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  1. I'll have to think about it. To be honest they have all started the blend together, though like a lot of you I've been pretty down on most of the post-Endgame movies. Far From Home, Shang-Chi, and Love and Thunder are among my bottom five Marvel movies. I think the formula has become so ingrained that I don't really enjoy them all that much any more.
  2. Got my set from Luke yesterday but I can't bring myself to open them. Too dang cool.
  3. Hail Ivan! Thanks for all that you do. 👍
  4. Cho'd is actually a pretty easy quick custom! Put a Pathfinder Goblin head on a movie Hulk body (you'll have to do a little bit of color matching, but that's what the Database is for).
  5. Hmmm...maybe this will get me out of semi-retirement.
  6. Wasp is really an odd one, since of all characters she would seem the most natural for multiple different looks (at least until this modern era when costumes are redesigned every six months). I would most want her black and yellow costume, although that is a super easy quick custom. I agree that the Black Knight is perfect, but Herc and Shulkie could definitely use upgrades. I have said for years that the Avengers vs the Masters of Evil would have made for a perfect theme, especially back in the days of shared sets between TRU and the specialty market. Remember then? We didn't know how good we had it. Going back to the thread theme, with Carlos Pacheco's untimely passing last week, I am reminded that a set based on his designs from Avengers Forever would be great, and a nice tribute to a fantastic artist.
  7. Oh yeah, those definitely look like they would work. I have a HP castle from another line, that was little metal figures. I'm sorry, I'm blanking on the name, but this would have been several years ago and so it's probably not easily available any more. These look even better.
  8. Thanks Zach! Are these far enough along that there won't be any changes to the lineup?
  9. Same for me. It's such a nice piece, but where the heck would I put it?
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