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  1. I don’t think they would have given her an unmasked head as a stand alone figure, none of the other characters have received one, especially since the character/persona/whatever of “the Phantasm” is supposed to appear male. That would lead to either a female bodied Phantasm that has to be displayed unmasked to look on-model or a male bodied Andrea that has to be displayed mask on to look on-model. I don’t disagree we need an unmasked Phantasm and I know other people want an Andrea figure too since the request for an alternate head has been made since Phantasm was announced, but I think she of all the characters who’d require an unmasked head is most deserving of a second release with a new body sculpt. (Preferably a Kenner Style one with a removable mask, so I can display female Andrea unmasked, male Masked Phantasm, and off-model but still cool masked female Phantasm and have it all living in the big city!) Unlike the inevitable Unmasked versions of the two Batmans, two Harleys, and one Catwoman we’ve already got, now THOSE should have been pack in extra heads I know I’m gonna get charged $22 for...
  2. dr baghead

    Ghostbusters Minimates-Movies

    How do you know it’s not one of Unnecessary, ORIGINAL redos from Hollywood like The Lord of the Rings, The Thing, Scarface, the Fly, 21 Jump Street, the Evil Dead 2 (it IS just Evil Dead one slightly retold), Ocean’s Eleven, Little Shop of Horrors, all of Disney’s animated movies based on classic fairytales, The Omega Man (Not the “I am Legend” remake but the classic Charleston Heston version which is a remake of “The Last Man on Earth”, Vincent Price not Will Forte version, and also based on a book.), the classic Universal Monsters (both in that they’re from books and that Nosferatu predates Dracula and is the better, more accurate telling of the story.), The Andy Circus Planet of the Apes, Nickelodeon’s Ninja Turtles, and Netflix’s Daredevil. Hollywood does make A LOT of sh*t reboots/remakes, but don’t blame that on the concept of ‘redoing' they also make A LOT of completely original sh*t films too. When you take a film that was the solo product of an amazing director or made up of just the perfect cast or in the case of the original Ghostbusters, both. You can’t just hand the project to some a**hole who’s only every directed music videos and assign five random d-bags the same characters from the original and expect magic to happen twice. Any NEEDS to be a director’s vision, it NEEDS that perfect cast it’s why the ones I listed are classics in their their own right while the ones you listed are crap. I think this new Ghostbusters has a good chance of being good, it will NEVER be the original Ghostbusters, it will never mean what the original did to society, culture, comedy, the world, etc. but that doesn’t mean it’s existence isn’t without merit. It DOES have a really good direct, it DOES have a really strong cast, it ISN’T four d-bags playing Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon... it’s different. It could be really bad too, but I can guarantee the Ghostbusters 3 everyone thought they wanted with the original four would have been just as bad. There is only ONE Ghostbusters if you demand any new Ghostbusters capture the magic of the original, this new movie can’t destroy the original anymore then the lackluster Ghostbusters 2 did. Also, it’s unfair to call Conan an unnecessary redo, sure it’s not as good as his Late Night days, but he’s still real funny It really is just “Ghostbutsters” (IMDb and Wikipedia will list it as “Ghostbusters(2016)” so there’s not confusion) .. but I really like “Ghosbuters, Too?” as a title. Can the Chris Pratt/Channing Tatum version supposedly in the works use that title!
  3. dr baghead

    tru INDY minimates?

    It was SOTA right?
  4. dr baghead

    Funko Pop!

    I’m on the fence about the Bob’s Burger Pops because while they look great there’s something too ‘cute’ about them, like they’re from some weird chibi anime dream sequence Louise would have rather than actual representations of the family... they’re so close but *juuuust* off enough I’m not sure I want to plunk $50 down on them. But if DST had gotten the license it’d have been a super easy pass! Given the characters have a certain “muppetiness” to their look and given how awful the muppet minimates ended up, a hypothetical DST Bob’s Burger line would have been hideous. Unless we’re not talking “minimates” and instead you mean merchandise in general, because while I don’t think minimates would look good at all and I don’t think there’s a market for busts/statues/banks/Selects (if Simpsons can’t support a similar product line, then Bob can’t, simple economics) a "Jimmy Pesto’s"Pizza cutter and a “Teddy’s Home Brew” bottle opener, maybe a set of shot glasses or tumblers with the various store front logos on them OOOOH! A Kuchi Kopi ice cube tray?! Those would kind of kick-ass though.... Is it too late for DST to get the kitchenware license?! DO WANT!!!
  5. dr baghead

    Super Mario Maker

    OOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!! Im gonna half to try that later (just spent too much time playing... Expert Challenge sucks, its the rejected seven-year-olds and sadist levels or the rare good levels with one major design flaw, my thumbs and eyes hurt and I didnt even win.) New Levels!!! Pikachu, I CHEWS You: EC95-0000-0049-6824 Pikachu tries not to get eaten by plants and chain chomps Little Links Vine Venture: E1F0-0000-0055-5F4E My attempt at a Ghost House... it ended up being a pretty easy level. Zeldas Darling Dungeon: C6E2-0000-005E-32C4 A little more challenging than my Link levels (more enemies) this was more an exercise in playing with the brick sets to make a pretty level more than a super challenging one (Also it has a Shiek path AND a Zelda path, so thats fun.)
  6. dr baghead

    The X-Files

    The theme song still holds up too! Man, that takes me back!
  7. dr baghead

    Super Mario Maker

    Played it, Gave it a Star. Not too many bullet bills, the right amount I’d say since they provided a fair challenge without 15 being on screen at once like some poorly designed levels. Great use of the flame throwers as well. Also, personal note: I like “clever” levels more so than ’this is my first try so I made 1-1 but with spinies and big pit and a bowser!’ so the fact it looks like a lot of thought and work went into this really makes it shine. I also like when the graphic style matches the game (ie- don’t make me play a 3D level with no parkour, don’t make me play as an Amiibo if you’re just making a Mario level with no theme to the character) and the Mario 3 graphics work very with the boxes. My favorite part: Here are my levels: Little Link’s Little Quest: DC59-0000-002A-019C It’s a little maze, pretty straight forward, I think it’s cute. Little Link’s Kooky Castle Quest: F65C-0000-0030-214C A much meaner version of the above. It has a low clear rate so I think the correct path might be too well hidden or too hard to get to. Canondorf: 8188-0000-003B-1A58 A complete BS level made for sillies. Gannondorf walks down a hall filled with canons that shot goodies at him, That’s all. (it’s an in joke, I made a Smash Bros level surrounded with unescapable if caught in canons that fire the players off the screen. For Canondorf I went the other way and made a pleasant generous canon filled level.)
  8. dr baghead

    Super Mario Maker

    I bought a Wii U just for this game (well, that’s misleading, it sounds like I bought one last Friday... I bought one in May and have been playing Smash Brothers now and then knowing Mario Maker was coming and it was the justification I needed to buy the system.) It’s as fun to play as all your youtube videos would imply. There’s two main play modes: Make: Build a level! You get the pieces slowly (you get like 5 or 6 new ones a day if you build for 5 minutes) but it’s fun to see how stuff reacts (for example you can put wings on almost everything and it gives them a new attack pattern, or drop a mushroom on them to make them giants. Some enemies that fire stuff can be given items so they’re beneficial to the player) It’s lacking a lot of power ups (which I could see being DLC someday) but what’s there will let you make some really fun stuff Play: You play “100-Mario Challenge” to earn new ‘costumes’ (you can also use Amiibos to earn these costumes, but not all of them are Amiibo based) to use in the Mario 1 skinned builder (you can only use the ‘costumes’ in Mario 1, Leaf in Mario 3, Cape in Mario World, and Propeller in 3D) you play 8 to 16 different user created levels with no filter on skill of creator or challenge of level (if one is too hard you hold down ‘select’ to get a new one with no penalty)... it’s actually really fun playing a SUPER creative level followed by one clearly made by a seven year old. The only thing I hate about this mode is too many “don’t touch the controller” rube goldberg levels. I would say this game alone is worth owning a Wii U even if you want no other games, since creative players will ensure it has new levels for years to come, especially if Nintendo supports it with DLC adding new items and level styles.
  9. dr baghead

    2015 NYCC Exclusives

    Since New York is close to New Jersey: View Askew? Also, since it’s a “premiere” set not an “exclusive” I’m gonna guess: “Early Access” Zombie Jay and Bob (Zach never said it was a “new” set we’d never seen) Minimate Give Away: A “Yoga Hosers” Blank
  10. dr baghead

    TMNT Minimates - it's official!

    Putting these together because I think seeing how cool the Mirage ones look with the multi-colored bandanas and the Nick ones look with all Red bandanas at the same time is gonna be the push a lot of people need to make these sets for themselves. (I mean, you can justify it as there’s no wasted parts! You’re buying two sets and ending up with two sets! Not many quick customs can claim a zero causality rate!)
  11. dr baghead

    New Q&A stuff from AA's site

    Everyone has a right to opinions, Chuck was under no obligation to print the letter and the views expressed weren't that negative (I could say FAR meaner things about the muppets minimates, and often do in the privacy of my own home, but I don't on here because, to agree with your broader point: why negativity?!?!) That Q&A has three wish list with no real questions attached to them (will you make this? Is not a real question when it's followed by 20 different pairing suggestions) and there's also a no question-question saying how great the muppet minimates are... To pick on that one for rightly saying they're disappointing (which I think they are, they don't work in my opinion, and if you like them that's fine but people are allowed to dislike them) just seems to want to burn the opposition who would dare question a minimate as anything other than great
  12. dr baghead

    New Q&A stuff from AA's site

    To be fair, it’s not like DST has a separate “leave a comment” e-mail system (do they? I just checked and the “Ask DST” logo is the closest thing to a ‘contact us’ button they have, other than leaving a message on twitter or Facebook which seems more public since they don’t have to post the ‘questions’)... also she isn’t wrong.
  13. dr baghead

    Funko Pop!

    Didn’t they announce Seinfeld Pops already? I swear it was on their list of “we announce a new license for 12 days of Christmas thing” (Maybe they aren’t making those anymore though, or maybe they are and are waiting until after the Vinyl Idolz come out to show them)
  14. dr baghead


    Looks pretty good, it had everything I would have wanted: violence, jokes, popular music, cgi mask so he can emote... I know it can still go wrong, but so far so good if you ask me.
  15. dr baghead

    Wave 65 The Unknown Wave

    If it’s a comics based wave: Kamala Khan in wave 65 or GTFO, DST!