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  1. i think with TRU out of he game, its game over for many/most Minimates lines, as its often been said that if it were not for TRUs interest in x and y we would not be getting them anywhere. Maybe Marvel can survive with LCS, online retailers, and Walgreens but i dont think alot of others will.
  2. at this point with TRUs demise, what we have currently may be all we get for Minimates IW
  3. actually Fandral riding a tiger and Hogun on Ghost riders motorcycle
  4. Why? by now it should be obvious that Marvel likes to change or sneak things in at the last cut, like an eye patch, new Hammer or costume change. wouldn't it be smart( i may have just answered my own question here) to hold off on producing them so early, to just sit in a warehouse, and then release product that is wrong?
  5. these are the same old Complaints met with the same old excuse answers.
  6. Wow should he really be selling recalled possibly dangerous material on Ebay?
  7. the Irony that, Whomever notified Walgreens HQ that these were on sale in a few stores a couple of days early, has now disrupted the entire system and made them miss the launch date as well as not be willing to sell any Minimates in some stores is "Amusing" though.
  8. i got my set, this morning i explained the issue to the manager and he just scanned other minimates(that are no longer flagged) and i got them even got the BOGO 1/2 off
  9. how about a "thrown shield effect" for Captain America that holds the shield on one end and connects to the hand on the other. Punishers battle van
  10. same story here had them in my hands but not allowed to buy them, someone definitely alerted Walgreens corporate.
  11. yeah maybe not.
  12. and its lucky that Okoye comes with Nakia just swap the heads for that nice bald Dora Milaje look
  13. What about his motorcycle? that would be cool!
  15. ...uck has happened to my beloved Turtles!? Screw you Nickelodeon! And i thought the Michael Bay ones were bad, holy shit
  16. i didnt play it straight through or anything but it took me several hours, some challenges being harder than others, yes finding all the fish and birds also that damn obstacle course in between the building and a few of the races due to poor handling vehicles.
  17. went to the HQ again , found a chase Hellboy, so cool
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