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  1. They will always get you eventually. The breadth of their character selection is astounding, so there's always going to be someone you can't resist.
  2. I would prefer this too, but I remember a lot of kvetching when DST did that this summer for the Spider-Man movie. And I can't imagine that a wave or box set with the two Black Widows, Red Guardian, and Taskmaster would do all that well. You'd have to throw in Captain America and Daredevil to make it work, I think.
  3. I'm not surprised that it was discounted (I held off on purchasing the set because I figured that it would be discounted eventually) but just that it's only been out a month. But you're right, Alpha Flight is one of those teams that is more popular in concept than in actuality.
  4. Damn. I'm probably not going to vote, since I'm in the competition, but I don't think mine is among the three best anyway.
  5. I think I've mentioned this before, but the Superhero Squad line made a very nice Ghost Rider motorcycle (plus other bikes and vehicles, like a Quinjet). It's perfectly in scale, though the handlebars are too thick for a Minimate to grip.
  6. Red Star was the name of the Russian superhero who occasionally appears in the Teen Titans comics (or used to, I haven't read any Teen Titans comics not by Baltazar and Franco in decades). The female Red Guardian was indeed called the Red Guardian in the Defenders, before she hooked up with the Presence and became all cosmic, changing her name to Starlight (but not her costume, weirdly).
  7. If anyone is interested in the Amazon Alpha Flight set, it's a Cyber Monday deal at $40 off the regular price. Considering that it's only been out a month, I'm shocked it was discounted so quickly (people at the Fwoosh are *pissed*).
  8. It doesn't get said enough, but you're a really good guy, Zach.
  9. hellpop

    wave 79

    LOL you guys are so picky! I used the Polaris torso to make her years ago (with the head of the bald woman from Star Trek) and it's just fine. Certainly close enough you really need your customs to be exact.
  10. Damn. I am not really a fan of the guy, but that is so well done I can't pass him up.
  11. hellpop

    wave 79

    Couple thoughts: -These are almost definitely prototypes/paint masters, as that's usually what we see in the solicitation photos. -The Moondragon cape looks like a reuse of the old Red Tornado one, which is an odd choice since DST has made other, better collared capes since then. -It's nice to see Warlock again, but I just don't care much for that costume. If only there was a way to swap out Star-Lord and Warlock for their Bronze Age versions! -I can't tell if Ghost Rider is a tampo on a dome headcap, or if it's a skull head under a translucent cap. I think the latter is what the final figure is supposed to be, right? Angela is still annoyingly unnecessary, but at least there are some custom possibilities with her. -Gamora and Darkhawk look great, and definitely seem to be the winner of the wave.
  12. Good luck! I've actually made most of the Legion, though I don't think I ever showed them. I do have decals and stuff I can share, and I do think at least a few of them are still up at the old Minimate Factory, and might even be in the old decal thread. They are almost all from the early 80's pre-Crisis comics. So yeah, hit me up if you have any questions or anything.
  13. I don't think it's a mistake, but definitely a danger sign. The reality is that without TRU there just doesn't seem to be enough orders for non-Marvel Minimates to drive them into production. I do wish that DST would start thinking outside the box a bit and maybe try crowdfunding or something; I know that the word "Kickstarter" gives most longtime Minimate collectors nightmares, but if that can be a way to get John Wick, Bruce Lee, and the Rocketeer made then I say go for it.
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