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  1. i found my first minimates when we moved to a different part of the state, and checked out the LCS, they had two two packs of these cool little Marvel figures and being a Marvel/Toy nut i had to get them. they were the series 1 DD/Elektra and DD/Elektra variant packs and were $5 each(yup the good old days before the variants cost more than the standard figs) it wasnt until later that i found more minimates in the form of the Toysrus 5 packs and really started building my collection. -M
  2. Not sure what you are talking about. People still have about a week. Entries will be accepted between now and Sunday May 27th at 10:00 PM PST. my bad i was thinking last night was the end of it, i know it seemed weird that there weren't more entries.
  3. wow great sabretooth, thats one i've been planning to do as well. nice job. -M
  4. i assume everyone already knows of the toysrus exclusive sets(2) tat are in stores now. an x-men set featuring wolvie,magneto, and repaints of cyclops(black suit) angel(blue and white) and collosus(in metallic colors, this one is not noted on the"exclusive" sticker. and an avengers set cap, wasp, and repainted hulk(grey) thor(black shirt) and iron man( metallic red and gold) -M
  5. here's my take on the Taskmaster. -M and for reference
  6. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH! I was nearing completion of my Taskmaster custom when Crippler posted his, guess ill have to try and come up with something else. good job on TM Crippler. -M
  7. any news on this? anyone recieve anything yet? was there a "ship" date on this offer?
  8. AAAARRRGGGGHHH! Another reason to hate not having a damn Target in my state.
  9. yeah id say Doc Strange Valkyrie Nighthawk and Namor(but it would be nice to save him for an Invaders set and give us a Black knight MM) and i know it's supposed to be a four pack but a variant Doc with his mask woud be (easy) Cool to do.
  10. And how does that work? Is it cool or lame? it works well just make him cold( a quick dip in cool water works fine) and he gets a nice patch of black covering his head shoulders and one arm. the only minor problem is the area that changes color is more pink than the rest of the red on the fig. -M
  11. has anyone(whom ordered these from the dst website) recieved these yet? i thought they were to be available on 3/26 and expected to have them (via ups) a few days later, but haven't. -M
  12. i have both the rhino and lizard sets #s 1947 and 1949 got them at kmart picked up set2005 final battle today at walmart venom, sandman, battle damaged new goblin and color change spidey.
  13. in superhero squad ?????? there are 4 2 packs for spidey that i have seen sandman, venom, new goblin, and green goblin from the first movie paired with spidey red/blue, spidey battle damaged/unmasked, spidey symbiote, and spidey red/blue stuck in symbiote goo Not sure if it makes some sort of difference, but I noticed that my local Target doesn't have the Doc Ock or Rhino packs, but Fred Meyer toy department does. Not sure if there were two assortments released and one had these two additional characters added for rotation. But I have seen both of these sets myself. cool, thanks for the verification ill have to hunt the other two sets down. -M
  14. in superhero squad ?????? there are 4 2 packs for spidey that i have seen sandman, venom, new goblin, and green goblin from the first movie paired with spidey red/blue, spidey battle damaged/unmasked, spidey symbiote, and spidey red/blue stuck in symbiote goo
  15. id be interested in buying/trading for anyones unwanted Megablok spider-man minifigs old or new style.
  16. You have a "HOT" receptionist and you took/posted pics of the MMs???? get on it and let us be the judge of her "Hotness"!
  17. im looking to finish up some legends build a figures and my super hero showdown card set. BAF Needs: Galactus- ® leg, (L) leg, ® arm, (L) arm, upper torso Modok- rocket piece, arm rest piece, (L) arm, ® arm Have: Giantman- ® leg Sentinel- ® leg Apocalypse- head/chest, torso Mojo- Back, Belly Figures: Invisible woman Invisible woman (variant) Thor Daredevil(variant) Character cards Need/doubles Beast >6/ 1,2,34,5 Captain America >6/1,2,3 Colossus >6/6 Cyclops >4/ Dr. Doom >6/6 Doc Ock >6/4 Elektra >8/ Ghost rider >9/4,7,8,9 Gren goblin >6/1,2,3,5 Hulk >6/5 Human torch >6/4 Invisible woman <7>8/ Iron man >6/5 Juggernaut >8/ Magneto >6/4,6 Mole man >6/4,5,6 Mr. Fantastic >6/4 Punisher >6/1,2,3 Silver surfer 4/5 Spider-man >10 Thing >6 Thor <5, >5/5 Venom 4,>5 Wolverine >11/9,10,11 Plot cards (P) 5,9,15,18,21,35,37,42,48,67, >72 / 6,13,26,28,46,52,55,63,70
  18. repainted a couple and i like them much better
  19. Anyone pick this up today? i know target has it packed with a bonus dvd or cdrom, walmart has it with a packed in dr. strange comic. any place else have it with a bonus or exclusive? how about toysrus? any packed with a minimate?
  20. the target one also has the hair made from translucent red plastic painted red whereas my original phoenix has white plastic painted red. makes you think a complete translucent phoenix may be in the works. how sweet would that be!? -M
  21. actually i wasn't comparing it directly to macfarlanes dragons(those were just the first dragon figs to pop into mind) but more to any classic style of dragon think D&D, or the movies "reign of fire" and "Eregon" compared to those he(fin fang foom) is quite odd looking(to me anyway). Quote: Danny&Sam4EVER "...Just because he's not MacFarlane doesn't make him goofy." and i didn't say it was because he wasn't MacFarlane that he was goofy, i said his look and name made him goofy. -M
  22. what is the fascentaion everyone has with this character? ML folks have had their panties in a bunch demanding a BAF version of him now this, i just dont get it, i mean he's goofy looking as far as dragons go(compare to any of the MacFarlane dragons for example) and that name, only Stan Lee could have come up with that. :mage:
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