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  1. Are you taking suggestions by any chance...?
  2. hellpop

    Kingdom Hearts

    Wow, I didn't even realize wave 2 was out. It's no surprise to me that we might not see a wave 3; this was always a property that was going to struggle without TRU (or someone like Game Stop) to back it up. Honestly, as a backdoor to Disney Minimates it is/was a good idea, but otherwise I don't think it's really got the recognition to be a wide hit. I totally disagree that focusing on the non-Disney characters is a viable strategy; the driver for this line was ALWAYS going to be people buying these sets for Micky, Donald, and Goofy. I guess, if DST isn't going to be able to deliver recognizable versions of these characters anyway, thanks to the contract, it's probably best to move on anyway.
  3. hellpop

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Guessing "Star Commander" is basically Mar-Vell.
  4. hellpop

    Luke's Custom Squad - 1st Contest!

    Very good work by everyone!
  5. hellpop

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    I think that Martel was one of those guys WCW had under contract for years that they never used right up until Vince bought them out. He's definitely an unexpected choice, but assuming Luke's going with the Model gimmick this should be pretty cool.
  6. hellpop

    Where did everybody go?

    Very sorry to hear that, PL. I think that, as Minimates have slowed down, so has the conversation on here. Plus people just don't use forums the way they used to. But I like it here.
  7. hellpop

    Seattle-Area Multiversers?

    You guys should come to the Keystone Comic Con in Philly next year!
  8. hellpop

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    That Huntress is REALLY clever! I never would have thought of that but I'm totally stealing it. I'd suggest getting the Marvel Girl 'mate with the pointy mask and painting to get her a little more accurate, but otherwise she looks terrific.
  9. I've picked up a lot of those comics in the last few years; my knowledge of the FF between the Lee/Kirby years and the Byrne run was pretty limited. I agree, those comics are underrated.
  10. That would be my guess!
  11. hellpop

    TRU Series 26

    Got mine yesterday and I echo what most of you have said. Spot and Madame Masque are really the standouts here. I wish that they'd packed Kate Bishop with MM (she plays a big role in Kate's solo series), but I'm a sucker for the old Iron Man armor, even if Secret Invasion made me really dislike the whole Holo Tony concept. I like Rogue less than I expected; I can't say why, but that costume didn't seem to translate as well to a Minimate as I expected. X-face Cyclops is kind of a waste, but whatever. I know a lot of people really liked that costume when it came out, so I'm glad for everyone that wanted it. Iron Spider is fine, and I guess he's a new character, right? I've been reading the Spider-Man books for years now but somehow I know nothing about him.
  12. If I'm right, Luke will be using a lot of hairy bare chest blocks for this one.
  13. hellpop

    Ask Zach

    I know the feeling. I really liked the first two episodes (which are basically the pilot), but I've become a little frustrated as it's rolled on. I think it suffers through Netflix syndrome, where most episodes seem more interested in advancing the subplots than having good, y'know, plot plots. We're gonna watch the last one tonight; hopefully it sticks the landing.
  14. hellpop

    Minimate compatibility thread

    Have one. It's perfect.
  15. hellpop

    Ask Zach

    Have you watched the new Sabrina show yet, Zach?