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  1. I'd love a Thing with a sculpted cranium. I think we've had plenty of these mushroom tops, might be cool to experiment with a different form. And while I'm at it, I'd love a Sue in an updated classic suit to match "Best Of" Reed. Some additional thoughts on this set's accessories: I am totally loving the new execution for Sue's shields, with the "hand grips." And Reed's bits and extenders are a lot of fun, I am debating getting another set to repaint for my older Reeds.
  2. That is some creative parts usage! What about a headcap? Repaint Abomination?
  3. Oh, totally agree about MiniMates. I was referring to contemporary toy lines.
  4. Everyone who touches the DC license is always cranking on new editorial or modern stuff. I would love to see some vintage bronze age love. A sub-series devoted to e.g. Silver Age Batman, or Flash & Rogues, or old school JSA would be right up my alley. But DC fans, at least toy buying ones, don't seem to share the same nostalgia that Marvel fans have. Even McFarlane's Super Powers revival has gone modern.
  5. Out of curiosity, are the bandannas removable or glued in place?
  6. Eternal, not deviant right? So not e.g. Karkas? The Uni-Mind? Forgotten One? (or was he technically Gilgamesh, and therefore in the film?) Interloper? Mentor? Mentor wouldn't require many custom parts, I'd think. He's my guess.
  7. It was good, I was surprised. And the Predator had so many toys at his disposal. If I had a nit to pick, it would be with the very poor bear CGI. They should have just done stop motion animation with the Tekken Kuma MiniMate.
  8. Looking at the picture upside down, Leo's and Don's eye tampos work both ways, Raph's and Mike's less so.
  9. Minor observation: It sort of looks like the bandannas are upside-down, right? Like that curve on top should be where the bridge of their nose/beak is.
  10. These are some solid choices! Maybe not for the initial six, but I'd also like a Scarlet Scarab.
  11. They are pretty cool, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the new box design carries forward (i.e. which elements and colors are standard, what colors are variable, etc.).
  12. Received mine from Luke and I'm also loving these. It's fun to finally have a HERBIE, I really dig the accessories for Reed & Sue, and I'm always happy to add a new DOOM.
  13. (I figured this thread deserved an official nudge)
  14. Pizza Dog, represent!
  15. I'm going to resurrect this zombie thread. If you were to assemble your own "make-up" 6-pack of MCU/D+ characters from the past few years, who would you include?
  16. SFVI is coming. Is there an appetite for more Capcom fighter mates? I always felt there was unfinished business from the original line, and the vs. line. These are mates I bought and sold once it looked like the lineups would never be completed, but I would revisit them in a flash if there were a new line. For me, it all goes back to the Original 8 from SFII, and the plus-4 Shadaloo villains, with the additional 5 from the expansion (Fei Long, Cammy, Dee Jay, T. Hawk and Akuma). I would love to see what MM could do with Dhalsim, for example. But I also think that they only scratched the surface with Darkstalkers, which had some of the coolest designs in all of Capcom's fighting games. One of the biggest issues with most SF lines is that there is an initial burst of product, but it then peters out before a complete collection can be assembled. Ironically, GI Joe came the closest in the 90s and produced all 12 of the original fighters if I'm not mistaken, but they were all very off-model. SOTA toys made a good run at it, but had quality and distribution issues. I wonder sometimes if Capcom might be a difficult licensor to work with?
  17. Question for open debate/discussion: Is the market too saturated with MOTU product at the moment for a hypothetical MiniMates line to be successful? Or would the broad exposure benefit and support a MM line? Right now, there are: Masterverse figures, Netflix CG series figures, Origins figures, Mondo 12" collector figures, and Mega Construx product, as well as Reaction figures and the occasional Funko Pop (or other Funko format).
  18. When are series 3&4 set to be revealed and/or solicited?
  19. I might have missed this answer, but does the license include the old LJN toys, like what Neca's doing in the 7" scale?
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