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  1. Mattallica

    wave 77

    Luke has them listed for June
  2. so no regular Cap or Thor and the team suits are the wrong color also if youre going to make us buy two packs. so Thor and cap can both have a body. at least pack them with another fig that can have an alt look like ironman(ironman unmasked) but now we get a useless duplicate rocket instead. its little things like this that hurt the line. IMO Great job as usual DST 😕
  3. where about in Wa did you find them?
  4. my first Mega construx custom I just realized that wasnt true, i made this guy sometime ago for my TMNT collection to complement the pre-transformation Rock steady that they made pre-transformation Bebop
  5. Ban Ban Ban Rabble Rabble Rabble 😈
  6. i dont hink the armor will fit on a MM block torso as is maybe if you cut it and glue it on front and back, the weapons will be small too
  7. I have them, have not tried the accessories on minimates though
  8. i need to get me a mysterious benefactor
  9. The cast so far is: Scar Jo Florence Pugh (no emma) David Harbour and Rachel Weisz
  10. remember when we were brainstorming wave 100 and how DST should commemorate it? now it seems questionable that we might even see wave 80 😪
  11. so where is the Walgreens End game reveal?
  12. Anyone else having this issue? or have i missed something? I have 100% complete game with all 242 characters at this point my issue is that even though i can transform into Clark Kent(movie) during game play he is showing as "locked" on the character select screen as the alternate form of Superman (movie)
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