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  1. I love how Luke digs so deeply with some of these Marvel customs. Compared to the normal Joe I'm a comic supergeek, but even I haven't heard of half of the guys he finds here!
  2. There have been lots of events and movements over the last several years that have caused me to genuinely re-think my assumptions about our world and my place in it. I've always tried to be a critical thinker, but when you are so embedded into a social and historical context you sometimes don't even know what questions to ask. I think it's important that we keep working to confront issues that make us uncomfortable, and figuring out how to ensure that everyone has a fair shake, and isn't exploited by the status quo. . .but my fear is that the backlash may offset any gains we make on that front. The 1960s were a time when there was so much optimism, but a "silent majority" existed, and that movement was undercut in the following decades. Fear of change is one of the most galvanizing forces out there, and when people get a taste of power and privilege they aren't keen on giving it up. But also, these issues are complicated, and I think that one negative side effect of cultural movements like this is that they push people to the extremes. "Cancel culture" exists if you aren't purely aligned with what is considered the right side of history, and almost everyone is vilified by someone else. But to truly move forward I feel we should welcome open conversations, and not shut people down just because they have a dissenting voice. Nor should we treat people as worthless and unsalvageable because they made mistakes in the past. We are all fallible, but have the potential for great, positive change.
  3. I just sent you an invite from my primary and secondary (formerly daughters') account. Good luck getting those guys. I never got a Chingling in my primary account.
  4. My daughter got the raph figure and loves it. Thanks Zach!
  5. Pretty sure I had that gun on the top left, but can't remember what it was for. Seems like it attached itself to a vehicle of some kind. Maybe it was a Transformer. Crossbow also looks familiar. I want to say it was for a figure that could grip it by the stock. Really useful, I know
  6. Very cool, Zach. On a TMNT-related note, my youngest daughter recently got into Ninja Turtles somehow, and her favorite show is the one these Minimates were based on. I never watched it until now, but it is fun, particularly when they cross-over with the original cartoon versions. I was digging through my old Minimates looking for the turtles and could only find the TRU-exclusive Donatello pack for her birthday recently. Need to go eBay to get her the full set at some point.
  7. So awesome. This was a Minimate fantasy for many years.
  8. If I had to pick one version of HBK, it would be the 1993-94, Wrestlemania X-era look. To me that's Shawn at his most iconic (well, after the Rockers look, which is clearly the most iconic look overall), but I'll buy whatever version Luke puts out here (so please hold one for me, Luke!). Lost smile version LOL. I think the Born Again, "starting to bald and should really cut his dang hair" version is another strong choice. I used to say that every time I saw him to the point that it turned into a running gag with my roommate at the time. Then he inexplicably shaved his whole head recently. On another note, as many of us are now doing I'm sure, I'm working from home, and my work "office" is my collection room. Every day that I come in here I take a look at a selection of Luke's custom wrestlers, and it gives me joy. I recently was going through storage and found several of the other Luke's customs I have, and I eventually want to make a display of those. I am not very into Minimates in general anymore, but will always love the stuff that Luke has, and continues to put out. So much personality, and his passion for these guys always comes through. Thanks for everything Luke! You are the man. Also, here is the Million Dollar Man, proving that truly everyone and everything has a price: [
  9. I can't quit this game. Just spent almost 2 hours today doing tasks to catch that damn Chinchilla Pokemon instead of relaxing or actually enjoying the gorgeous weather outside. Totally worth it.
  10. So close to being Akeem, the African Dream. He had a mohawk as One man Gang, but only a black beard. So I concur with Frequalizer. The Mighty Oz! The only thing that could slow him and Scott Hall down are the Z-Man and Big Josh, of course.
  11. I probably ended up with a couple of Bears due to BHM's generosity, but the only one I believe I actively bought was the one that came with the Indiana Jones Kubrick (Idol Bear). I came damn close to pulling the trigger on this: But couldn't justify the price. I agree with you all. However, it must be what sells in Japan.
  12. < Not an original member *sits in the fetal position and cries*
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