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  1. I can't quit this game. Just spent almost 2 hours today doing tasks to catch that damn Chinchilla Pokemon instead of relaxing or actually enjoying the gorgeous weather outside. Totally worth it.
  2. So close to being Akeem, the African Dream. He had a mohawk as One man Gang, but only a black beard. So I concur with Frequalizer. The Mighty Oz! The only thing that could slow him and Scott Hall down are the Z-Man and Big Josh, of course.
  3. I probably ended up with a couple of Bears due to BHM's generosity, but the only one I believe I actively bought was the one that came with the Indiana Jones Kubrick (Idol Bear). I came damn close to pulling the trigger on this: But couldn't justify the price. I agree with you all. However, it must be what sells in Japan.
  4. < Not an original member *sits in the fetal position and cries*
  5. I just saw these listed on BBTS: Which reminds me of the never released Kubrick prototypes. Probably the things I have most lusted over out of all toys. Damn you, Medicom. I'm sure Kubs won't happen, but they're doing just enough to string me along here
  6. Undertaker looks perfect. Particularly the eyes rolled back in his head. Hard for me to guess who will be released in this year, though I'm pretty sure I know a small handful.
  7. I just got what must be the greatest pokemon who ever was.
  8. Awesome. They are so colorful and superhero-like, that I've thought they would make great Minimates for many years.
  9. Ah, I was thrown off thinking of '80s WWF. Lawler also had a mullet in the early '90s! Pretty polarizing guy, with some of his legal issues and heat in the locker room. But his talent on the mic, and knowledge of ring psychology were top notch. He also had a great ability to adapt to his situation. Guy was THE MAN in Memphis during his tenure, then went to WWE and became a top-level personality right away. I agree about the Midnight Express. One of the great tag teams of the '80s, though Jim Cornette was the real star of the team. I was thinking about them recently, and about how important loyalty used to be. Those guys (particularly the version with Stan Lane) would take a bullet for one another. Minimate-scaled scaffolding for Starrcade '86 diorama, please.
  10. Hmm, I don't know who this is. From the '80s era WWE? Hellpop's post makes me think it could be Harley Race. Back in the day we didn't see world titles change hands all that much though, so it must include tag and secondary titles. My first guess would be Bobby Eaton, based on his longevity, all the successful tag teams he had, and his experience with the WCW and Smokey Mountain TV titles, but that's just a guess. And he was never a WWE guy that I recall.
  11. For many years I pined for a Hellcat/Nighthawk 2-pack. And damned DST refused to give us the Hellcat we all clamored for! Luke must swoop in and save the day. Excited to see all the vintage X-villains Luke chooses.
  12. Very cool exclusive, Luke. Has any toy line been more attentive to the needs of those with 90's nostalgia than Minimates? I think not!
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