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  1. so these look much better than the previous wave, with some actual sculpted pieces. collector looks great starlord has some nice paint but its just a repaint of series one starlord Skurge is fun enchantress is kind of plain but has nice hair homemade spidey looks dumb( but im assuming thats the way he looks on the show IDK) but at least has sculpted goggles Kraven, uhh he looks like a Dreadnok from GIjoe, but again thats the character design on the show i assume, the mate isnt bad for what it is Hobgoblin what a shitty design on this guy too, its hobGOBLIN not hobRobot and another blacksuit spidey this is probably the worst of the group a vanilla mate coupled with a really bad interpretation of a classic costume. so 3 out of 8 are good IMHO i just checked out some of these new characters in the show and most are "well represented" here by DST, being that the mate looks like the design in the cartoon so its not DSTs fault, just that the character designs are crap.
  2. gotta have Cap/nomad too!!!!
  3. I more or less agree with what you've said Gilbob...
  4. same here, and the peg is too small so it doesnt "stick" in the hole. on a side note anyone else think Jessicas head/hair looks alot like Chloe Bennett aka sky/daisy/quake on the agents of shield show, if anyone still cares it would make a nice looking custom
  5. Zach, any info on what we will see/where for wave two?
  6. was someone here looking for jack/neg spidey? i know i saw a post somewhere but cant find it now
  7. I use to preorder everything through Luke but due to DSTs track record of canceling things (80s Turtles etc) I now wait until closer to their release to buy them. and I refuse to feel guilty about it as we have been told many times that we here at the multiverse are a very small near insignificant part of the Minimate purchasing world, so surely whether we preorder or not doesnt matter.
  8. i think with TRU out of he game, its game over for many/most Minimates lines, as its often been said that if it were not for TRUs interest in x and y we would not be getting them anywhere. Maybe Marvel can survive with LCS, online retailers, and Walgreens but i dont think alot of others will.
  9. at this point with TRUs demise, what we have currently may be all we get for Minimates IW
  10. actually Fandral riding a tiger and Hogun on Ghost riders motorcycle
  11. Why? by now it should be obvious that Marvel likes to change or sneak things in at the last cut, like an eye patch, new Hammer or costume change. wouldn't it be smart( i may have just answered my own question here) to hold off on producing them so early, to just sit in a warehouse, and then release product that is wrong?
  12. these are the same old Complaints met with the same old excuse answers.
  13. Wow should he really be selling recalled possibly dangerous material on Ebay?
  14. the Irony that, Whomever notified Walgreens HQ that these were on sale in a few stores a couple of days early, has now disrupted the entire system and made them miss the launch date as well as not be willing to sell any Minimates in some stores is "Amusing" though.
  15. i got my set, this morning i explained the issue to the manager and he just scanned other minimates(that are no longer flagged) and i got them even got the BOGO 1/2 off
  16. how about a "thrown shield effect" for Captain America that holds the shield on one end and connects to the hand on the other. Punishers battle van
  17. same story here had them in my hands but not allowed to buy them, someone definitely alerted Walgreens corporate.
  18. yeah maybe not.
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