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  1. Is that a hint? please say it's a hint...
  2. Thanks Zach! It was fun to put this one together. And also to imagine a young Clint Eastwood as WWII Nick Fury...
  3. Thank you! Yes, it was definitely a labor of love, with parts compiled slowly over a couple of years. It was hard to sacrifice an Eastwood for Fury, but who better to use? He's chomping on a cigar, I couldn't pass it up. The Blackhawk Squad, very cool... How are you thinking about Lady Blackhawk? (torso cap, head & hair)
  4. I also posted this in Modifying Marvel, since they're mostly QCs: WAH-HOO! (my internal numbering) Wave 15 / WWII Series 1:
  5. Bwahahaha! That gif is amazing. I hope this line has long legs. I'd love to see the team mix in some B- and C-listers with the top dogs from here on out.
  6. D'oh! So close. But Storm Shadow got to Duke.
  7. I'm calling: Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander
  8. Constrictor had been on my list for years too. He was the last character MMM hadn't done from the old Mattel Secret Wars series.
  9. It's been a while since I've updated this... looks like 5.5 years? I may have something fun to update here in March if I can squeeze in some custom time. Nearly done with a batch of 8 that are mostly QCs. The "mostly" part is the rub -- the last mile requires some paint, some x-acto action, and some some glue. I don't know how to give a hint that wouldn't make it obvious though. Update: My lazy posterior has finally ordered the matte white spray paint I need to finish this "wave" of eight. Which is in no way a hint of any useful kind, TBH. And for "reasons" I've decided A) to r
  10. I love that DST picked up these licenses. So cool. And as a Marvel fan, there is obvious overlap with Marvel's TF / GJ comics from the 80s.
  11. I forget now - was it confirmed that there are no alt blue arms for Cyclops?
  12. Also, if anyone wants the whole shebang, I'd be willing to trade for an older Like custom (from the previous "sub year").
  13. I really, really want a throwback to Monsters. You know, Gormuu, Taboo, Googam. If you made it a wave with Fin Fang Foom and "First Appearance Groot", you'd get some name recognition. But if I'm suggesting something marketable, how about an X-Men / Savage Land wave? A proper Sauron Ka-Zar Zabu Shanna the She-Devil (classic) ...then a couple of X-Men to seal the deal: Savage Land Wolverine Savage Land Rogue Put Shanna with Zabu, to motivate people to buy the Ka-Zar Put Ka-Zar with Rogue, to make sure Ka-Zar sells W
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