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  1. These have been a journey to find locally. I've gone a few times a month to see if the latest two waves (especially wave 8) came out in which I came out empty every time. I've never had that problem with previous retail exclusives. A couple of weeks ago I had a day free where I chose to drive to/ around San Jose to see if could track series 8 or 9. I visited 13 stores (I still have the map) and none of which had any of the newest series. It wasn't until a week later when I went to visit a friend who was much closer from where I lived than the San Jose locations that I found the only store in that city to be carrying just 1 of the Enchantress and Kraven series. The distribution and accessibility of the latest 2 waves has certainly been a interesting. I just hope any future Walgreens waves doesn't fall into the same pattern as that'd be detrimental to a collectors motivation to either spend time collecting to find something at several locations or cash out to scalpers.
  2. yup, seems it is a common error for this figure in that it needed more coats of yellow.
  3. My TRU has had the same 3 sets for over a month now. Slightly irritating because I stopped by 3 TRU that were an hour away and decided to look for them since I was in the area that day and to my surprise they had them. Sadly they only had 1 set left so I picked it up. I thought since a TRU that's an hour away has them, my local TRU should get them as well but boy have I been wrong Usually I'm able to always find them but this wave is taking really LONG. I don't want to break down and pay $10 for shipping from because every time I have, they end up showing up in stores. Just got to remember "Patience is a Virtue."
  4. Seems like someone is missing from the line up though
  5. Sweeeeeet, but wish Rogue was included with her modern outfit
  6. Just ordered these. Had to since my TRU never gets any box sets
  7. well I could get Magma and Box to stand on their stands....
  8. they are already on ebay, including loose pics. looks sweet, cant wait to get mine.
  9. Nice, we finally get some pics of the 2nd pack. Nice group shot. Cant wait to get mine.
  10. Found a full set of all 4. Only picked up Havok/Storm and Box/Vindicator. I was surprised to find these early since the last Toys r Us wave arrived kinda late in stores but by then I had already ordered them online. Glad I found these, saved me some money on shipping :biggrin:
  11. To me, she looks weird since she has no eyebrows, but it's something I can get use to.
  12. Agree, Phoenix Emma would have been a better fit due to her being more featured in the comic than the Phoenix Buster. It was only in 1 issue. Although, it was the reason why the Phoenix was split into the 5 other X-men.
  13. So, does this mean Phoenix Force Cyclops, Scarlet Witch, Protector and Phoenix Buster Iron Man are the winners? If so, I'm satisfied :biggrin:
  14. Got these today. First time ordering from TRU and they were nicely packed. Nice :biggrin:
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