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  1. I used to collect 12 inchers back in the day when dragon toys was just starting out, and Ulitmate Soldier was the king. Everything now seems expensive as heck. Is there a cheap way to get back into the fold? this thread is a once a week look for me, so I'd like to jump on the bandwagon. Got some tips? pm me please
  2. 616commando replies: hell ya i'll tell you where to put it new catagory for alt. reality people. the 616 shall not be contaminated with other universes.
  3. Man these figures are killing me. Just bought Constrictor online...the only place I could find him. I'm about ready to sell my minimates down to a reasonable level, just to get more. by the by.... Looking for hawkeye and electro. I'll you trade for minimates lol
  4. I store my minimates in tub, as evidenced by a picture in the collection thread. I began moving them to their final prison of 2"x3" bags recently. I noticed that every single white cape/glove/etc. had scuff marks all up on it. Those Mr. Clean sponges worked like a charm, with no paint loss at all. If you cut it into a small square you can be thrifty too! I may be balding, but i'm no mr clean spokesman, so what do you guys use to clean your dirty minimates. and let the innuedos begin!
  5. My sister planned a party for me during the exact hours of the panel. now that's some crazy bad luck. Can't miss the party, so yet another year of being at the con and missing the minimate panel. Got to love those family obligations. but on another note:I made a magnetic riot spidey pin, so thanks for the good idea. So if you see any one witha riot spider-man on their padres hat, that's me.
  6. lol you're completly right T, but that's was the point. MMMV needs a bit of dirty upm in this piece Been there quite a few times myself and god bless bars with bra's. But on a serious note, it'd be an easy landmark to find, as it is right off the trolley line. We wouldn't have to stay there past the obligitory shot and picture of the place, it's close to Little Italy which is a much better place to hold an actual 'elbows up' type of gathering. so, more of a meeting point. Jason4444 I know you're down for a pub crawl, any other takers?
  7. Are we all 21+? if so i suggest: it's where they filmed the bar scenes in Top Gun. It's a longish walk/short trolley ride from the Con.
  8. that's cool. Your pushing the boundries of minimate-ness and I love it.
  9. Anyone else playing Star Trek Online? Pm me, let's form a MMMV fleet!
  10. If you search Youtube for Bust A Move+ Arsenio Hall, there's an extra verse to this classic song. It'll be the one that's 4:44 minutes long.
  11. Those are pretty sweet. I like that they make me want to customize my own. Thanks for the insperation!
  12. Didn't want to necro an old thread, so... In Tomart's Action Figure Digest issue #107 there's a picture of three Tony Hawk minimates. Anyone know the story on these? At which point did the line get scrapped? I'll try to scan a picture tomorrow, but they look like three inchers to me. At least they have the same elbow articulation as the Star Trek onesThe 'mates are featured in the Toy Fair '03 segment on page 47, if anyone else has a copy of this magazine.
  13. The Tactical Assault(Green) Drone has some sweet chain-fists.
  14. ....people at work hand you your parts when they find them on the ground of the sales floor, and say nothing, as it happens all too often.
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