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  1. these look great, though it looks like Stormshadow needs to Pee
  2. my wife is a nurse, dealing with covid patients everyday, the rate here is about 90% unvaccinated vs 10% vaccinated BUT of those 10% they are much less sick and recover where as many of the 90% end up DEAD
  3. thats smart to stay away with so many unvaccinated people out there
  4. Wait! people still go to malls?
  5. is anyone really surprised that DST isnt making minimates for (fill in movie/tv show or game here)?
  6. Well? we have a couple of X-23s and x23/ wolverine but we have never technically had a "Laura"
  7. DST has a contract with Hasbro to produce items for some of their properties D&D being one of them, no word yet on if it will include minimates, statues or what, but those types of items were alluded to 7" select type figures seem to be off the table however.
  8. when mock up pics of the Avengers sdcc set were posted we got a glimpse of the Logan MMs so probably these are real or at least packaging mock ups
  9. yes, and then it would only be a single two pack of B.A. and Murdoch no Face or Hannibal and definitely NO Van!
  10. just got my set and Noticed that spider womans head and hair would make for a nice Baroness to go with the gi joe mates couple it with a body from catwoman, black widow or justice from view askew and voila
  11. oh, ok i thought you were suggesting that the prospect of 83 was questionable.
  12. how many are you up to? id love to see a pic
  13. I see a LOT more head banging against the wall in your future Rob, trying to negotiate a deal, for your boxset, with DST and Marvel
  14. im all for a troop builder boxset of 4 different cobras, but when i comes to the joes i never really got the need for the generic green shirt troopers, as the whole idea of the joe team is that it is made up off unique specialists.
  15. Thanks for the support, i too enjoy that Mute button(that's just my opinion) ,but ill say no more lest someone think i'm making threats. Peace
  16. Yes, so honest question, what was wrong with the way i voiced my opinion, was it the F word?( i've seen the same or worse on here many times) looking at my original post i stated that I felt this was a F U to long time collectors, nothing more.
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