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  1. OK, they're in hand now and WOW. These are amazing. I really love the blister card designs and execution. Sign me up for every Cobra wave from here to eternity.
  2. I was a bigtime Cobra collector when I was a kid. I thought they looked a lot cooler than the Joes did, even if CC was a big ham. I finally ordered my set from Luke and I'm pretty torn about whether I'll open them or not -- this packaging is just the best. Kudos to the design team.
  3. I don't have an order, but here are the ones I liked the most: Iron Man Thor: Ragnarok Captain America: Winter Soldier Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man: The Trilogy Avengers Avengers: Endgame Avengers: Infinity War
  4. Yeah but which version?? Green Hamburglar or Face Tattoos? Edit: nevermind, I just read the not-so-fine print.
  5. Is there a mutant named Storefront? Is this a new version of Luke Cage?
  6. Thanks for the insights Zach!
  7. My favorite Marvel MiniMates release-style is still the 4-pack wave model that included a variant and an army-builder. Oh man, I bought so many. I am still drowning in Sentinels, AIM Agents, Dreadnoughts, Hellfire Guards and more. And I love it. Next up would be the added value of the "build-a-figure" model. Looking at you, Spider-Slayer! I must confess to not understanding why these models were abandoned. I have only conjecture based on reading-between-the-lines of DST comms, both official and unofficial, and my admittedly limited knowledge of the economics of toy wholesaling and distribution. Plus some n=1 first-hand data of encountering MM product "in the wild," i.e. first-hand experiences with what moved and what didn't. Oh, and anecdotes from you lot. With that belabored preamble, let the juices flow: I gathered that the economics of two-packs / "sticker shock" as a result of inflation due to "macroeconomic headwinds" made the team feel that this model would become untenable to consumers, but... Is that understanding actually correct? Would a huge price tag for a 6-pack actually be that much better? Was DST just testing the waters with this, or was there another reason for confidence in trying this model here? Was the 6-pack pivot a way to hedge against certain 2-packs selling better than others, leaving a glut of the less-popular two packs in a wave on the shelves? Are these big Marvel boxes actually performing worse than the two-packs? It sounds like maybe yes, based on where this thread is going. Are bigger packs the only way forward now, i.e. no going back to previous retail executions like 2-packs? Does it cost less to develop & produce one six pack vs. three two-packs? Were BAFs discontinued due to some license stipulation from Hasbro? Was this pivot in part due to retail pressures, for example product not moving, and dissatisfied retail customers who needed to see something new (big boxes) to have the appetite to try MM again? Lastly, a tangent: I'm going to get a lot of rotten fruit thrown at me here, but I actually think blind boxes/blind bags are pretty fun -- any thought about returning to these? The price of singles could be appealing relative to the $50 commitment of box sets now. I wouldn't want these for every release, only certain things. Like army builders. Or like what Toy Robot used to do with niche stuff. I have always felt that a very Kirby-inspired, brightly colored set of Celestials would be great in blind boxes, with commons and chases and the whole thing. Their designs fit pretty well with that whole weird vinyl collectible toy vibe. Really lastly: My summary is that 2-packs are mo' betta for me as a collector. And it was really cool when DST produced Army Builders and BAFs, and I miss 'em.
  8. +1 For what it's worth: I need the others, but Kingpin & Bullseye in these looks aren't as compelling.
  9. Yeah, all of em! There is no shortage of available characters. I recently replayed MM 1-6. Some great designs. 46 robot masters, plus Mega Man, Rush, Light, Wily, Proto Man and Roll. Various stage baddies (e.g. Sniper Joe). And 46 robot masters = 46 alt color schemes and accessories for MM. Doing all of them wouldn't be practical, but I'd be down for either 100% of the first couple games, or a series of box sets that highlight some of best designs across the series
  10. Epic. Sign me up! I made a QC years ago but it hasn't really held up (and I was too lazy to make a decal festooned with a scarified pentagram).
  11. Please cuttle this conversation before it makes me eel.
  12. If you've got something to say BHM, she'll lend you her ears anytime.
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