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  1. elhonez

    When are we getting a Stan Lee minimate?

    This isn't applicable for MMM, because these "likenesses" are considered "charicatures", or some such legal mumbo-jumbo.
  2. elhonez

    Wave 78

    Angel's actually my fave of the bunch... I'm looking to re-create some of the more famous Horsemen. I'd love to have Caliban and War-Hulk too.
  3. elhonez

    Wave 78

    Iceman really didn't change from XFactor 1.0 to 1.1, like the others did. And he was packed with his power dampening belt last time. Will Warren come with a death mask?
  4. elhonez

    Cover/scene recreations?

    Those are great!
  5. elhonez

    Wave 78

    Easy buy, super cool lookin. I love that they're revisiting Archangel too.
  6. elhonez

    Cover/scene recreations?

    I'm seeing a lot of chatter, and a few actual covers... where are the pics of 'Mates in cover re-creations? Bring them on!
  7. elhonez

    Marvel 'Best of ' wave

  8. elhonez

    Marvel 'Best of ' wave

    A real "Best of" question: Lab Attack Ant-Man. What appearance is this costume based on? I can't find reference.
  9. elhonez

    wave 77

    This wave is pretty epic! I love Dead Spider-Man! Miles is the odd one out, but I understand his relationship to Prowler helps the 2-pack make sense. And SPIDER-SLAYER! With the JJJ face! From the classic polls I ran last year, that scratches off Prowler & Molten Man, and this specific version of the Slayer was the army builder poll winner. If you're keeping score, that bumps Classic Beetle to #1, followed by Madame Web, and then a two-way tie between Comic Hammerhead and Comic Jackal.
  10. elhonez

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Hm. That classic Ronan mate is actually wrong in a few ways. The "boot cuff" bands are superfluous - he didn't have them The light green collar (on the chest tampo) had radial lines in the comics, not vertical ones Ironically, his arms were banded metal not his legs, so this mate has it reversed. That hammer is too big (TWSS) The hood & shoulders are pretty off-model (This is more Friday boredom than an actual grievance - I'm still happy with the mate)
  11. elhonez

    wave 77

    Was Molten Man a criminal ally? If not, I'd say Prowler-Puma. But if yes, then Prowler-Molten Man (since the ToyFare clue pretty much gave MM away). I think the date clues (years-since) also have led folks to have high confidence in a new Shocker and/or Hydro-Man.
  12. elhonez

    Fantastic Four

    I was thinking about these guys recently, as I finally picked up a second "Best of" Reed for Johnny un-flamed. DST has done so well with FF characters, and just a few more classic villains would really help close the gap: Dragon Man, Psycho-Man, Diablo, Mad Thinker, Awesome Android, Wizard, Trapster
  13. elhonez

    Muppets Minimates!

    I am ever-vigilant for the trumpet from Lips for a custom, and I can't find a two pack for sale anywhere. Please pm me if you have this part, mate, or two-pack available. I don't want to drop sixty bones for the whole wave just for the trumpet!
  14. elhonez

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    This skrull looks a lot like Marvel's Badoon alien race, or at least the head does. I'm seeing a custom opportunity here...
  15. elhonez

    Ask Zach

    I find myself reflecting sometimes on what I feel is the undeserved success of Funko Pop! figures. I'm not a fan of the glassy pupil-only eyes, their giant noggins, and their mostly statue-like function. They are an affront to my sensibilities. Their success seems to be attributable (in part) to a slavish adherence to their preferred mode of proportion-warping, along with an aggressive license-everything approach. To me, Mini-Mates are comparable in servicing the cuteness market (albeit different corners), but they are much more functional and fun. I don't understand why MM couldn't enjoy the same success because they're a much better value - two for less than the cost of one Pop!, and with a buttload of accessories. Questions for Zach: Are they marketed differently? Are there restrictions to marketing that MMs face that Pop! figs don't? Is Funko dropping more coin on marketing? Is it cheaper to license for big-noggin vinyl figures than it is to license for block figs? Why can't MM take over the world in the way Funko has? Am I really just comparing apples to oranges and I should just shut the f up already? Have you thought about giving a bunch of product to that 7-yr old kid on YouTube who made millions of dollars last year reviewing toys? The world needs to know how awesome MiniMates are.