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  1. Huh, I guess I didn't know he was ever in the MOE. If that's right I'm psyched! He's the last of the old Mattel Secret Wars figures to get a MM update.
  2. Also just thought of Space Phantom as a good villain for this wave
  3. Ghost / Stealth Iron Man is looking more and more likely. BAF sounds like Silver Sable. Maybe unlikely, but I'd love to see Valentina from SHIELD as the second female hero. Mockingbird would also be great. Who else fits the "unmade female espionage hero" clue?
  4. I'm doubting myself though -- been off my game, guessing Proteus for Shadow King, Supremor for Quasimodo, Hellcat for Stingray. Think I only got Paladin correct. Technically Fixer's partner Mentallo is ex-SHIELD, not him (IIRC). But I don't think Mentallo was ever in the MOE.
  5. Got my Paladin today! Very well done 'mate! The latest clue has me thinking "Fixer"
  6. Nice! The guess was all Scorpion though -- I had thought "Supreme Intelligence", but later realized his guess also fit the clues. He looks great! Really excited about this one.
  7. Quasimodo would totally fit the clues though also.
  8. Sounds like Supreme Intelligence / Supremor maybe? (FF introduced, didn't have a body, later did) Also a candidate for a figure/standee execution, but personally I'd love to have a 3D giant round head.
  9. Farouk had a full white suit. I'm thinking zombie kingpin, but he's raggedy. Luke, do you know of an easy way to remove a MM tampo without damaging the paint?
  10. My preference, if given the choice, would be the ethereal energy version.
  11. I wonder (if it's Proteus) if that means it will be the animated version, or the glowing pink version? Or even the possessed-dead-human version?
  12. Where are you getting Omega level as a hint? Omega plus 70s equals Proteus.
  13. I'd be into a Clea/Mordo 2-pack. But that may be a pretty deep cut for a standard wave these days. (Non sequitur: Didn't that Strange Tales pack sell pretty well? I vote for V2 with masked Strange, Clea, Mordo and Shuma Gorath)
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