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  1. Wow that's a stumper! Any idea when the next preorder will be open? I am going to be on vacation over next weekend with basically not internet connection and I don't want to miss them!
  2. Those are KUBRICKS?! Wow. I don't think I ever saw those. When the Peanuts movie came out a few years ago someone did Lego style sets; they were okay, but the figures were pretty nice. Frankly, I was hoping Lego would do sets, because they would have nice sculpted heads that can be easily used on a Minimate body.
  3. It certainly is! All the Peanuts stuff is available on Super7's website now; I bought the First Appearance Charlie Brown figure, but I haven't opened it because the package is so nice. If I ever see the regular figures in the wild I'll probably pick them up. Also, Super7 just announced a baseball line: I love the packaging, but I wouldn't buy anything BUT they made a Phillie Phanatic! That's a must buy for me, though it's indicative of Phillies' history that our representative among baseball legends is the mascot.
  4. Just got my Jerry Lawler today; I almost passed on him, because I've never been a big fan of the King, but man did he turn out great. Glad I got him! I hope this means you'll be branching out beyond just the WWE, as my number one most wanted wrestler from this era is Sting. In fact, here's my top five most wanted 80s wrestlers 1. Sting 2. Bobby Heenan 3. Ricky Steamboat 4. Curt Hennig 5. Vader One guy I'd really like, but I imagine I'm the only one, is Brian Pillman. You can probably tell by that list that I really prefer the small athletic flippy guys to the big lumbering lugs. Anyway, Flyin' Brian was one of my favorites, and I might just make him for myself.
  5. That's such a good idea! Four two-packs covering 80 years of Marvel history with the Watcher as a BAF. I love it!
  6. See? Those are all good ideas! Better than mine! And we're not even professionals! It wouldn't be that hard!
  7. It definitely wouldn't be popular around here, but I think an "80 for the 80th" wave that featured new versions of some of the big guns would be a cool idea. Maybe try to do a two-pack each for the Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Modern Ages. You could do something like: Sub-Mariner/Human Torch Steve Ditko Spider-Man/First Appearance Doc Ock Daredevil/Bullseye Iron Man/Black Panther (or some of the several new characters that have been introduced in the last decade) That's off the top of my head, and I'm sure there are better ideas. But it would be a cool way to get a little attention.
  8. If I remember, DST didn't participate in the 10th anniversary thing because they would need to reopen the licenses to all those past movies; I don't know if that would have been worth the hassle. But for the 80th, yeah, they'd just have to brand a wave. And with them being so close to the 80th Minimate wave it seems like a perfect idea. Even if they do it now when they solicit the 80th wave they've already missed Comic Con, where they'd have the biggest possible audience of both fans and media.
  9. Yeah, this would have been a really good idea to give some juice to the line.
  10. Today is Dave Stevens' birthday, which put me in the mood to watch the movie. You could so very easily make a great box set from it: Cliff; Jenny in her silky white dress, Neville Sinclair, preferably in his cool Errol Flynn-esque outfit; and Lothar. I suppose you could sub Peavy for Lothar if you really wanted, but the former would make for the more interesting figure. I don't think this set would set a sales record or anything, but I bet it would do pretty well. I know I'm just torturing myself at this point.
  11. We went to see this today and I've gotta agree, I wasn't impressed. It felt even more like "Iron Man presents Spider-Man" than the last one did; even Mysterio was basically a Tony Stark villain who just happened to be up against Spider-Man because of circumstances. He was the best part though. The teen romance stuff really dragged after awhile too. It just hit too many of the beats of the last one without bringing enough new to the table. And I agree that MJ should have a different name. I like the character, and the actress, a lot; why saddle her with that name? Frankly, same goes for Ned and Flash. Just make them original characters.
  12. I have the Rocketeer. I never really cared much for the Kubrick body design, but man are those some lovely headsculpts.
  13. DST's new solicitations are out (no, they don't include any Minimates); what interests me is that apparently the Black Hole and Rocketeer will be released at the same time, as part of an ongoing Disney Selects line: Now, I don't think I'm the only one here who immediately thinks this would be a great way to do Minimates as well. DST might not be able to get buyers to support a Black Hole or Rocketeer box set, but as part of a wider Disney live-action Minimate line? That would work perfectly.
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