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  1. Counting BAF waves, both existing and announced, and including exclusive BAFs (Wal-Mart Giant-Man wave, Fin Fang Foom wave, etc.), you get 68 BAFs. Plus 9 non-BAF TB waves, plus the Epic Heroes non-BAF wave, you get 78. ...If you include the Vintage waves, ML will be up to 81 once all of the announced stuff hits the market (spring of next year).
  2. Thinking more about this: it doesn't need to land this year, necessarily. Just brand the wave "80 Years of Marvel" and "Wave 80!!" Marvel Legends will soon pass up Minis, but right now no other Marvel toyline has gone this many waves before. It feels like something that should be celebrated.
  3. I read that too quickly, as "bulked up Wasp."
  4. We can re-title this thread when DST is ready to start dropping hints, but I'm starting this to suggest that it would be swell if DST were able to release a comic-based Wave 80 in time for Marvel's 80th anniversary. Zac, any remote chance of a Wave 80 landing in 2019, or are we already in 2020 territory?
  5. I'd guess Hellcat for Avengers/Defenders, Paladin for H4H/TBolts, Erik the Red for May. X-villain from the 70s could be a lot of folks... Sebastian Shaw seems like low-hanging fruit. I sure hope Shi'ar is Gladiator. FF villain could be Dragon Man? Or Immortus (/Rama Tut)?
  6. I think with Predator, I'm pretty happy. I finally got my Hawkins, and the first movie is really the best, so I won't die if I can't complete the Lost Tribe. But with Alien, man we need a clean Bishop. I get that a dropship is probably 99% unlikely at this point, but Bishop and Ferro are needed to put a bow on this line and call it done.
  7. The problem is that most people aren't willing to buy collections wholesale. The individual value of sets can vary wildly, so collectors are usually more interested in targeting specific sets. You'd likely make more money in the long run if you sold the rarer/in-demand items individually, but it'd be more of a hassle logistically. And you'd end up with a healthy percentage that are not in-demand that wouldn't be worth selling individually. I'm answering your question at face value, while recognizing that you probably posted this question as a backdoor to receiving an offer via PM by one of the members of this Forum (given your one post).
  8. elhonez

    wave 79

    7. Official "selling like hotcakes" status.
  9. I was late to this bandwagon, but I'm very excited for the In-Betweener! If anyone has extras of the earlier releases, or subbed and wants to sell one or two, please PM me.
  10. This isn't applicable for MMM, because these "likenesses" are considered "charicatures", or some such legal mumbo-jumbo.
  11. Angel's actually my fave of the bunch... I'm looking to re-create some of the more famous Horsemen. I'd love to have Caliban and War-Hulk too.
  12. Iceman really didn't change from XFactor 1.0 to 1.1, like the others did. And he was packed with his power dampening belt last time. Will Warren come with a death mask?
  13. Easy buy, super cool lookin. I love that they're revisiting Archangel too.
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