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  1. Just received my gift today and what a treat!20171226_184609.jpg

    Return to Hill Valley 2015 set, Floyd and Janice 2 pack, Luke toy store carry case, M&Ms and a Hershey bar. As well as a Hello Kitty card. 

    Having done a bit of research, came across a previous post by a member who also once received an M&M candy cane, Hershey candy cane bar and a Hello Kitty Christmas card. So if my guess is correct, I'd like to thank homestar17 for the most thoughtful gift!

    Thank you so very much!!


  2. It appears that the Birthday Elephant had made it's way out the door this year, but what about Secret Santa?

    Now is about the time we get it happening and unless I've completely goofed the search function, I haven't seen anything posted about it. 

    I'm really hoping it is a tradition we don't lose.


  3. Thanks for the prize! Received it a while ago but was in the middle of moving, so just got around to posting here.

    I can now totally spin all my fidgets! 

    And all of the entries were superb!

    Thanks again you guys! 

  4. Posting an update, as I have received the second part of my gift....... And boy, is it a doozy!

    First off, was a bit of candy - 20161221_225415.jpg

    Next, some stickers, Lego Disney Minifig and A Blindbag Star Wars Micromachine - 20161221_225514.jpg

    Next, Rocket and Groot Hotwheels - 20161221_2300322.jpg

    Next, Secret Wars Zombies and Netflix Daredevil Box sets - 20161221_225554.jpg

    Next, a plethora of loose mates - 20161221_2258462.jpg

    And lastly, the Lego Carbonite-Freezing Chamber! - 20161221_230133.jpg


    I am absolutely floored with my gifts! So much awesome stuff! The Lego set and the Hotwheels were actually big wants of mine that I either missed or just didn't get around to picking up.

    As for who my Secret Santa is, I think I am familiar with the address where the gift came from, but for the life of me and can't figure out how or why I know it. I would have researched my messages, but have lost a lot of them when the site got redone. 

    So as of now, I am uncertain as to who my Secret Santa is...... but I would like to give a huge Thank you for all of the gifts, you truly went out of your way!



  5. 7 hours ago, pk13 said:

    I received my Secret Santa gift last Friday and it was perfect. Here's what I scored:


    I needed all of these figures, especially the Cthulhu and Glow Cthulhu chase. I went around all weekend putting the The Great Old One into song. "It's beginning to look a lot like Lovecraft" and "Oh, what a feeling! Cthulhu on the ceiling!", were just a couple fo the lines that I was singing, and receiving strangle looks for.

    From the address, I'm going to guess Mystery Man as my Secret Santa. Right or wrong, I want to say thanks because the gift was awesome and a much needed addition to my collection!

    Those Cthulhu are awesome!

  6. baWYtoc.jpg


    Out of every single minimate that I have purchased, gotten as a gift or have even found randomly, this one will always have a special place in my collection.

    Back in the early days of our community, and even today, this place has always felt like a second home for this hobby.

    When I received this mate back in 2005, it really solidified the fact that the community and everyone here, were people and a place I will always want to come back to.


  7. I must say that I am extremely thankful for my wife being in my life.

    I truly do not know where I would be without her.

    I'm also thankful for all of my family, my friends and even the acquaintances I have met here along the way.


    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! 



    Yup........ it scares me too.



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