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  1. Storyline themed holy grail

    Korvac Saga Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil Squadron Supreme [12 part maxi or Death of a Universe] Contest of Champions [original]
  2. TRU Series 26

    Seconded. Both to "I actually don't want to know what those line-ups are (were)", and to "Thank you Zach." It would only torture me to know that there were 'mates out there that I wanted, but that didn't have a home yet. So for now let's pretend they were just Team America MiniMates with a Marauder BAF:
  3. TRU Series 26

    That is good news, right? I would love to get my hands on that Spot figure. Madame Masque too.
  4. Deadpool 2?

  5. TRU 25

    I've been checking ebay regularly for good deals on the Chameleon set. Best I found so far was like 13 bucks plus 4 shipping. Still about 9 too much, but I'm concerned about the availability of these moving forward, so I bought it anyway.
  6. Long shots.

    They have to get these out right? They're too far along in production.
  7. Long shots.

    I mean, we can already re-create Dum Dum Dugan punching out Godzilla... Yes, this really happened.
  8. Long shots.

    Hey, they also did Shogun Warriors. Give me Combatra, Raydeen and Dangard Ace.
  9. Long shots.

    Part of me want to say, "We have fucking Stilt-Man, there are no long shots." But the part that wants to play along says Yes Please to Fin Fang Foom, Stegron, Madame Web, Shroud, Shuma Gorath, Frog Man, Jester and Cobra. Say, that's eight - just enough for a whole wave.
  10. TRU Series 26

    That Spot figure is an example of why I'm such a MiniMates evangelist. Any other toyline, like Marvel Legends, they do Spot and it's a simple repaint of a basic body. Throw it in a package and Bob's yer uncle. MM is not content with that. No. They include little spot discs, a spot-colored base with a flight stand to make it look like he's jumping. Crazy cool.
  11. wave 75

    That Purple Man figure makes me happy.
  12. TRU Series 26

  13. TRU Series 26

    He's gotta come with an alt head...
  14. Most need of a redo

    Yes please, this.
  15. Predator Minimates

    To my birthday. Sweet!