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  1. Anyone playing this? I just finished it up 100% in 25:03( though in reality it would be alot less time as there were plenty of times that it just sat on while i was eating or using the bathroom, I wasnt really concerned about the time element) its a bit easier than the last few Lego games but still fun, they made the flight controls better than the last few games too
  2. I havent seen any more of IW2 since i got a set 5 weeks ago, none at any of the other Walgreens and the store i found them at now has tons of Ragnarok sets again, still no sign of the latest animated series either
  3. yep, i totally forgot about the mid section, i only own a couple of them and was going by my memory of the Kevin smith one that i bought back in the beginning of the line, with the intention of customizing and never did.
  4. NOPE! When actress Shiolo Kutsuna was first seen in one of the Deadpool 2 trailers swinging around an electrified chain weapon, it was speculated that she was playing Surge, a member of the New X-Men. But Deadpool 2 co-writer Rhett Reese clarified to Comic Book Resources that Kutsuna's character was just an altered version of Yukio, saying: She's a super-minor character. The character's name is actually Yukio, an assassin --- but who's an adult assassin, so we just aged her down. She's such a minor character, we thought we could pretty much get away with anything.
  5. there are Joints at the shoulders and neck, that are glued, the rest of the body is one piece
  6. and they still have hopes unmasked pic near ghosts figure
  7. sorry Rob, i was just so excited about Rose being the old lady and jack drowning despite all that floating debris and then how rose throws the diamond back in the water and the alien ship that rises up after as the diamond was the ultimate power source that they needed to conquer the universe and then the Joker falls from the ladder on the helicopter and dies and and and ......oops i did it again sorry
  8. "members name -1" in the master feedback thread
  9. relax, just a guess
  10. was just coming here to post the same, im not a huge Thundercats fan but that is not the Thundercats i know or would want, what say you hardcore fans?
  11. i dont think so, as i posted a page back i found a complete set of IW 2 but no sign of the wasp wave
  12. i found a complete set of the new(2nd) IW wave at Walgreens this morning still no sign of the Wasp wave though
  13. just speculation on my part but Im thinking in 4 Tony remakes his suit with the help of the dwarf forge and incorporates the leftover original casting of the Gauntlet that we saw was still there, and this somehow plays into the Avengers via time travel or what have you re-acquiring the Infinity stones making Tony some kind of cosmic keeper of them and hence his big hero farewell to the MCU, Cap reforms and leads the Avengers, maybe in more of behind the scenes, less in the field type of way with someone else becoming Captain America?
  14. the hammer is made from TRU TWU (Toys were Us) 24 unworthy thors Mjolnir i cut the head off and re glued it on upside down, so that the axe blade is correct, trimmed the handle and wrapped the top with small wire and added a chunk of modified webline ( good eyes Tenime) to the end for length
  15. Although i agree that the enormous gun is a played out gag, that should go away, i am referring to the handle physically being much too think for any minimate hand to grasp, it looks the size for a gi joe RAH weapon
  16. I finally got around to opening the Rocket pack, and this is the rocket that we should have been given all along (since wave 57) but who is the genius that designed his gun, i mean it looks good but he(or any minimate for that matter) can't hold it as the handle is too big.
  17. we're lucky he has a beard, this is DST afterall
  18. the one you want the most.
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