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  1. Shite, I got tons of ideas. Cannibal Holocaust: You could have a box set of the four explorers, and maybe some cannibal army builders. Definitely dead animals as accessories, and maybe that impaled chick. Videodrome: Perfect for Minimates. James Woods needs to come with a vagina-VCR chest piece, though. View Askew: Someone already mentioned this, but they're so simple. The Clerks ones would have to be black and white, kind of like the Universal sets. A Clockwork Orange: Very simple as well. There definitely needs to be a penis statue accessory, though. Evil Dead: With possessed variants, of course. And a chainsaw hand. Hellraiser: Cenobite 4 pack, def. There's probably more, but that's just off the top of my head.
  2. Oh my god, these are gorgeous. Probably the greatest customs i've ever seen. Awesome job! Also, you should totally do some Bosch or Francis Bacon ones. That'd be spectacular.
  3. UK Office mostly. Thank god for DVR Theater. Also, this hilarious show called Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Basically a parody of 80s horror shows. May be the greatest show ever made.
  4. I wouldn't mind some Bakshi Minimates. Maybe a Coonskin or Fritz the Cat box set. American Pop and Heavy Traffic would make good mates, too.
  5. Decustomizing most of mine and taking pics before I do so. Expect pics soon.
  6. I love the newdC Box set the characters figure is relay well made.
  7. Right now: South Park Always Sunny DVR Theater (adult swim) MST3K Also, might check out the Wire.
  8. I always figured it had to do with the character selection.
  9. Reading FMA vol. 2 right now, gonna read Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix soon.
  10. Got the Devilman animation set and an Evagelion one. Awesome stuff! I might start collecting them.
  11. Been watching TONS of Aqua Teen Hunger Force lately...this show's probably the funniest thing on television right now.
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