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  1. Hello all, My wife is a Nurse working with Covid 19/Corona virus patients she has a website to share her sewing hobby/ items with her friends coworkers etc , However she now is making in her "free time" PPE surgical hats and masks and supplying them (at no cost) to her nurses/doctors heatlh care workers. She has on her site instructional videos, using patterns we have developed, on how you can make your own, she is not selling these and i am only posting this here to share these videos to anyone who can benefit from them. be safe everyone, we can get through this together -M
  2. Im Sorry Shane if i over stepped by posting this, I thought, like you, that our "family"here could handle it without issues, as they have.
  3. Everyone needs to read this, think about it, and pass it along also:
  4. one of my local walgreens has a bunch of Spot/Iron Spider, and Madame Masque/Holo Tony packs for some reason ??????
  5. by whom? what was the outcome? you cant just drop a statement like that with no proof,
  6. for what its worth i still think DST shares some responsibility of the Agent 88 SCAM, i remember "someone" saying that they were going to try to get something to happen from Digger but alas......
  7. i swore off kickstarter after the whole deal with that asshole digger, i would really like one of those spawn figures too but i will not ever give kickstarter another dime as they dont hold the creators responsible for delivering on their promises.
  8. i never saw wave 11 around here if anyone can score me a set id be eternally grateful
  9. can anyone help me with wave 11
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