I thought it possible that they might have something for GI Joe or Transformers. Heck, since it's the Hasbro license maybe they will make Rom or Micronauts or something. A fella can dream, can't he?
  19. Happy birthday to Luke... and Boyd too!
  20. I am slightly less excited for GI Joe Minimates than Transformers, because I've already made lots of GI Joe customs, but it's still pretty great. By the way, if you can find any of the old MegaBlox Call of Duty sets, they work pretty well as Minimate GI Joe vehicles.
  21. Oh these are so cool! I know that Transformers is a dream property for a lot of the DST team, and you can see it in the designs. Congratulations guys!
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