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  1. lately ive been looking at reloading all my old custom pics, but i noted some old customs that have been hanging out on my work table that i never even took pics of, so i dusted them off and snapped this quick one. despite asking several people back in the day, i never got a glimpse of DSTs original concept TMNTs with the sculpted heads, so i made my own.
  2. glad you like, i made her way back in 2007 (damn im old)
  3. we need a rapidfire or other MOTORCYCLE(ghost rider) in this line asap and maybe some kind of tiger surely one of them Cobras or dreadnoks had a tiger, i know they had MOTORCYCLES motorcycle
  4. had to read this twice as the first time i got a very strange take on it Lol maybe its just that bastardized english them Brits use sounding odd to the American ear
  5. i'm with you on this as well, i've " never got" the fact that many/some/all of the Transformers could or did change size, the oddest being gen 1 Megatron going from one of the largest (at the time) robots transforming to a hand gun that could be wielded by another bot of roughly the same size that Megs just was!? again this goes back to the original designs as Toys first then cartoon and comics. conversely however from a minimate stand point the fact that all of them regardless of size in other media will be roughly 2" is just a fact of the line.
  6. Wow, im generally amazed that many here are so concerned by my opinion of non-transforming Transformers, ive been mocked, and lectured to that they are a legitimate or accepted form of collectible by the transformer community, that they have appeared before etc. not that i EVER said that they weren't or that i was unaware of previous incarnations along the same line, this is just my opinion of the concept folks its not like i said that DST couldn't/shouldn't make them or that you or anyone else couldn't/shouldn't like them. (oh if i had that power, you would all be in trouble, but i digres
  7. its not the same at all, its spider-man you get what its billed as, it would be more like getting a MM called Transformable spider-man that doesnt come with removable mask/suit to change to peter parker. these are literally called Transformers and they dont transform its like buying a pack of batteries that is empty and having that asterisk with the note Batteries not included. on it
  8. As usual i find myself quoting BHM, as he shares my sentiments before i do. Transformers that dont... Transform has never been a concept that i get. Bring on the JOES! oh and a Vamp and H.I.S.S. too, maybe even a Rapidfire MOTORCYCLE!!!!!!!!
  9. yeah edited out the spoilery stuff from the pics i have
  10. I have now seen pics of the packaging 😵
  11. Im hearing on a non-Minimate forum rumors of WV set(s) possibly with a spoilery character any truth to this?
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