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  1. I have gotten both Star Wars Advent Calendars and the minimalist ships in those sets are just great! I'm really hoping they continue to make these as long as they can. Some really cool minifigures and awesome ship models.
  2. That statue is so impressive Luke! All these entries are fantastic, I'm really second guessing mine
  3. I'm hesitant on getting Origin Crisis since I haven't even gotten through the Tier 4 raids...... cr 87 and sp 75 yet still haven't been through Gates or
  4. Would you happen to be playing on PS3? I think I can invite people to the league I'm currently with. Would you need just the WBID by itself or do you need the password as well.......if you need the PW, I'll have to figure it out, I don't remember off hand what one I used on launch
  5. Raising your combat rating is just a matter of getting better gear and adding higher end mods. I want to make a new Quantum character but I hate starting that game over.....especially trying to get a decent amount of skill points, it's hard when you've already done most of the feats a few times. And being a premium member doesn't help either. lol
  6. My first thought when I saw the latest WIP shot.......... Shadow of the Colossus!
  7. Very good, time to get some ideas on paper!
  8. And step foot into an Apple Store??? ..............naw Punisher, I already have a WBID set up and linked to my game......I may send you a Pm Undeadpool, is DLC worth getting for the missions? The powers look cool and all, but if the new missions and raids aren't great, i may have to let that game go for a while......
  9. Sadly, I have no way of playing the iOS game.......truly sucks......
  10. What I'd like to know is how you receive the extra stuff from the iOS? Is it s code you receive or does it go straight to your WBID that's connected to your game? I just don't quite get it.
  11. Superheroes is a fine theme to me, sounds good. Could we maybe call the event Charitymates: A Hero's Journey...?? Since we would be doing all new original heroes, they'd have to have backstories so we'd need to know their origins. The Charity.....totally up to you guys.
  12. I may have to check out Fall of Cybertron eventually.
  13. Apparently MANY people are having trouble with the iOS app. Which makes me hope they just release everything as DLC.
  14. Lobo is going to be a great addition to the characters. Can't wait to see his moves and finisher!
  15. Been playing Injustice: Gods Among Us. So far it has been a really great game, story mode was awesome and the combat system is great. There are a bunch of different single player modes to go through. My only negative on this one is, unless some of the content becomes DLC, there is going to be a bunch of exclusive content that people are going to miss out on. There are 3 different store pre-order exclusives plus there is a lot of content that you can only get from the iOS game. So I pre-ordered from Gamestop and only have an Android phone so that is quite a bit of stuff I'm missing out on. But, all in all, it is a great fighter and a fun game especially for the fans of the DC universe. Anyone else enjoying Injustice?
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