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  1. Frustrating. My TRU got the wave, but guess what... the only thing missing where the exclusives (and I'm sure they went straight to e-bay)...
  2. NOOOOOO! Just got my cancellation notice too. I pre-ordered basically day it came on the website, so I don't think it was because of too many pre-orders...
  3. For you, I hope that auction is some pics when you get em so we can celebrate with envy!
  4. Got e-mail from DST last week that wave 26 is shipping, but still no word on 25.
  5. Got the same order confirmation on winston/terror dog. All the others say in stock except the slimer as mentioned previously. Not sure why they wouldn't have that one, I pre-ordered the first available day. I also called about the high shipping, and they told me the same, they charge for the shipment of the "full order" so when the others are processed there will not be a shipping charge. I really hope there is not a problem with the backordered slimer pack, it seems like it would be my favorite...
  6. Got an e-mail last night from TRU, my pre-order for BSG mates new series 1 will arrive at my house 6-26 to 7-2. But, $22 in shipping!! Crap...
  7. Well, cancelled my order. I wonder if they will have any orders for these special editions now...
  8. I pre-ordered some items from DST and they have been delayed, so in the meantime I got an e-mail from them apologizing and sending me a "gift" in the mail. I just got it... Unification Spock Nightcrawler AA white blank DST white blank Awesome!!! Did this happen to anyone else?
  9. Sorry it is blurry, but you can tell what it is. Thanks LE!!!
  10. TBT, Looks good to me. I like the look of the shield, looks like he just flung it out from his arm.
  11. Back in the day, I got all the die hard and x-files palz. In an effort to stave off the plastic crack craving, I was thinking about starting to get the Buffy Palz. Does anyone know of a complete list where I could start (or someone tell me to stop the madness!!!)
  12. Sorry if this has been discussed, I searched and could not find a topic: I've been replying to messages, and they are not showing up in my sent items folder. Shanester, you got my message, but I have nothing that shows I sent it to you. Kind of annoying, just want to confirm that my message went through. Do you know why it won't show that my message was sent? Thanks
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