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  1. Holy crap, that stuff is amazing!! Both of you guys received awesome stuff
  2. *Shakes fist* Curse you Brobot!!!! (Side note......AWESOME SUIT!!!)
  3. Wait Wait wait.................. this is the first I'm hearing let alone SEEING this.........we actually get the Rhino suit????
  4. I have a twitter account @jcastick prepared for only retweets about contests though.
  5. I feel like my votes don't really matter, seeing as I have only ever seen 1 box set at ANY TRU I've ever been to..........
  6. I just don't show up as much, My loss though
  7. I find it a very enjoyable show and it does add quite a bit to the Marvel movie Universe. Really hoping it gets at least another season but would love more than that!
  8. I've been going around again to the various TRUs in the area. I've been to 4 of about the 8 that are in a reasonable driving distance and here is all I have seen at ALL 4 stores total: 2 Gwen/Dr. Connors packs - which I bought 1 SF vs. Tekken pack 5 Munsters Coach 4 Tomb Raider packs (2 Lara and 2 Damaged Lara 2 Battle Beast packs And PLENTY of Waking Dead 5 I have yet to see Marvel 18 ANYWHERE......I saw 1 Thor/Absorbing Man pack and I had just gotten that pack in a trade, so I passed on it. So, it seems like in this area, anything new from TRU, I'll have to get through the kindness of others here or on the secondary market. Much sadness
  9. Oh man....... wish the TRU I usually go to has that much stuff in stock!! Would like to replace my current Magma and an Ultron Drone would be great. Only thing the one I go to has left are 2 Gwen/Connors packs, a Thor/Absorbing Man pack, 2 each of the Lara Croft sets and The Walking Dead 5. Oh.....and the WD mates are on a side endcap on the last row of hooks near the floor. Not visible at all.
  10. Dang.....didn't see this till now. Oh well.
  11. “No One Gets In To See The Digger! Not no one, not no how!”
  12. This brings much sadness..........oh, the Jedis are going to feel this one.
  13. I'd much rather have more Marvel and DC me those Mega Block ones just looked odd.
  14. Refers to how the graphics are applied. And as for taking the paint off, I use Acetone and a cloth and just work quickly.
  15. Was indeed a sad day yesterday.....he will be missed.
  16. I dont think I was around for that controversy,what happened? I was thinking the exact same thing! I should watch Snatch for some inspiration Indeed, you should
  17. Since it is an Underground Tournament, you could very well do away with the ring all together and have the local be some sort of large basement or an abandoned industrial area. Or something similar. Or, if the ring is still needed, look for a local that has pillars that can be made into a make-shift, underground ring. Example: In the movie Snatch, there is a scene where there is a bareknuckle fight between Gorgeous George and Mickey O'neil in a barn. You probably want to go a bit more industrial than this, but it's a good example of makeshift ring. Just something that came to me. Best of Luck!
  18. pk13.....I see what ya did there.
  19. I made a stop to the TRU close to my work, just to see what might be. Still absolutely nothing except for one randomly placed Lara Croft/Scavenger Scout found in the Lego aisle at full price. So I at least have a Lara Croft now.
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