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  1. hellpop

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    I almost skipped this one because the Big Boss Man was never a favorite, but damn if Luke didn't win me over. The blank tipped it.
  2. hellpop

    Kingdom Hearts

    Baymax and Mike are pretty cool, but I agree that having Mike and not Sully is troubling. Hopefully this is a sign that DST is in it for the long haul with this line, and that they are spreading out the characters from the various Disney movies to draw out interest.
  3. hellpop

    Diamond Select Toys purchases Gentle Giant

    Obviously the big question around these parts will be if this could lead to Star Wars Minimates. I tend to think that it won’t, as we know the Star Wars people have always rebuffed the idea because Minimates (in their mind) are too close to Lego. But I guess we’ll see. Surely Minimates needs a shot in the arm, which a license like Star Wars would provide.
  4. hellpop

    Wave 78

    This thread is like my worst nightmare come to life.
  5. hellpop

    Wave 78

    Are you all just reposting your wishlists from the last thread like this?
  6. hellpop

    wave 77

    I've made customs of all three! Also just finished Prowler , and was about to put together a Fearful Symmetry Kraven. Oh well.
  7. hellpop

    Minimate compatibility thread

    Superhero Squad had some good motorcycles (including a flaming one); they scale nicely with Minimates, but the handlebars are too thick for Minimate hands to grip.
  8. hellpop

    DC Minimates & everlasting optimism

    LOL that's amazing, I never knew any of that. Ma Hunkle always stood out as an odd choice; it's nice to know there's a story behind it!
  9. hellpop

    Minimate compatibility thread

    I just saw this on Twitter the other day. I would think it fits pretty well with Minimates; I have the Batcave and Hogwarts sets and like them quite a bit. They are a little small, but not so small as to be ridiculous IMHO. Plus at ten bucks it's worth taking a flyer on.
  10. hellpop

    Mega Construx Heroes Single packs

    Victim of the TRU closure I bet.
  11. My suggestion: I could see you doing something really clever with those wings.
  12. Are you taking suggestions by any chance...?
  13. hellpop

    Kingdom Hearts

    Wow, I didn't even realize wave 2 was out. It's no surprise to me that we might not see a wave 3; this was always a property that was going to struggle without TRU (or someone like Game Stop) to back it up. Honestly, as a backdoor to Disney Minimates it is/was a good idea, but otherwise I don't think it's really got the recognition to be a wide hit. I totally disagree that focusing on the non-Disney characters is a viable strategy; the driver for this line was ALWAYS going to be people buying these sets for Micky, Donald, and Goofy. I guess, if DST isn't going to be able to deliver recognizable versions of these characters anyway, thanks to the contract, it's probably best to move on anyway.
  14. hellpop

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Guessing "Star Commander" is basically Mar-Vell.