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  1. repainted a couple and i like them much better
  2. Anyone pick this up today? i know target has it packed with a bonus dvd or cdrom, walmart has it with a packed in dr. strange comic. any place else have it with a bonus or exclusive? how about toysrus? any packed with a minimate?
  3. the target one also has the hair made from translucent red plastic painted red whereas my original phoenix has white plastic painted red. makes you think a complete translucent phoenix may be in the works. how sweet would that be!? -M
  4. actually i wasn't comparing it directly to macfarlanes dragons(those were just the first dragon figs to pop into mind) but more to any classic style of dragon think D&D, or the movies "reign of fire" and "Eregon" compared to those he(fin fang foom) is quite odd looking(to me anyway). Quote: Danny&Sam4EVER "...Just because he's not MacFarlane doesn't make him goofy." and i didn't say it was because he wasn't MacFarlane that he was goofy, i said his look and name made him goofy. -M
  5. what is the fascentaion everyone has with this character? ML folks have had their panties in a bunch demanding a BAF version of him now this, i just dont get it, i mean he's goofy looking as far as dragons go(compare to any of the MacFarlane dragons for example) and that name, only Stan Lee could have come up with that. :mage:
  6. i ordered some cylons from STUCKAKID and the service and communication was fantastic. i have since ordered DC wave1 and BSG wave 1 from them(i missed out on the variant as well) and plan on continuing to pre order from them in the future, as i have no local place to buy MM and STUCKAKID has been topnotch. my $.02 -Matt
  7. i love them because they're better than a kick in the nuts!
  8. i have some(classic and modern) i'd part with, id love to trade if we can find something otherwise $ will work ill PM you as well. Anyone else need any PM me.
  9. Same here, RSPRIN did you receive the package from me? hope you enjoyed them?
  10. i never even got the other target two packs (blue prof x etc..) anyone willing to get these and the new ones for me?
  11. so i wasn't alone in not knowing it, i'd never seen one in person and was a bit surprised when he showed up and was 3"
  12. Really!? so is $15 a good price or a great price?
  13. i just recieved my Mr.T in the mail(got him off ebay for $15) i never realized he was a 3" MM he's cool!
  14. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,and a very safe and Happy New Year to all! -Matt
  15. i got a human torch MM with a santa hat on his head. i guess my SS to be skullbuster.
  16. thanks for the info, well if anyone has any they wouldnt mind getting rid of, please contact me via pm or email thanks -M
  17. so my 5 year old son is nuts about futurama(cool huh) and i have been looking for some figs for him, i have heard some about these i-men futurama figs but not much and cant seem to find any for sale. anyone have any info on them? where to get them? or have some to sell or trade? i feel you have to encourage good taste in kids, i'd rather have him interested in this than power rangers -Matt
  18. got my SS package i dont know what it is exactly( its a two pack, but which one?) but i have figured out who sent it thanks SS or should that be SB....... (insert evil laugh here)
  19. is there? or should there be a check in thread for those who have received their SS package so we can have time to cover those who dont receive theirs by a certain date?
  20. Gi Joe- a real american hero Image comics Aliens-Predator- Terminator undead skelaton army
  21. Blasphemy! is that a lego head/helmet on a 'mate just kidding it looks great, are those decals for the body? i really need to learn that technique. good job! -M
  22. Probally none of my/our business but id love to know what the winners picked for prizes (so i can live vicariously through their good fortune) -M
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