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  1. 24 mates are often very cheap, Matt ' s head on President Palmer ' s body looks pretty good.
  2. I don't see why I couldn't... if I could tag along with you, Matt? Are tickets still available?
  3. Black Bolt's wings work pretty well with Spider-Woman.
  4. very accurate Matt, and I certainly feel the head and hair are spot on for a comic Sharon as well... what is the recipe? Is that a movie Maria Hill head?
  5. Loved the film, and feel DST did a very good job of sorting an assortment.
  6. I've had nothing but incredibly low expectations for this film, but must admit the trailer is quite interesting. Mikey definitely raised a smile... we'll see, I suppose.
  7. I probably said exactly the same thing when the last 'best of' wave came out, but these 'mates are fantastic and I'm absolutely looking forward to getting hold of them, even as someone who has been collecting for the best part of ten years. These are bright, colourful, and (for me) that perfect sweet spot between simplicity and detail. While the 'intended target' may be the new/casual buyers starting collections or buying gifts, all the little extra parts completely feel like a cheeky nod to long term collectors... just a nice reminder we're being thought about. These figures and pairings, as well as the previous waves (especially Spidey/Goblin from the first wave) really take me back to the first time I saw minimates in real life. I'd never heard of them before, but absolutely loved this big display of Marvel and DC figures, tiny and instantly recognisable. I bought a load, took them straight home and played with them. I was 19 and hadn't played with toys in years. As silly as it may sound, I try and imagine how I'd feel if I'd never seen a minimate before, then saw one of these waves in my LCS... I'd grab them all without a second thought.
  8. Really not getting drawn in like the other games, I keep picking it up for 5-10mins and getting distracted by something else. ... changed my mind about the fighting as well, it has become an absolute nonsense. Also, the grapple is really irritating me, so many really simple places you can't get to quickly.
  9. I'm having no problems with the gameplay... feels the same as the last two. What it doesn't have, though, is quite the same atmosphere the others had. The second City the sounds and visuals drew you right in (even at the menu screen). Enjoying it very much thus far, 2 assassins and one 'most wanted' down. Deathstroke was frustrating.
  10. Get it organised then, Matt I'm off to my first comic con this month... MCM. Tickets were a surprise, should be a nice experience.
  11. Saw those myself, nearly got the Wolverine set for the novelty or buying in store, but don't actually want it... so didn't. Could never justify the prices either, it is almost offensive.
  12. This could be wonderful... such wonderful memories.
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