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  1. The powder pigments are from here: You will need a lacquer, or a clear paint as a liquid medium. Some things to take note when using this: 1. Use a spray paint gun. I painted mines with a chopstick and it took a long time for two coats. 2. The paint only fades to a light gray. Uneven coats will create ugly gray splotches. 3. The color changing effect will degrade if exposed too much in the sun. So don't paint your cars with this! 4. Use the leftover paint for a Rorschach mask . I do notice the lacquer is soft and can be peeled off.
  2. I had thermal color changing paint leftover so I painted my Spiderman black. It's better to see it in action so check out the video of the color change.
  3. This dance party is really dead... where's all the ladies? At this point I'll settle with a gold digger, cougar, or even a maneater.
  4. The funniest thing about Minimate Deadpool street price is that it cost more than Marvel Legends Deadpool.
  5. Holy crap! This is the original poster. I haven't been posting in this forum for years. I got a kick out of knowing this post came back up. How did you guys find this? It must have been to be buried very deep in the archives. Bravo for finding it, and good notice that there are hardly anymore "party girls". I don't care about what's under the dress any more. I got super addicted once DC minimates from DC Direct came out and my main obsession was completing Marvel, BTTF, and DC.
  6. Great job! I love the execution of the parody.
  7. I can't wait for the marvel movies mates to come out. While I'm waiting I'll be trying to make my iron man army to hand stand.
  8. Guys and gals remember when C3 came out like a shining beacon only to be burned out in one year. We thought it was the end for DC minimates only to be back as a full fledge DC line that totally blew all the rest of the minimates licenses. Month by month there was a new wave in which casual and serious collectors can buy full waves without having to fight over rare figures. In one year, DC minimates release so many waves that could have been release in a 3 year span. DC minimates was too much of a good thing but it will not die down. It will return in some form or another.
  9. Do you guys remember Die Hard Palz? I bought 4 of them when they came out. Ended up getting 2 of the same figures. The ratio of figures was nuts. It was almost like Kubricks case ratio. I remember Ho-ho-ho dead terrorist was 1:64.
  10. I noticed Chun Li minimate lacked in puffy sleeves so I took off the puffy sleeves off Chun Li microman and placed it on Chun Li minimate. It works like a charm!
  11. Aw man now I wish I took a time machine to go back in time and buy this stupid set. I spent an hour online looking for it and it quickly disappeared from webshops to ebay.
  12. aw man the series 1 box set is vanishing off online. I saw a set on ebay and in two hours it was gone. Amazon has one for 50 bucks! Anyone knows a web store that still has some left? Cornerstore, BBTS, JRS, Youbuynow, are all sold out.
  13. If anyone does get this be careful of sharp corners!
  14. take off the backpack mount. Lay the wings on the floor with the holes facing up. Place backpack into the wings. Use a pen to apply pressure onto the pegs and into the wing holes. And Viola!
  15. Well I got my wave 19-20 from AFX today. I was fiddling around with the foam peanuts, and nibbling on them with my lips (don't ask why I was bored). Well I noticed something odd about the foam when it got a little wet. It began to melt. Seem like AFX are using some environmentally dissolvable foam peanuts. Oh yeah ended up getting an extra hawkeye and apocalypse and one extra armor spiderman, PM if you want to trade something for it.
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