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  1. Do we know for sure whether or not the BAF is a one-off, or more are coming? I honestly don't know... has Mr. Oat mentioned anything about it? Either way, this is the last poll before the big rollup. I reckon I won't be polling any more ABs moving forward. Once we start getting to the likes of Sidri and the Ovoids, we know we're stretching (with the exception of WARWOLVES of course!). I also get the giant-is-giant sentiment for sure, but once they released that 2.5" Galactus I kinda gave up on that. I'd be over the moon for a Fin Fang Foom or Devil Dinosaur in 2.5", for instance.
  2. It's an epic battle between comic Executioner and Ulik! 8 more votes before a victor is declared... The multiverse appears lukewarm on Storm Giants, but Frost Giants, Rigellians and Trolls are all having a rumble. Who wins?
  3. TRU Series 26

    Great summary Gillbob. This all sounds like a compelling argument for Morph: Through the Ages.
  4. Predator Minimates

    We still need,: Tracker Predator, "Classic" Captive Predator, Masked Berserker Predator, and the River Ghost. That's one each to pair with the humans, and an additional 2-pack. If they really wanted to stretch it, they could add: Cloaked Tracker, Damaged Hound.
  5. Predator Minimates

    Finally found Dillon. You sahn of a beetch! Now my life is complete.
  6. WAVE 76

    Did it not go over strong? I had no idea. Poor sales?
  7. I'd welcome that. I think the last Thor box didn't sell so well, but it included a virtual dupe of Beta Ray Bill (deco var), a less popular version of Loki and a Thor that perhaps wasn't different enough from previous versions. Sif was the only real new-new character there.
  8. Conan returns to Marvel in 2019!

    To be fair: Conan has a lot more name/brand recognition than most of those Indies.
  9. Conan returns to Marvel in 2019!

    You might be right about that. Time will tell.
  10. Conan returns to Marvel in 2019!

    ...he said, to crickets. Man, I can't be the only Conan fan, right? Barry Windsor-Smith anyone? Anyone?
  11. Box sets please!! This makes my recent avatar accidentally prophetic!
  12. We have our victors. In first place, Typhoid Mary. In second place, Melvin Potter, the Gladiator. And finally, our third place contestant, Nuke. By a landslide, the winning army builder was The Chaste. Everybody loves ninjas. 2nd and 3rd place were neck and neck, which was pretty cool though. Thanks for voting - Thor's up next, and first place in that poll is still very much up for grabs...
  13. I am in no way trying to steer this vote, because like some of you I want all of these, but I'll add that Ulik just screams "toy." The recent Marvel Legends figure came out great.
  14. He almost made it.
  15. It's time for the last individual poll of this run - The Mighty Thor! Foes and allies of the God of Thunder await your vote. Here's a quick rundown: The Warriors Three - They need no introduction, and take up three slots in this poll. Malekith - Introduced in Walt Simonson's famous run on Thor in the 80s, this evil dark elf was the featured villain in Thor: The Dark World. But don't hold that against him. ; ) Kurse - Once a dark elf named Algrim, he blamed Thor for his near death, that was actual due to Malekith's treachery. Overpowered by the Beyonder, because comics, he became a single-minded engine of destruction, whose only goal was to destroy Thor. Mangog - The sum total hatred of a "billion billion" beings of a race that had come into conflict with Asgard, he's a Kirby-riffic super powered monster. Ulik - The mighty rock troll who has been a frequent adversary of Thor. Executioner - Recently released as a movie figure. As we now have the Enchantress, we need her lifelong partner-in-crime, Skurge the Executioner, in his comic duds. Pluto - The Olympian God of the Underworld. AKA Hades. A semi-frequent big bad in the 616 who was introduced in classic Thor comics. Ymir - A giant frost god. Snow Miser to Surtur's Heat Miser (game on!). We've got Surtur, now he needs a playmate. The army builders for this round: Storm Giants - Your basic Asgardian humanoid giants. Rigellians - Aggressively colonizing alien species who first appeared in Thor. Known for the character Tana Nile, and their Recorder androids. Rock Trolls - Orange-skinned Asgardian trolls. The most famous of their species: Ulik and King Geirrodur. Frost Giants - Before they were retconned to be giant blue tribal-tattooed beasts, they appeared humanoid, like their king Utgard-Loki. Pictured here are Grundroth and a couple others.