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  1. im not a very good photographer but i sent in a couple of shots
  2. weird question Zach but how do the promotional pictures happen, who sets up the products and takes the pics? is there a proofer? it seems like there has been a lot of "mistakes" in the presentations.
  3. so if biggles jones is the last minute sub in can you tell us who was nixed by hasbro?
  4. odd, no tmnt. oh wow 2 grand for a kubrick thats insane Andy is 7-10.000! really?
  5. and how many of those 1000% do you own?
  6. Especially when they actually created a new head for him anyway! did kubricks ever do TMNT? bet they had sculpted heads
  7. Oh sure there are always the ones that would do well at specialty shops to the "fans" but that number is so tiny that it wouldnt meet the MOQ needed to fund the line.
  8. whenever i read anyone mentioning MMs on any other site than this one, it is usually in a negative way, or gets a negative response. everything from "those Lego like figures" to " i cant understand why anyone likes those" types of comments and of course the "Minimates? whats a minimates" I cant really offer any insight as i usually just ignore the haters, but i have noticed those types of comments for years. the Market speaks for itself, the fact that MMs are not being sold at Target, Walmart etc as well as them being more often than not, not carried at comicbook stores and the like shows the general lack of interest/dislike for them.
  9. id say between the massive amount of MOTU product i see hanging on pegs, some of which is being deeply discounted, and all the specialty product you mentioned coupled with the general dislike a lot of consumers have for MMs(if they are aware of them at all) they probably wouldn't do well.
  10. These look pretty good, still wish we could get the sculpted heads though
  11. Nice! are we expecting any other reveals at SDCC i forget
  12. well thats odd why make only one of the maximoff boys? and who the hell(at Marvel) let the designs of two characters in the same book be so close, white hair with green and white outfits?
  13. isnt that speed in this set? Wiccan/speed/kid Loki/Kate bishop/Hulkling/america chavez
  14. didn't they try this last year or was it the year before? small "boutiques" inside the store with mostly dolls and FAO Swartz items, hopefully this will be a larger/proper toy aisle with various items to appeal to a wider range of buyers.
  15. for the record all i did was state my opinion Zach chose to "debate" me and others here so we had a friendly back and forth(i made 3 replies to Zach) no names no swears, only facts and opinions. others felt the need to "police" OUR conversation and names were called swears were used all one sided, of course. and so there is no confusion, I do like the mates offered, I dont think the price is where i will be purchasing them at, I have no ill will towards Zach(never have) I can have a conversation/debate about opinions and facts with out resorting to calling names/ swearing or holding it against the other person, I cant speak for others here.
  16. oh yeah bet that watcher would be cool with MMs
  17. I too know nothing about them but the little i saw of the show back in the day, but the tv show aside, and if youre not bothered by the price( or can find a deal on them as i did)the Mates themselves are quite nice, very colorful and have a nice amount of accessories. I think Pinkie is my favorite of the bunch
  18. and you? come into a conversation swearing at someone calling them names an insinuating they are an alcoholic. thats not rude? go away!
  19. nope, was discussing in a back and forth various points made by Zach, made one( arguably bad) joke never swore or called Zach or anyone else a name
  20. seems youre the one having the temper tatrum oh and i dont drink, sounds like you may though
  21. but this isnt the place for that type of behavior
  22. funny i havent swore at or called anyone names
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