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  1. Create Your Ideas Contest

    Making this my official entry, didn't get a chance to make the full custom of my design, but I do have the complete product concept art finished. And am happy to share it with you all.
  2. Some more creative contests would be fun!
  3. I was wondering this, we usually would have done sign-ups by now.
  4. I had received my Birthday Elephant gift a week or so back, and forgot to post what I received. So here we go: Such an amazing group of gifts and I love them all. There wasn't much of a clue as to who my Birthday Elephant was but would like to thank them so very much! So, Thank you!!
  5. Secret Santa 2016 - A New Hope

    Posting an update, as I have received the second part of my gift....... And boy, is it a doozy! First off, was a bit of candy - Next, some stickers, Lego Disney Minifig and A Blindbag Star Wars Micromachine - Next, Rocket and Groot Hotwheels - Next, Secret Wars Zombies and Netflix Daredevil Box sets - Next, a plethora of loose mates - And lastly, the Lego Carbonite-Freezing Chamber! - I am absolutely floored with my gifts! So much awesome stuff! The Lego set and the Hotwheels were actually big wants of mine that I either missed or just didn't get around to picking up. As for who my Secret Santa is, I think I am familiar with the address where the gift came from, but for the life of me and can't figure out how or why I know it. I would have researched my messages, but have lost a lot of them when the site got redone. So as of now, I am uncertain as to who my Secret Santa is...... but I would like to give a huge Thank you for all of the gifts, you truly went out of your way!
  6. Secret Santa 2016 - A New Hope

    Those Cthulhu are awesome!
  7. Secret Santa 2016 - A New Hope

    I have received what appears to be part 1 of my Secret Santa gift. Part 1 Never before have I received a Christmas tree as a present, and it is quite awesome! Will have to update to see what Part 2 will be....... I'm excited!
  8. MMMV Turns 10 - December Giveaway

    A huge thanks to PK for celebrating 10 years in such a glorious fashion, and to those who had helped and participated. And Kostisfire, I wouldn't worry ...... I'm sure everyone and everything has been taken care of.
  9. MMMV Turns 10 - December Giveaway

    Out of every single minimate that I have purchased, gotten as a gift or have even found randomly, this one will always have a special place in my collection. Back in the early days of our community, and even today, this place has always felt like a second home for this hobby. When I received this mate back in 2005, it really solidified the fact that the community and everyone here, were people and a place I will always want to come back to.
  10. MMMV Turns 10 - November Giveaway

    Thanks so much you guys, that's very awesome!
  11. MMMV Turns 10 - November Giveaway

    I must say that I am extremely thankful for my wife being in my life. I truly do not know where I would be without her. I'm also thankful for all of my family, my friends and even the acquaintances I have met here along the way. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! Yup........ it scares me too.
  12. Secret Santa 2016 - A New Hope

    I am glad to hear that the tradition shall continue!
  13. MMMV Turns 10 - October Giveaway

    Peeps Ghosts please!
  14. MMMV Turns 10 - September Giveaway

    Sci-fi please
  15. I've seen only the first wave of TMNT at my nearest store and that was it.