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  1. Great job! Looks like he's saying, "PUPPIES!"
  2. Ah, I was thrown off thinking of '80s WWF. Lawler also had a mullet in the early '90s! Pretty polarizing guy, with some of his legal issues and heat in the locker room. But his talent on the mic, and knowledge of ring psychology were top notch. He also had a great ability to adapt to his situation. Guy was THE MAN in Memphis during his tenure, then went to WWE and became a top-level personality right away. I agree about the Midnight Express. One of the great tag teams of the '80s, though Jim Cornette was the real star of the team. I was thinking about them recently, and about how important loyalty used to be. Those guys (particularly the version with Stan Lane) would take a bullet for one another. Minimate-scaled scaffolding for Starrcade '86 diorama, please.
  3. Hmm, I don't know who this is. From the '80s era WWE? Hellpop's post makes me think it could be Harley Race. Back in the day we didn't see world titles change hands all that much though, so it must include tag and secondary titles. My first guess would be Bobby Eaton, based on his longevity, all the successful tag teams he had, and his experience with the WCW and Smokey Mountain TV titles, but that's just a guess. And he was never a WWE guy that I recall.
  4. For many years I pined for a Hellcat/Nighthawk 2-pack. And damned DST refused to give us the Hellcat we all clamored for! Luke must swoop in and save the day. Excited to see all the vintage X-villains Luke chooses.
  5. Very cool exclusive, Luke. Has any toy line been more attentive to the needs of those with 90's nostalgia than Minimates? I think not!
  6. Love that Piper. His face is perfect! He was one of a kind.
  7. Insane! Big props to you for the dedication, Luke. Know that your work is greatly appreciated 🤘 Honestly, it's the only thing that keeps me interested in Minimates anymore!
  8. Simple hair swap could give you WCW Rick Rude, as well.
  9. That man's career, and life, were cut far too short. He was an awesome talent. WWE Network has some of his pre-WWE matches in WCCW which are interesting to see. Wrestling ain't what it used to be.
  10. So, in theory, DST could release very large, retro-styled GI Joes now? I'm sure that's the furthest thing from anyone's priority over there, but it kills me that we never got any of the classic '84 or '85 figures done in that line, like Storm Shadow, Firefly, Zartan, Flint, and '85 Snake Eyes.
  11. Just seeing this news. One of my favorite game franchises, and possibly the best translation of a video game to a tv show or movie I'm aware of.
  12. Anyone here ever take a trip down to Cobb County, Georgia? You couldn't easily get away with a good guy rassler sporting a rebel flag patch on his arm nowadays in my opinion. We also had a GI Joe from that time with a rebel flag belt buckle.
  13. I think New Japan would be more likely to go with Kubricks, or even a MUSCLE-type gashapon line. But something like All Elite could get some real traction out of Minimates. I don't think WWE would go that route. Profit potential isn't great frankly, and they've carved out a nice niche for themselves with the 6 inch toys. But just for getting the word out, and providing something to fans, a burgeoning independent outfit would make a lot of sense. I'm getting all the figures from Luke's subscription. I've been fantasizing about custom wrestling Minimates for years, and even asked Luke to do a custom Hart for me prior to his taking on his current project. It's frankly the only Minimate line I'm interested in at the moment, and if we got something official, I would probably be interested, though I'm more into the classic characters than newer ones.
  14. Those faces are terrific! Spot on. Can't wait for this one. Dibiase is one of the few professional wrestlers I have met in person.
  15. This weekend all the former special event Pokemon are reappearing. I already caught several Dratinis and Larvitar this afternoon.
  16. Though my interest in all collectible things has waned over the last few years, the increased cost of Minimates has been an issue, impacting my willingness to collect. But it has been happening with everything. MP Transformers used to go for $50-70 a piece, and now they're typically over $100. Closer to $200 for Megatron, and apparently over $400 for the new Optimus Prime! Hot Toys figures also are now typically in the $235-250 range even for fairly basic figures. This is why we need the federal reserve hiking those interest rates!
  17. I didn't realize the entire Electric Mayhem made it as Minimates. Damn. Need to get them now.
  18. I can't believe that guy was still updating that page as of 2017! You might want to copy and save that text in case the page stops going live at some point. Notice he provides a link to the defunct Kubrick Nation forum. I see that Medicom has their own historical list of Kubs with pictures here:
  19. They're not dead! How strange. I will say that Grand Theft Auto has had an odd history with collectibles, though. They released a single, 1/6 scale figure that was manufactured by Sideshow, but only sold on Rock Star's website: It was weird in that I wasn't aware of any other Sideshow figures, particularly at that time, that weren't also sold on Sideshow's website. And SSC was far from the go-to for exclusive 1/6 figures (most companies would look to Hot Toys). Hopefully more Kubricks are on the way!
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