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  1. so i wasn't alone in not knowing it, i'd never seen one in person and was a bit surprised when he showed up and was 3"
  2. Really!? so is $15 a good price or a great price?
  3. i just recieved my Mr.T in the mail(got him off ebay for $15) i never realized he was a 3" MM he's cool!
  4. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,and a very safe and Happy New Year to all! -Matt
  5. i got a human torch MM with a santa hat on his head. i guess my SS to be skullbuster.
  6. thanks for the info, well if anyone has any they wouldnt mind getting rid of, please contact me via pm or email thanks -M
  7. so my 5 year old son is nuts about futurama(cool huh) and i have been looking for some figs for him, i have heard some about these i-men futurama figs but not much and cant seem to find any for sale. anyone have any info on them? where to get them? or have some to sell or trade? i feel you have to encourage good taste in kids, i'd rather have him interested in this than power rangers -Matt
  8. got my SS package i dont know what it is exactly( its a two pack, but which one?) but i have figured out who sent it thanks SS or should that be SB....... (insert evil laugh here)
  9. is there? or should there be a check in thread for those who have received their SS package so we can have time to cover those who dont receive theirs by a certain date?
  10. Gi Joe- a real american hero Image comics Aliens-Predator- Terminator undead skelaton army
  11. Blasphemy! is that a lego head/helmet on a 'mate just kidding it looks great, are those decals for the body? i really need to learn that technique. good job! -M
  12. Probally none of my/our business but id love to know what the winners picked for prizes (so i can live vicariously through their good fortune) -M
  13. wow! are you kidding me those things are incredible! great work. -M
  14. thanks for the encouragement and kind words all. -M
  15. nice work, and well apprieciated. this is a great site i'm so happy to have found it. -M
  16. ok, here's my entry. i wish i was as talented as some on this board with photoshop, so i could have put him in a decent background, but im not. and maybe i'll fair a bit better than i did in the comic cover contest but.... anyway one of my all time favorite sci-fi characters: part man,...part machine,...ALL cop and the computer accessing spike
  17. are there requirements to be included in this?, i know there was talk of a minimum post count or time being a member of this board. -M
  18. some detail lines/sheen and some black under/arond the eyes would have been nice on dr fates helmet it looks a bit to plain as is. -M
  19. sounds like fun, though i dont know that ive been here long enough/made enough posts to be able to participate
  20. I remember back in the early days of the McFarlane (or at thattime ToddToys) Spawn toys a whole shipment was lost at sea. i always wondered if some day the canisters would rust out releasing their plastic prisoners to be set adrift on the high seas to one day make a landing on some shore line and maybe someone would stumble across a vast toy army to take home or maybe some uncharted(i know they're all charted) desert isle where the spawn can live in peace without human interference- OR NOT. -M
  21. Wow!, some really amazing work. congrats to everyone who took the time to enter they are just incredible. good luck to all. -M
  22. im trying to come up with a way of displaying my MM collection and id like to see others displays and or ideas for shelves, cases etc.... thanks -Matt
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