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  1. Pics soon of what I might call a "potboiler" wave for its ludicrous simplicity. With the exception of some minor acrylic color. After that, I need to get much better at painting. I'm looking into all sorts of stuff I swore I'd never do, like model paints, wet palettes, brush techniques... it's a sickness. Ah well. (this next-next wave is also "QC" in that it's decal-free, but it requires much more paint than I'm accustomed to) But for the potboiler, maybe it'll light a fire under me to get those pics done and edited if we play a game? I dunno. All my custom groupings have a code name. The Howlers were "Wah-Hoo." Let's play hangman: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
  2. I will re-post that it looks like the Heroes set sold out on Hasbro Pulse, which I hope is a good sign. The villains haven't sold out yet, but I'm curious about why packaged images weren't included? I personally love the throwback TSR-style packaging.
  3. Yeah! I finally got one! But don't worry, I won't be a prick about it.
  4. On the subject of frogs, Leap-Frog did appear in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (edit: and technically also Saracen, El Aguila, Porcupine, Man-Bull, Mr. Immortal and the Wrecking Crew) Leap-Frog, Man-Bull and Porcupine would all require some non-standard parts.
  5. I hear Thor was mostly Norwegian, but a tad Polish. But you shouldn't believe anything I say -- I am fibbing us.
  6. Khonshu fits the bill. Also: Scarlet Scarab was a dude in the comics.
  7. Hmm maybe we need a hint -- in what specific year did the character appear in a MCU project? That could help narrow it down. Guessed so far: Shang-Chi, Attuma, Sersi, Clea, Hellcat, Shuma Gorath, Pip the Troll, Arishem (Celestial), Uatu, High Evolutionary, Starfox, Gilgamesh, Starhawk, Eternity, Zeus, Cosmo, Martinex Guessed without confirmation: Swordsman, Supreme Intelligence Oh wait wait wait... Fenris Wolf?
  8. @Kotter Comics I'm hung up on the "unconventional materials" clue. @NerdyTrev mentioned Eternity, but Luke suggested he'd avoid previous cut-outs. I guess Starhawk would also fit that bill, what with his flowy flappy parts. Can't be Cosmo because she's a she? Martinex? I'm stumped
  9. Luke did show how he might tackle Shuma in one of his recent oversized PVCs. Lots of Brood parts.
  10. I'd love Shang-Chi, but my sig reveals my extraordinary bias. Attuma would be super cool too.
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