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  1. The character creator is in the Watchtower Laboratory and there might be one also in the Batcave, I haven't explored enough to remember where everything is. You can start buying characters a believe after the 7th level......i read it online will also find switches in the Watchtower that allow you go access "Super Freeplay Mode", which is available in the Hub sections of the game (this just allows you to select characters by holding the switch character button)..nothing new, i think they just decided to give it a name. Once you find the switches is when you can buy the characters, at least this is what I found to be true. Word of advice though, I would hold onto all the studs you can so that you can purchase the red brick stud multipliers. Apparently the multipliers are in the first 5 levels of the game ad can be found by Plastic Man. Stud Multipliers cost between 1 and 5 million studs and it is looking like some of the characters are quite expensive. I think Doomsday is 1.5 million. So I mistakenly bought a few characters and now I have to farm a bit to get enough to buy the red bricks.
  2. Not entering either. I'm thankful for minimates because they are collectible that is the perfect size and has many characters that I like. They have also given me the opportunity to meet and to get to know a lot of people, who enjoy a lot of the same hobbies that I do. You guys are great!
  3. Woot! Thanks everyone! All the entries were fantastic, such great costumes!
  4. Been a rough day, it's now late, kinda tired, really don't know what I was thinking....... So here is my entry, Groot impersonating John McClane in Die Hard 2 when he is escaping in the Ejector seat from the explosion. Yup.........
  5. My display for this year, with tiny apartment size space, Groot decided to dress up this year. He tells me he dressed up as "I am Groot". Nailed It.
  6. I don't know if anything like this has been mentioned, but what about some type of "Build an Accessory"? Maybe like all the pieces build a small Cryo-tank, or a mini Diorama, something a power-house character can a safe, or large weights. I really can't think of any more ideas, but I think it is somewhat of an out of the box thing that could do well.
  7. I agree, when it comes to the core characters, I think we are ok Minimate wise.
  8. If any of those Azetlors are going to the selling bin, I wouldn't mind a heads up.
  9. Very cool and I actually have time to work on a piece!
  10. Would like to see: 1. Mandroid Armor 2. Spider Slayer Robots 3. (One that should be an army builder character) Awesome Android!!!
  11. I'd definitely buy a few, and if they don't make the characters I want that size.....just easily buy an extra and make a custom.
  12. Can we get Toad so this poster can finally be complete????
  13. I was able to find the Drax/Groot/Rocket set at TRU and am very pleased with it!!
  14. Chrome here, seems like I have to wait for it to not find the site, refresh, and then it will load........but not every time.
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