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  1. There are several heads from Sin City you can use to make a good Tombstone.
  2. It's got to be the Jackal. I mean, he's easily the most important Spider-character that hasn't had a figure. Even the Sin-Eater has a Minimate! Even his clone (Carrion) has a Minimate! He's also a little tricky to customize, unlike some of the other guys on this list. Prowler and Beetle would be next on my list. Swarm, by the way, is a super easy custom to make if you can get your hands on a Sunspot Minimate, and armored Psylocke for his cloak. I'd also throw Will O' The Wisp and Puma on this list. Still lots of great characters to be made from the Spider-Man corner of the MU. I also voted for the second Spider-Slayer because it's the best design. For the next poll, I'd love to see a list of Spidey's more... idiosyncratic friends and foes, like the March Hare, Frog-Man, Humbug, and Rocket Racer.
  3. Unnamed X-Men boxset

    Got my set yesterday (thanks Luke!); pretty nice. Some thoughts: - I ended up using the Mastermind/Prof X shared parts for Mastermind, because there's plenty of other suit options for the Prof. As you can bigvis' pictures, the suit color's pretty much match the previous Prof X release, so I wanted to find a different color to make him stand out a bit anyway. -Quicksilver is fine. I do wish they'd given him a different hairpiece, since that one is just not great. The Collector's hairpiece is really quite nice on him, so I probably will pick up an extra. -Nice to have the Toad to complete the poster! -Marvel Girl is the real winner here for me. It finally feels like the Byrne X-Men are complete (though I guess we could still use a bulked up furry Beast... and Kitty Pryde in her X-Men costume... and a proper red Angel with white gloves...okay, maybe just one step closer to complete). But I am especially happy to finally have a finned mask for her. If any of you bought extra sets to make both Xavier and Mastermind and want to part with Marvel Girl, let me know. I have custom plans!
  4. Muppets Minimates!

    Oh man, I would have loved to have gone to that! It sounded amazing.
  5. Unnamed X-Men boxset

    Is the extra Marvel Girl hair translucent? It looks it from the photo.
  6. Bendis to DC

    That's a good question. I can see him and Geoff Johns clashing. Bendis basically could do whatever he wanted at Marvel, just like Johns at DC, and I can see their egos getting in the way. Of course, their rather dreary view of comics may be in lockstep with each other. For an old-timer like me, this reminds me of John Byrne's jump to DC to take over Superman, which was hardly a rousing success.
  7. Bendis to DC

    I look forward to avoiding all his work from a different publisher; gonna be a nice change of pace.
  8. The Disney x Fox Talks

    It would just be nice to get a decent Fantastic Four movie.
  9. Cosmic Entities: Informal Character Poll #3

    Well, I'm not sure why you went with Death and not the rest of the Endless, but sure, I'd like her. ... Oh. Never mind.
  10. Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Aw man I shouldn't have slept on him! I'll be more on the ball next time.
  11. Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Great idea Luke! Let me know if you ever need any specific parts for a project, as I've got way too many and would be more than happy to send you some, if I have them. I will certainly be participating! And, you know, I hope you do take requests and suggestions at some point.
  12. Well look at this.... http://www.dccomics.com/blog/2017/10/25/dc-all-access-win-a-collection-of-25-batman-items
  13. Not a bad price. I saw the Batcave set at a comics shop the other day; that thing is BIG. If that ever falls under $100 I will probably bite.
  14. TRU Series 26

    I like Squirrel Girl well enough, but I really disliked the Hellcat book. I am mostly a fan of cutesy comics, but this one was really poorly done IMHO.
  15. Funko Pop!

    This is just not fair: http://popvinyls.com/2017/10/26/saga-pops-coming-soon-funko/