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  1. Anyone else come across extra Chameleon sets? I'm still in need.
  2. Anyone have a couple of Peter Parker/Chameleon sets for sale?
  3. I was register blocked today, but they attached my name & number to the set & made a note of the BOGO 50% off offer.
  4. Does anyone still see the Scarlet Spider/Green Goblin pack @ Walgreens? I've visited a 1000 stores & cannot find this set.
  5. I still need a Scarlet Spider/Green Goblin pack if you come across any.
  6. So 4 of each to a case?
  7. Found the latest wave today while out hunting for the ever elusive Scarlet Spider/Green Goblin pack. Anyone have a spare Scarlet Spider/Green Goblin 2-pack for sale @ cost?
  8. I feel compelled to jump in and defend MisterMiracle. The dude has helped me out more times than I can remember & unfortunately, I have never been able to repay his kindness yet he continues to bail me out. Not only is he generous in his offer to help, he's just down right courteous. That's a quality that's hard to find in anyone, anywhere & I wish was more common on the interwebs. If anyone deserves praise & positive karma, it's MM.
  9. I found 1 set today @ an out of town Walgreens. Last time I was there, they had 1 Hawkeye/Crossbones set so I figured they were due for a restock. The Walgreens I found wave 2.5 now has a bunch of Spidey/Coulsen sets so I'll probably never see that wave in the wild again.
  10. I kinda wish Astral Strange was blue instead of yellow/orange.
  11. Went looking for these today & only found wave 1.5.
  12. I saw the behind the scenes footage on Facebook. Absolutely astounding work sir.
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