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  1. maybe but when asked about Jem Chuck had this to say " Hello ! Is Jem still happening at DST ? I cannot wait to see the offer if it is...Thanks ! DSTChuck: Yes, we are still hard at work on a Jem item!" maybe it was just a sly answer but it the way he states item as in a singular item, im thinking Jem might not be minimates
  2. Zach has stated this a few times now, as if he knows these will not be popular amongst the MMMV crowd, has me kind of worried, but i wont be surprised.
  3. sorry if i missed it but what is this license?
  4. who are the members of the new champions?
  5. but the young avengers have been around since 2005
  6. in all seriousness though it would have to be someone mainstream enough for Dst to use up 1 of only four spots in the set, but if not joe or cobra, Dreadnoks? they arent technically cobra and there was some flack about Zartans Bio? but who else? Headhunter? not cobra but not mainstream, cobra-la? Billy? dammit i must know!
  7. i believe Hasbro fears a hooded character too closely evokes groups like the KKK, so its ok to have the character be a "terrorist"leader bent on world domination but not a bigot? IDK
  8. I doubt DST would stray too far from the big guns, Snake eyes, Destro, and Cobra commander and since its been strongly hinted that it was a Cobra, i can see Dst might try to slip by a hooded CC using the basic minimate head as a "safe" hooded version only to have Hasbro catch it at the last minute
  9. “no hoods allowed at this time”
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