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  1. So the hint... was about a mystic-y X-villain that looks like it could be a Thor villain (I'm paraphrasing because I don't remember exactly). I'm guessing Belasco or S'ym, with heavier odds on Belasco.
  2. Got my Spider X - looks great. And we have a new clue to discuss, though I'll keep it to myself until more people confirm they've received it. Luke is very good at making clues that could easily be two (or more) different characters...
  3. Hmm... Fang? Starbolt? Smasher? Those three are achievable with some clever parts re-use. But really, any of the IG could be done with the right combo of decals, so it's anyone's guess. The original hint was: Starjammer, but not one of the well-known ones. Will this be a lesser-known IG member?
  4. I'll happily be a pleb in this context: I dug Thor 3. Super fun to watch. I appreciated that it wasn't afraid to poke fun at itself. Was it Godfather II? Some ponderous Terrence Malick affair? Gaspar Noe? Haha, no, of course not. Sometimes I want to eat brunch at that new trendy fancy place that has a line out the door, and sometimes I want a bowl of Lucky Charms. I'm not going to rate the Lucky Charms against a gosh-dang grilled peach & burrata salad; I would find that to be an invariably unreasonable and ultimately disappointing exercise. Different scales entirely, and appropriately so.
  5. Garokk and Living Monolith would both be amazing. Excited to learn who it'll end up being.
  6. I read the fine print, and the inclusion of a "victim" means you're probably right. Man I'm bad at guessing this year
  7. No, but he was wearing Jeans.
  8. Shadow King is awesome! The next hint suggests... Empath?
  9. I was going to ask the same thing Freaqualizer... I do think it's pretty amazing that Luke was ready & willing to pivot on the MOE custom based on the aforementioned bird singing.
  10. A must-buy wave. Did Cyclops ever wear a leather jacket in the 70s though?
  11. As my sig will attest, very excited about Constrictor! And if you're keeping "minimates vs earlier toyline" score, the next on that list would be Deathlok, from the very first 4" TB Marvel action figure line. Great looking wave!
  12. Huh, I guess I didn't know he was ever in the MOE. If that's right I'm psyched! He's the last of the old Mattel Secret Wars figures to get a MM update.
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