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  1. Whaaat...?!? I missed the second mystery license mention. Yeah I'd be all about D&D, though I fear MLP is more likely?
  2. I think the core hint is that it's currently on the air ("network TV") and not going anywhere anytime soon. Are there any D&D shows currently on?
  3. Maybe it's a kids' show we haven't guessed yet, like PAW Patrol, Peppa Pig, Blue's Clues, Cocomelon, or Thomas & Friends. But still, "lots of accessories" gets me back to Pro Wrestling or a major league sport of some kind. The salient clues seem to be: Accessories, Make sense as both Vinis and Minis, and Anticipated Disappointment. Yeah it's hard to get excited about these.
  4. Yeah, the version previously done is 90s, below is the true classic Shocker. There are some subtle but important differences: Hasbro recently did him as a Marvel Legend:
  5. I realized that I don't keep up with modern stuff enough to have a reasonable guess here. A cursory Google check reveals a metric s**t ton of new teams, books and configurations over the past decade. I will plug what I *want* for the next box, though: Chuck loves Spidey, I love Spidey. Sinister Syndicate: 80s Beetle, 80s Boomerang, Armored Rhino, Comic Speed Demon, Classic Shocker, Spider-Man. I swapped Hydro for Shocker since Hydro's been done twice, and we haven't had a classic (original costume) Shocker yet.
  6. Modern YA seems like a pretty solid guess, for many reasons. The character selection wouldn't be "for me," but I'm a sucker for great parts and would probably pick it up if this ends up being correct.
  7. Cyclops (kid) Hulk (Cho/"Brawn") Viv VIsion Ms. Marvel Nova (Sam) Spider-Man (Miles) ...but this team didn't have an almost-seventh member, AFAIK
  8. New Champions fits, with maybe Viv Vision being the miscount?
  9. Which one would be the "minor" one that wasn't included?
  10. (in case my profile picture was not enough indication that I might feel that way)
  11. If there were some way to get Conan in the line, I'd be all about that set.
  12. A MiniMates diorama could be a wrestling ring. Just sayin.
  13. These look great -- and I love the cards. Thor might be my favorite of the line so far:
  14. It's been a while since I pre-ordered these guys, and I am looking forward to seeing the new packaging in-hand. Also really curious to see how the new design will carry forward. 82 is just a couple months out, right?
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