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  1. And put him on a suit body and you've got DX Rick Rude, if that's your kind of thing.
  2. This is a very good post, and a very good outlook. Kudos.
  3. They joked about it in JLI, saying that she must be colorblind. I like to think that, on their planet, silver is gold and gold silver. There was a great issue of Justice League International Quarterly that goes back to their planet, and features lots of Marvel Universe analogues. Man, were those some great comics.
  4. Correct! I did not realize that when I first saw them in JLI. And of course the Extremists are based on several big Marvel villains.
  5. hellpop

    wave 77

    I don't make a lot of Marvel customs (relative to DC and indie comics), but one of my favorite areas of exploration is oddball Spider-Man villains. He's got such a wide, wacky rogue's gallery, particularly from the Bronze Age.
  6. Can anyone here name the DC analogues to the Avengers?
  7. Minimates are kind of a leftover from a briefly popular toy craze-block figures- that the rest of the toy collecting world has long since forgotten. We're honestly lucky that we're still getting them at all, and I suspect that if and when Marvel ever decides "that's enough", there won't be enough demand left to sustain them. I think that a Star Trek Next Generation anniversary set featuring a few standard bodies and lots of extra heads probably would have sold pretty well, but you're right that DST probably has good reasons to think it won't. They've certainly given Star Trek Minimates their fair shot, so I understand why they wouldn't want to jump back in again.
  8. Geoff there's a name I haven't heard in awhile.
  9. DCC just solicited individual figures from the jailhouse set (minus Montoya):
  10. Ms Marvel and Squirrel Girl in particular are glaring; it's nuts that it took the animated line to get them made. I tend to doubt that sales of individual titles play much into their decisions, but I do think that DST is more comfortable going the nostalgia route than they are keeping up with current comics. And hey, if that works for them it's probably what they should do. I dunno, it's hard to say how much of an impact all the new characters Marvel is pushing are having. I personally like some of them (Kate), don't like others (Cho), and think they tend to go to the "precocious genius" well far too often. They've diversified their backgrounds (which is good!) but not so much their personalities (which is not so good!).
  11. Well, er.. uh.. you see... the thing seems I was mistaken.
  12. No it's not. It's one extra pair of legs and boots, and one extra hairpiece (presuming the face is a tampo rather than a sculpted mask a la Marvel Girl). I swear, the things you guys don't know about Mockingbird!
  13. Those are totally wrong! Her sleeves aren't puffy at the top but long at the bottom. You'd need these: Signed, The Sleeve Police
  14. I went there on a whim when I was in town and was amazed at how big it is, not just the main store but all the little sub-stores they've got dotting that stripmall.
  15. @Mystery Man I was in Austin last summer and made a trip to Austin Books and Comics, and that is without a doubt the best comic book store I've ever visited. If you're ever down in Texas look it up. It's very easy for us all to make assumptions based on our observations, but we must remember that it's all anecdotal. I mean, I've long believed that basing toy lines around movies is a bit of a fool's game, because you never know what the interest in a film will be and they almost always have a relatively short shelf life, but I don't work in the toy industry so what do I know? Presumably these things must be profitable or they wouldn't be doing them year after year. As far as movie Minimates specifically go, I agree that the biggest problem they have is sell-though. Sets do tend to linger, particularly ones that pack a minor villain with a secondary hero or something like that. But, again, all anecdotal. And DST is certainly concerned with appealing to industry buyers as much as they are to the end customer, as they should be, and those people are more likely to order toys based on an upcoming movie. We probably shouldn't underestimate just how important being a part of the new products launch to each Marvel movie is to DST's overall strategy and relationship with Marvel/Disney. One thing that surprises me is that DST hasn't made more figures for all of the new characters Marvel has introduced or boosted in the last few years. Marvel's made a concerted effort to promote these characters, and it would make sense to me to get a Minimate wave out there with characters like Amadeus Cho, America Chavez, Kate Bishop, ect. We've gotten more new characters in the animated line than we have in the comics line, which just seems strange to me. Instead we're getting a wave of a minor X-team full of second stringers from two decades ago. Which I know everyone HERE is excited for, but hardly seems like an exciting choice for casual fans and buyers.
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