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  1. one of my local walgreens has a bunch of Spot/Iron Spider, and Madame Masque/Holo Tony packs for some reason ??????
  2. by whom? what was the outcome? you cant just drop a statement like that with no proof,
  3. for what its worth i still think DST shares some responsibility of the Agent 88 SCAM, i remember "someone" saying that they were going to try to get something to happen from Digger but alas......
  4. i swore off kickstarter after the whole deal with that asshole digger, i would really like one of those spawn figures too but i will not ever give kickstarter another dime as they dont hold the creators responsible for delivering on their promises.
  5. i never saw wave 11 around here if anyone can score me a set id be eternally grateful
  6. can anyone help me with wave 11
  7. im seeing a few more of both of the venom packs around if anyone needs them
  8. could this be why we are seeing the odd dump of various MM waves recently? are they clearing out the warehouse?
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