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  1. One thing I notice is that both Hasbro and Funko are making Fantastic Four figures, so I guess the embargo is officially over. I wouldn't be surprised if the next Marvel comics wave is the FF.
  2. So, Toyark has posted their DST booth photos, and unless I'm missing them there's not a Minimate in sight.
  3. Stopped by Walgreens tonight, and no new animated 'mates, but I did find the Venom ones. I bought them more out of brand loyalty than anything, though this is probably the best Venom DST's ever made. Venomized Hulk and Cap are fine, I guess. I like the black and white Spidey; does anyone know if this actually appeared in the comics? Obviously it's the old Ben Reilly outfit, but I don't recall seeing it like this before.
  4. This may be bad news:
  5. Very nice work sir! I made Stingray ages ago, but yours is so much better than mine I ordered him.
  6. LOL yeah I hadn't thought of it that way. I think it's an Amazon exclusive? I want the set but will probably wait to see if it goes on sale or something.
  7. We are going to need another tag team for them to wrestle though...
  8. They make for good custom fodder. The Green Lantern chestblock is very useful for non-muscularly figures (G'Nort, Ch'p, someone else with an apostrophe), and the Penny hairpiece is one of my favorites.
  9. It's funny, it's one of those things that illustrates how collecting has changed. It used to be that having a long-running series was a sign of stability, but now it's seen more as an impediment. Anyway, in this case I think 80 for 80 would be a good hook, and a great way for Marvel Minimates to say "hey, we're still out here!" to the wider collecting community.
  10. Wow that's a stumper! Any idea when the next preorder will be open? I am going to be on vacation over next weekend with basically not internet connection and I don't want to miss them!
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