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    Diamond Select Toys purchases Gentle Giant

    So, in theory, DST could release very large, retro-styled GI Joes now? I'm sure that's the furthest thing from anyone's priority over there, but it kills me that we never got any of the classic '84 or '85 figures done in that line, like Storm Shadow, Firefly, Zartan, Flint, and '85 Snake Eyes.
  2. karamazov80

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Looks awesome! Dig the logomate, too.
  3. karamazov80


    Just seeing this news. One of my favorite game franchises, and possibly the best translation of a video game to a tv show or movie I'm aware of.
  4. I often find myself searching through old posts on the boards here, trying to find out if anyone had discovered whether a certain accessory, stand, or vehicle is compatible with Minimates or not. So, I thought it might make some sense to pool together all relevant links to threads and other web pages in one place, as a resource for those of us looking for vehicles, dioramas, accessories, stands, etc. that are compatible with Minimates. Here are the links that I have found which have dealt with specific compatibility inquiries: dioramas/play sets: non-diorama displays/stands: weapons/accessories: vehicles: --EDIT: New Links discovered by Northraider-- Stands/Displays - Doom's Castle - punisher's Bank Diorama (the Mega Bloks one) - Quick fixes for a Goblin Glider - A MASS device for Doom () - -other vehicle note: Minimates fit in Transformers Alternators rather well. I have tried Hound and Tracks, and the only real problem is with the front seat. The steering wheel gets in the way and has to be moved around a bit, and feet have to be taken off in Tracks. The scale is really good, however: edit: And here is a cool patriotic motorcycle that I picked up tonight at the dollar store for my favorite mini-soldier, from some cheap-o brand called "Chopperz": I'm sure that I am missing some relevant links (particularly since I've only searched through the "Crisis on Infinite Minimates" section for the threads linked here), so if someone knows of or finds other links, please post them here.
  5. karamazov80

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Anyone here ever take a trip down to Cobb County, Georgia? You couldn't easily get away with a good guy rassler sporting a rebel flag patch on his arm nowadays in my opinion. We also had a GI Joe from that time with a rebel flag belt buckle.
  6. karamazov80

    Pro Wrestling?

    I think New Japan would be more likely to go with Kubricks, or even a MUSCLE-type gashapon line. But something like All Elite could get some real traction out of Minimates. I don't think WWE would go that route. Profit potential isn't great frankly, and they've carved out a nice niche for themselves with the 6 inch toys. But just for getting the word out, and providing something to fans, a burgeoning independent outfit would make a lot of sense. I'm getting all the figures from Luke's subscription. I've been fantasizing about custom wrestling Minimates for years, and even asked Luke to do a custom Hart for me prior to his taking on his current project. It's frankly the only Minimate line I'm interested in at the moment, and if we got something official, I would probably be interested, though I'm more into the classic characters than newer ones.
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    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Those faces are terrific! Spot on. Can't wait for this one. Dibiase is one of the few professional wrestlers I have met in person.
  8. karamazov80

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    This weekend all the former special event Pokemon are reappearing. I already caught several Dratinis and Larvitar this afternoon.
  9. karamazov80

    Minimates price hike?

    Though my interest in all collectible things has waned over the last few years, the increased cost of Minimates has been an issue, impacting my willingness to collect. But it has been happening with everything. MP Transformers used to go for $50-70 a piece, and now they're typically over $100. Closer to $200 for Megatron, and apparently over $400 for the new Optimus Prime! Hot Toys figures also are now typically in the $235-250 range even for fairly basic figures. This is why we need the federal reserve hiking those interest rates!
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    Muppets Minimates!

    I didn't realize the entire Electric Mayhem made it as Minimates. Damn. Need to get them now.
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    Kubrick Talk

    I can't believe that guy was still updating that page as of 2017! You might want to copy and save that text in case the page stops going live at some point. Notice he provides a link to the defunct Kubrick Nation forum. I see that Medicom has their own historical list of Kubs with pictures here:
  12. karamazov80

    Kubrick Talk

    They're not dead! How strange. I will say that Grand Theft Auto has had an odd history with collectibles, though. They released a single, 1/6 scale figure that was manufactured by Sideshow, but only sold on Rock Star's website: It was weird in that I wasn't aware of any other Sideshow figures, particularly at that time, that weren't also sold on Sideshow's website. And SSC was far from the go-to for exclusive 1/6 figures (most companies would look to Hot Toys). Hopefully more Kubricks are on the way!
  13. karamazov80

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    He did have an unusual, heel vs. heel feud with Shawn Michaels over who got Sensational Sherry, as I recall. They had a "no punching in the face" clause in their match, which was later ripped off in a great scene from Anchorman
  14. karamazov80

    Stan Lee passes away

    Few people have had more of an influence on my entertainment-related interests than Lee, Kirby, and Ditko. Those characters and comics he was involved in in the '60s are rarely rivaled in all the years since. His influence would be impossible to quantify. I've been reading early issues of the X-Men recently, which reminds me just how great he was. RIP.
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    I actually do see a tiger almost every day, on my drive into work! He lives in a multi-million dollar enclosure a stone's throw from my office, and his only purpose in life is to entertain students and alumni. I wish I had his job.
  16. karamazov80

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Yeah, I'm not thinking of any other Canadian AWA champs at the moment. It's not either of the Rougeaus, none of the Harts, not Dino Bravo or Pat Patterson. Martel was a champ as part of Strikeforce, and I remember when he won the WCW TV title later in his career. I was really into his "The Model" gimmick. A friend and I actually re-enacted the blindfold match he had with Jake the Snake on my trampoline! I always liked the Boston Crab as a finishing move.
  17. karamazov80

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    I don't think I've ever heard of this guy, but he looks very cool. Like one of the thugs from Mad Max, which might have been the idea! That Mr. Fantastic cut-out is one of the coolest things I've seen Luke do. Outstanding.
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    Kubrick Talk

  19. karamazov80

    Where did everybody go?

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    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    I was in the lobby for a Giratina raid yesterday, and the game froze before the raid started. I'm not sure I'll have another chance, with how busy I've been at work
  21. karamazov80

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    I read somewhere that the monkey, the penguin, and the plant turtle are the "starters" for this generation. So, I've been trying to gobble up as many as I can while they're relatively easy to find. Later on they could be appearing at the rate that the Kanto starters do, which isn't very much usually.* I've only evolved the beaver thing so far from Gen 4. I dig the more sophisticated sounds they have. How did folks here do with Beldum community day? I got over 600 candies, using up most of my Pinap berries in the process. And probably 6 or 7 shiny ones. One of which is very powerful, who I evolved into Metagross. I was really excited for this one, as Beldum is one of the Poke's I rarely get/see, and have been trying to build up just enough candies to get one strong, fully evolved version. I've already evolved 3, and am debating doing a 4th in the next 20 minutes. If I wait longer, the Meteor attack won't be given to him, but I like to keep a substantial number of candies available for future use if need-be. . . *Related to this point, I live down the street from a public park, and different, random Pokemon will spawn there at high rates for about a week at a time. Previous Pokemon that did this included Charmander, Squirtle, Nosepass (this happened last week), the long-neck turtle dude that doesn't evolve, and Ponyta, to name a few. Anyone else have this happen? I guess this is "nesting."
  22. karamazov80

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    Just got this bad boy!
  23. karamazov80

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    One of the greatest talkers and "ring psychologists" in the history of wrestling. His story is filled with tragedy and unrealized potential, but recently he seems to have turned things around, thanks to DDP! Nifty Netflix documentary about it. Figure looks great!
  24. karamazov80

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    So Paul Ellering will get Rocco the puppet! Awesome.