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  1. These are all great. Makes me want to start back on my Star Trek customs. I will at some point. Keep up the great work.
  2. Hello all, As my earlier pictures had vanished, I've just uploaded them again. I hope you all enjoy. Hopefully I'll get some new ones done soon. Take care, Matty-lad
  3. Every time I see an update in this thread, my heart jumps. Then I read the comments.... ;-) Maybe one day we'll get some more.... Take care, Matty-lad
  4. I know this is a VERY long shot, but does anyone know where to get he Power Rangers figures? I see they've been discontinued and my brother needs them. Take care, Matty-lad
  5. Totally agree. I'd be happy enough with some uniform bodies so we can customize the rest of the crew ourselves. Take care, Matty-lad
  6. Hey, Of course I don't mind. I'm just happy someone liked my ideas. I'm not sure what I'll do about the ridges myself. Take care, Matty-lad
  7. Hey Captain, I've just tried and it's loading up fine for me. Take care, Matty-lad
  8. Thanks Captain, I used the Cain from Battlestar head (who was also played by Michelle Forbes) so was an easy one. Not sure whether I'll pain over the eyebrows as Ro had black ones. Thanks for this. I was surprised how well Terrell came together as well. I've spent many hours scrolling through the Minimate Database trying to match faces to characters. The only problem I find is quite a few of the faces I need tend to be Toys R Us exclusives which isn't helpful when I live in the UK. Take care, Matty-lad
  9. Hey Liney, you are correct, Scotty only has a new hair piece. Wanted to do a 3rd season version and this was the best way without duplicating figures. Q is Kirk's head (can't remember who's hair.) I was testing him out in TNG uniform and since it kinda works, I'll get a Voyager and First Contact one made as well (if I have the parts..... :-D ) Thanks for the feedback everyone, it is appreciated. Take care, Matty-lad
  10. Thanks, I was quite impressed at how Ro and Scotty turned out. I've been waiting for the Vincent (Pulp Fiction) hair for a long time to complete Ro. I'm still not too sure my self on Q. There's something a little off I can't put my finger on. I just wish DST would release the other uniforms so I can complete the crew. Take care, Matty-lad
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't even noticed the symbols, how bad is that? I'll get them sorted. Thanks for this. The CotEoF are probably my proudest ones. They just came together so easily with the parts I had. Good point about the gun. Will look into it. I do have some more I need to photograph and put up. I'll try and get them done this week. Take care, Matty-lad
  12. Hey all, Can't believe it's been so long since I've posted some customs. So without further ado, here are some more I've done recently. Commander William Riker Ensign Ro Laren Captain T'Pol & Captain Clarke Terrell Commander Benjamin Sisko (Emissary) & Starfleet Q From the expanded universe Captain Mackenzie Calhoun & Captain Elias Vaughn Starfleet Mirror Spock from the recent New Vision - The Mirror, Cracked, dead Red Shirt & Benjamin Sisko from Trials & Tribble-ations And finally Transporter McCoy, Kirk, Spock & Season 3 Scotty Again, let me know what you think. Take care, Matty-lad
  13. Is it just me or is there a Wash from Serenity vibe from Pumpkin? Good looking set.
  14. Hey all, How about starting with the Star Trek Rand hair? Take care, Matty-lad
  15. Hey all, I have to totally agree with this. Just chuck out a box set of 5 figures every few months to get the outfits out that we need. Ideally:- TNG - Data, Beverly, Klingon Warrior Worf, Sela and Guinan DS9 - Kira, Jadzia, O'Brien, Odo and Quark VOY - Torres, EMH, Neelix, Kez and Viidian (this last one could be anyone, really) ENT - T'Pol, Trip, Sato, Phlox and Shran I'd be over the moon with these. If need be add a TOS / Movie set as well. Take care, Matty-lad
  16. Hey all, I would just like to know in general. If we are done, I can start making my own crews. If not, I'll look forward to adding more. Take care, Matty-lad
  17. Hey all, So another month has gone by and still nothing. I don't suppose we have any news coming soon? Take care, Matty-lad
  18. Hey, That Salt Vampire is excellent. May have to steal your recipe if that's ok (and if I get time to get back to customs?) Take care, Matty-lad
  19. Hey all, I only collect the Star Trek minimates at the mo but I now have to change. These are going to be a must for me. And the wife never said no as she loves the show too. Take care, Matty-lad
  20. Right back at ya with these. My only concern would be that Data and Geordi are both in their yellow uniform so would look a little boring. How about mixing it up with a Riker figure and a Geordi head / hands? That way you could have red uniform Data, Geordi or Thomas Riker in 1 set. The customizing potential there would be great. Take care, Matty-lad
  21. Hey all, If it is unlikely that we will see many more of these, I do think we should get the tools to make out own. What I mean is if DST would be kind enough to finish up the Starfleet uniforms for us to customize. My ideas:- TNG - Data & Beverly or Worf & Deanna DS9 - O'Brien & Dax VOY - Torres & EMH ENT - T'Pol & Phlox If you have to have TOS as well (since we already have the main crew) how about Dress Uniform Scotty with alternative chest plus a Dr M'Benga? As for TWOK movie figures, I'm a little stumped. Trying to make the pack look exciting by not including figures based on the same colour is difficult since all the movie uniforms are burgundy. How about Captain Spock and Dr McCoy in white medical uniform? Or Scotty in black vest? Just some food for thought. Take care, Matty-lad
  22. Ok, can I just say, you are a legend....... Thank you so much for these. I've now bought some decals to print onto so as soon as I've received these, I'll start printing and customizing. Will share pictures as soon as I've done anything. Take care, Matty-lad
  23. Sorry about that. Was replying off my phone so wasn't sure it was working. I've now amended my post with pictures. Thanks again for everything. Take care, Matty-lad
  24. Hey Liney, Sorry to do this but us there any chance you could do a set of the jumpsuits from TOS (items 1 in the 1st lot and 5 in the 2nd.) And the Motion Picture orange uniform as worn by Sulu etc. Thanks again for doing these. Take care, Matty-lad
  25. All of these excellent decals are making me seriously think about learning to print these out properly to fill some holes in my collection.Thanks (and keep them coming..... ;-) ) Take care, Matty-lad
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