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  1. If only Hot Rod came with a fishing pole.
  2. Scroll down, friends.
  3. If there's anyone still looking for the What If set, BBTS has it on sale as part of their one day sale today. Of course, you should all have already bought it from Luke.
  4. Luke, if you're making Frog Thor I will faint dead away.
  5. Shang Chi is definitely the best answer, though Clea is also a great guess. Any one of the Eternals would fit too.
  6. I actually made the Ultra Humanite. One of my proudest customs.
  7. For Captain Atom, any Colossus head will work; then you just need to pick a hairpiece and paint it silver (I don't think there are any silver hairpieces out there, unless I'm mistaken).
  8. That's a good one! I'll have to try that on my old custom.
  9. Oh, a couple other good ones: -The Jack Knight Starman is pretty easy to do, if you have the cosmic staff that came with Stargirl (the Star Spangled Kid). You'd also need a black overcoat and goggles. That might be the hardest part, since none of the existing 'mates ones work that well. Or at least they didn't when I made him, years ago. -Someone mentioned Black Canary, and she's very much needed. I'd suggest modeling her on her Justice League Unlimited look as much as possible. You can design a decal with a short blue waistcoat, or if you want to go the parts route I know there's a few that fit the bill. Also the little sonic accessory that came with Banshee and Siryn is perfect for her. -The masked Marvel Girl hairpiece that came in the X-Men vs Brotherhood box set allows you to easily make a favorite character of mine-The Huntress! I personally like the classic Earth 2 version of her, but the modern one is okay as well. -If you have any cowboy hats on hand, you can make Jonah Hex! -Arguably the biggest missing character from the DC line is Two Face. Unfortunately, he's rather difficult to do because there's not a hairpiece that matches his neat on one side, wild on the other style. The closest I've ever found is this one from the Terminator 2 line: I apologize for spamming this thread, today and in the future. DC Minimate customs is kind of my wheelhouse. 😄
  10. I remember you releasing some before, right? Didn't you have a Data head? I basically saved all your decal releases so that I could crib your designs for my own, since you're so much better at it than I am, and I know I remember Trek ones. 😄
  11. Aw yeah! Luke, I've made dozens upon dozens of DC customs over the years, so if you need any parts suggestions for specific characters let me know. You can also have some of my old decals if you want, but your designs are much better than mine. I'd say the most pressing needs would be to finish off teams, specifically the JLA, JSA, and Teen Titans. Firestorm, Zatanna, The Atom, and Elongated Man would all be great choices. For the JSA the Original Green Lantern is a must, and others like Starman, Dr Mid-Nite and Hourman would be great. For the Teen Titans Wonder Girl and Changeling (Beast Boy) should be at the top, as they would more or less complete the original New Teen Titans lineup. I'm betting that most of us here would prefer Silver/Bronze Age characters, so I don't think you should look at too many modern characters. One pretty easy one to do would be John Constantine, as you'd just need a trenchcoat and cigarette hand. Another good one is Death (from the Sandman series) as you just need the Shriek hairpiece, plus a white head, white arms, and black legs (if you have any goth accessories like those studded belts and wristbands you can use those too). Ages ago I commishioned Big Barda and Mister Miracle from you, and those would be good choices. For Mister M's cape you used a Doctor Doom one and cut off the upper hood part, so it was just a collar. I thought that was very clever. I can't wait to see what you come up with!
  12. I know Luke is a Marvel guy, but there are SO MANY DC characters waiting to be done. He could do themed sticker kits with the JSA, the Legion, the New many possibilities!
  13. Design sheets were always one of my favorite things. I've got a folder of them on my old computer; they were always really useful to crib from and make custom decals. I also have some originals that an extremely cool person from DST sent me as a thank you for picking up some exclusives. One of them was even an unproduced figure. Also, in looking back through this thread I wanted to expand on the Desperately Seeking Susan question; other longtimers here can probably back me up, but I remember Chuck saying that his wife is a huge Madonna fan, and he basically made him for her when he saw that was part of the blanket license. Then when Urban Outfitters picked them up they actually became one of the most successful releases of all time.
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