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  1. 3 big time wants for me. Very glad we're finally seeing them, but I'm sorry BHM isn't happier about it. Certainly, after waiting so many damn years for Toad, it's easy to understand high expectations.
  2. Yeah, I think it's been a couple of years now since anything new, Kubrick-wise, has been released. Beyond as BHM says, a packaging variant if you consider that new.
  3. Happy birthday, fellas!
  4. I ran across Dr. Spectrum and the Whizzer today. Now I've got a very nice Squadron Supreme lineup coming together!
  5. Your Jason looks pretty great, though I read of several owners having some major QC problems on him, even glaring ones like missing chevrons on his mask. Extremely iconic character and look. I got Ash a few weeks back, and that is a very, very good figure by Sideshow standards. In fact, the reason I missed out on the exclusive is that I have so little faith in SSC that I would pre-order from them. But if they can get a few wins in succession that might change my opinion. Kind of funny that they're creating so many figures that Betomatali sold in the past, though--Beetlejuice, Ash, Jason, Freddy. Maybe Creepshow will be next!
  6. Prices on SSC statues are absurd at this point. DAM is doing a 1/4 scale T2, mixed media statue that looks fantastic, and likely will be given that their 1/6 scale figures are Hot Toys quality. And the price is $450. http://bbs.bbicn.com/data/attachment/forum/201703/28/142548n1p99xfu974kxj43.jpg
  7. Near Dark is one I wanted to love. It's got three of the major (and best!) actors from Aliens as vampires, directed by future academy award winner Kathryn Bigalow, and has a totally bad-ass Paxton vampire. But on the whole that one doesn't resonate with me. Love that bar scene, though.
  8. I saw this one in the theater, not thinking much about it going in. Leaving the theater, I was pretty blown away by it. To this day, it is one of my favorite movies, and possibly my favorite horror movie. I loved Paxton. One of my favorite actors period--he was definitely the best thing about Aliens--and I was gutted by this news. Didn't know he directed Fish Heads, either!
  9. Might have to get these! Original Toon Turtles were the ones I most wanted from the get-go, and no TRU exclusives to track down make this really appealing.
  10. Mez-Itz? More like Trash-Itz. *high five*
  11. Looking good!
  12. Pretty cool! I had loads of the originals back in the day. Loved that Bret Hart figure.
  13. Yeah, the T-800/Arnold figures. I think Sarah had a rubber body.
  14. One of my birthday presents this morning was the Giant Sized X-Men I think my mom bought from you. So, thanks for sending that along! They are excellent.
  15. Thanks Shane! Will do.