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  1. Yeah, you're absolutely right. I just sort of meant, is there nothing else due to be announced, as opposed to officially declaring the line over. No news could well be all the news we need. I'll be pleasantly surprised if any more sets are produced.
  2. Hi @DSTZach, is it fair to assume we're not getting anything else in this line? At least for the foreseeable future.
  3. When you add a new post, there should be an 'add files' button under the post area. Use that to upload and insert images into your post! Lord Drakkon
  4. I'd like to see what you've done, have you posted it anywhere?
  5. So happy to finally have these in hand. The completed team looks amazing together. The fact series two has sold out sounds promising; fingers tightly crossed that there's another box set or two in this line. Here are a few updated photos of my MMPR 'Mates, including some WIPs on the top shelf:
  6. I'm waiting patiently for my sets from Luke to clear through UK customs. Here is a simple Finster; the head is from the Imaginext figure; the head has a hole in it the exact size of a Minimate head socket, so this required no modification at all.
  7. Those are beautiful @DSTZach, it's fantastic to see them all together. I also want to recreate that pose, and modified these Scarlet Spider hands for the Green Ranger. MMPR translate fantastically into Minimates, and it's clear these have been made with so much love and attention to detail. Every figure is perfect. It would be a massive shame if we didn't get at least one set of villains; maybe a four-pack with core villains and an accompanying Putty Patroller 2-pack (I know I'd buy more than my fair share).
  8. Any one with series 2 in hand, are you able to post a shot of the whole team together?
  9. Goldar (w/ removable wings) & Scorpina 2nd Green Ranger (from the Boom Studios comics) & Kat (2nd Pink Ranger)
  10. Hopefully the rest of the team will arrive in time! Lord Zedd Imaginext head and Loyal Subjects staff.
  11. That's what I thought you'd say, but he seemed so sure. Appreciate the updates, thank you.
  12. Hi @DSTZach, there is a UK-based Ebay store claiming they'll have series two arriving on 5th April; have you had any update at your end?
  13. @DSTZach Do you think a possible 3rd box set is dependent on whether the Vinimates set generates enough interest? Do you have any update on the 2nd box set?
  14. Original 'Giant Size' Nightcrawler head with eyes painted. Sabertooth chest piece. Beta Ray Bill gloves, boots and legs. Predator skirt piece. Angela sword. The helmet is a modified Daredevil mask. The back portion of the helmet was trimmed off a Marvel Dreadnought and glued to the mask.
  15. Goldar He doesn't get his wings until later in the series, and I think I prefer him without them.
  16. Teenagers with attitude (patiently awaiting faces).
  17. I'd be quite happy with those as well, Onyx. Seeing as we (will soon) have all the core team, the sets you've proposed aren't entirely dependent on one another. The thing that has put me off pre-ordering the new TMNT set is not wanting the line to be cancelled and only end up with 2 of the 4, or something. I think MMPR make perfect Minimates, and there are so many cool/interesting villains and variants they could make. That said, I'd be over the moon if we even get just one set of classic villains. *** After ten-thousand years, she's free! Skirt piece is from the Red Queen (Alice in Wonderland). An unsuspecting Tommy about to recruited as her evil Ranger...
  18. Thank you Zach, but I'll be more than happy to retire her as soon as you announce those villains sets: 1) Rita, Zed & 2 Zed Putties 2) Goldar, Scorpina & 2 standard Putties I realise most of the MMPR villains would require massive amounts of unique tooling, so concede it's unlikely we'll get too many one-and-done monsters.
  19. This is what the Imaginext Rita headdress looks like on a Minimate body; the only modification required was sticking the headdress in boiling water to soften the plastic, and it will slip on with ease. The magic wand is from the Loyal Subjects figure.
  20. Thanks for the kind words Skull Neo-Classic Iron Man hair (wave 36) Gotham Penguin face Bandana from a few of the Walking Dead figures, with the neckerchief bit cut off and painted. Standard jacket piece Waste and legs from Ron Johner (Aliens wave 4) Bulk Same hair as Shocker (wave 24), but it's darker; been used a few times. I thought the face was from a T-1000, but it doesn't match any on the Minimate Database. Torso is indeed from Dukes (wave 26) / Ghostbusters game Chef Demassi, but with the Netflix Jessica Jones leather jacket cut in three parts, glued to the torso. I then sculpted around it to fill in the gaps.
  21. Bulk & Skull I thought it was safe to assume DST wouldn't get around to these two.
  22. This line has made me passionate about Minimates again, having sold off the majority of my collection over the last few years. I was a really big Power Rangers fan as a kid, and the Boom Studios comic had brought it all back. I've been buying up loads of the box sets and other spare loose parts to make the villains and Boom characters, just in case DST don't get around to them. Here's a few photos of a Zordon I threw together, with modified Green Ranger (helmet painted) and Alpha (short limbs). Eventually I think I'll add a LED light to the base. Dr Manhattan Vinimate head (trimmed at the ball-point), Minimate flight stand, a milk bottle cap, part of a plastic pepper grinder, and an acrylic tube! MiniMilner - I'm in the UK and haven't successfully found them anywhere; I've bought all mine from Luke.
  23. 24 mates are often very cheap, Matt ' s head on President Palmer ' s body looks pretty good.
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