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  1. Oh right, my bad. Thanks Trekker.
  2. Wish I had read this before I headed out yesterday - my local has had a Yelena / Red guardian 2-pack out for a while. If it's still there next time I go I'll grab one.
  3. Wow, those are exceptional. I love your solution to Sunspot's power effect -- I may need to borrow that idea!
  4. Does anyone know of a good color match for the comic-based WWII Wolverine? (Wave 29) I want to make a long-sleeved version of this body.
  5. Marvel actually created a Dr. Who knockoff, and Dalek knockoffs, in the pages of Heroes for Hire. His name was Professor Gamble, and the Dalek-alikes were "Incinerators." And in a shameless plug, I'll share a pic here of a mostly-quick custom I did:
  6. I've been a proponent of a Hellions "army builder" -- it would just have the alternate heads & gear to do Jetstream, Empath and Thunderbird (Warpath). Pack that with a female version of the costume with alt heads & gear for Roulette, Catseye & Tarot. Catseye would need another figure for her cat form, but the above would be drive the hardcore x-collectors to buy 3x each.
  7. Thanks for the update Luke! Looking forward to Warstar! In other collecting news, I hope it isn't poor form to post this here, but there are no current hits for Luke's customs in the trade thread... I missed the boat on Luke's previous-year customs, and would like to trade some modern-character customs from this year to anyone who missed them, and who would be willing to part with older customs. I have Bastion, Quicksand and Spider-X available for trade. Please PM if interested in a swap!
  8. I obviously really want a classic Shang-Chi. And I wouldn't oppose an updated version of Power Man & Iron Fist from the 70s/80s. But what about some Hulk love? Doc Samson and First Appearance She-Hulk would be great along with an obligatory Hulk variant. You could round them out with: Rick Jones who can transform into A-Bomb, Bi-Beast, and Zzzax. If this were back in the day and we were still doing Army Builders, then the Leader's Humanoids or the Toad Men would fit the bill.
  9. Great designs, happy that these are coming. I am also unreasonably excited for HERBIE.
  10. Overall I'm very happy with my Predator mates. I recently raided my Aliens / Predator mates and have enjoyed revisiting them, but there are still a few options from the first movie I'd like to see. Looks like they will be beating this dead horse once again, with Dan Trachtenberg now set to helm a reboot, so if this opens the window for "one last shot," here's what I'd like to see in a 3-set wave or boxed set: 1. Battle-Damaged Blain (aka chest hole) with Plasma Casting Stealth Predator 2. Battle-Damaged Dillon (dismembered arm) with Skinned Corpse 3. a New Dutch Release, wi
  11. Man I'd really like to see Ferro and Bishop one day. Seems like it would take some new media tie-in, like a show or a game. I'm assuming they were meant to have been packed with Damaged and Undamaged Dropships. Were designs ever shared for it?
  12. I'm on the edge of my seat here... who is our upcoming demonic villain?
  13. We can re-title this thread when DST is ready to start dropping hints, but I'm starting this to suggest that it would be swell if DST were able to release a comic-based Wave 80 in time for Marvel's 80th anniversary. Zac, any remote chance of a Wave 80 landing in 2019, or are we already in 2020 territory?
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