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  1. I was torn a bit because Tinkerer is a very important character to the MU, but I succumbed to my love for 80s Beetle in the end. I'm still pretty high on the Marvel Legends version, which pretty perfectly executed the wings / wing coverings. Now I need my 'Mate. I picked Slayer II because I remember seeing the issue (ASM 58) somewhere as a kid, and appreciating the creepy projection of JJJ's mug on the suit's faceplate.
  2. Takin' it to the STREETS! Or, well, much less cosmic but no less weird: this poll is populated with varied and sundry A-ish and B-list Spider-characters left to be made. Oh, and a fun Spider-Slayer army builder poll! The usual caveats apply: Classic = 1985 & prior, definitions of qualifications for this list will widely vary, blah blah blah yadda yadda fine print. If you don't see someone you like here, they probably just missed the cutoff. I expect this selection to be the most contentious to-date, but hopefully these are all characters we can agree should be made at some point. And as is now customary, here's a groovy pic of the Army Buildin' options: Clockwise (left) from Smythe: Mark I (circular monitor) Mark VIII (giant, purple: technically '87) Mark IV (spider-shaped) Mark VI (spider-shaped, smaller) Mark VII (UFO shaped) Mark V (boxy with tread feet) Mark II (humanoid with spider-deco on chest) Not pictured abovec: Mark III (spider-shaped, rounded head)
  3. Cosmic Entities: Informal Character Poll #3

    Nice Death bigvis! @BuffaloDelorean: I think you may be happy with the next poll.
  4. Cosmic Entities: Informal Character Poll #3

    It's been over a week, time to call it. Despite cosmic characters winning the last two polls, we had a little less participation with this one - just under 40. I'll keep it open for a while longer, but the winners are: Death, who must be extremely frustrated with her inability to keep characters in her grasp in the 616, and the Kree military unit with the coolest chest sparkles. Much like Yelp reviews, the military army builder votes were (mostly) split among the smallest and largest values, with Privates getting the second-most votes. And of course, the runners-up: Eternity, and Ego, the Living Planet. Ego enjoyed some recent exposure on a grand scale in his Kurt Russell form, so maybe that boosted his votes a bit. Or maybe we're all just curious about how this look would be pulled off in the MiniMate format? Thanks for voting! After all of this cosmic frippery, it's time to take things back to the streets. I sense a spider-poll in the near future...
  5. Cosmic Entities: Informal Character Poll #3

    I went for Eternity when I voted, for all the reasons cited - I think it would be a beautiful MiniMate, semi-translucent with an interesting deco. A real design challenge. ...but I was this close to voting for the Stranger, a long-time favorite of mine.
  6. Cosmic Entities: Informal Character Poll #3

    I'm saving Nightmare for a future supernatural poll. He'd make a great figure, and he's really made his way around the 616. @funkguerilla you're speaking my language... a proper MTIO Annual 7 display has been on my wish list for a while. And with MiniMates, we're only a Champion figure shy of the roster.
  7. TRU Series 26

    When you say the new character has ties to the Defenders world, which Defenders do you mean? (e.g. Strange-led Defenders, modern "Netflix" Defenders...?)
  8. After the first two polls resulted in some prime alien characters winning, Gladiator and Uatu the Watcher, I figured it was time to take this category head-on and see which of the most powerful beings in the 616 capture the collective interest of the MMMV forums. And for kicks, the add-on Army Builder poll picks up where the old Kree Captain AB left off - what about those other military ranks?
  9. OK, time to call it. After 48 votes, your Classic X-Men Villain & Army Builder winners: Very colorful. I think I was most surprised by the overall Shi'ar love, with Deathbird and the Shi'ar troopers also faring very well. Your runners up: Arcade has menaced many, many heroes, so perhaps that explains his appeal? Thanks to everyone who voted! I'll wait a little bit before the next poll. I plan to mix it up a bit, jump around the MU.
  10. Separated at birth. ...and now I just officially killed any chance the Living Monolith ever had at getting made.
  11. No doubt he looks good on a shelf. I'm definitely looking forward to the re-colored one in the next Marvel Legends X-Men wave.
  12. Gladiator and Deathbird in a dead heat? Who'dathunk? A lot of Shi'ar love here. Shi'arly you can't be serious? "I am. And don't call me Shi'arly." ...and the poor Sidri! They are currently off drinking away their woes with the Living Monolith. "F this place! I'm going home!"
  13. 1st app = 1987! I gots mad love for warwolves, may need to save 'em for an "late 80s X-pansion poll".