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  1. Did we ever get the culprit behind these? Id love to get one or two if said culprit wanted to PM me
  2. Mattallica

    wave 79

    Dst doesnt adhere to the old adage of "something worth doing is worth doing right or not at all" he wears a helmet with 3d projections on it not a slipover mask ala spiderman
  3. i know ive said this before but I dont think Licenses are Minimates biggest problem at the moment, its the lack of outlets selling minimates that is the real issue. Dst screwed over the comic stores and thus they dont carry them, Refuse, for some reason, to set up any kind of online sales entity, and cant get into walmart/target, and with TRU gone that leaves Walgreens and even if they could get their act together they couldnt support more lines by themselves
  4. Mattallica

    wave 77

    I finally managed to pick up a set of these and must say this is the best set ive got in a long time, designs are nice, accessories are great, quality control was fantastic, and even though most are new versions of ones we already have they seem fresh and new GREAT JOB DST!
  5. Yes, its the disc stands are the wrong
  6. but what will be left for the rest of us?
  7. i just got the captain marvel boxset and of course captain marvel has two right arms🤬
  8. yes captain marvel especially but i would take others too
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