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  1. hellpop

    wave 79

    Someone killed his dog.
  2. Still holding out hope that the movie-only villain is Batroc.
  3. hellpop

    wave 79

    If it's true that this wave is cancelled and won't be resolicited, then that's it. This has basically become a Marvel exclusive line for the past few years, and if even Marvel Minimates can't draw enough interest, then they are well and truly done. I sincerely hope that DST tries to rethink and relaunch them; they are, after all, owned by DST so it behooves them to try to reestablish the figure in some way.
  4. Not after seeing that! Very nice work. I'll try to snap a pic and post it later today.
  5. Silver Sable is definitely a character in need of an update; the original holds up better than a lot of others from that era, but Minimate designs have changed so much that I'd love to see a new one.
  6. Boomerang is sure to be in this wave because I finally broke down and made a custom of him.
  7. hellpop

    Kubrick Talk

    I never got the idea of Bearbricks. Kubricks are deformed enough already, and sticking weird ears on top of them just seems like a real easy way to limit any potential market you might have. The only Bearbrick I ever bought is Winnie the Pooh.
  8. DST's most likely not selling directly to that guy, but rather he or she has a Diamond account and order through that. I don't think it's as easy as "just" reinventing the Minimate brand; they've certainly tried to make vehicles at least with limited success. In some ways I think that Minimates are now a victim of their own modest success. It's a known enough brand that it's hard to get retailers to take a chance on it. And again I'd argue that it's a leftover commodity from a previous time, when block figures were of more interest among the collecting community.
  9. What's comparable? Legos and Megablox are construction sets, and the minifigures are a side hustle. Shockinis?
  10. I think this is an important point that we often overlook. There's not really a market for block figures anymore; Minimates is basically the last survivor of a toy fad that burned out many years ago.
  11. Happy holidays to you and yours Zach! You're a good dude.
  12. Not to hijack the thread, but the Lego Movie 2 was *such* a disappointment.
  13. I speculated a couple months ago when DST showed some Buffy stuff that we might get some Minimates. I would have to think they're on the table; a Buffy box set should be an easy sell to somebody out there. Right?
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