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  1. Hmm. Cardiac is a good guess. I like him visually more than Coldheart.
  2. I'll admit my Owl and Gladiator "guesses" were really more fan-service. (to myself) Of my picks, those would be the two I'd have the least confidence in. But y'know, Owl has Spidey crossover appeal, and we know Chuck loves Spidey... Regardless, any slice of these being included is a guaranteed "buy" from me, since I love me some Daredevil & Daredevil-adjacent characters. *Editing for Clarity* -- when I say any slice of "these", I mean if any of my 6 picks were accurate I'd be stoked. Zach your omertà is noted and appreciated, you O.G. you.
  3. Based on Freaqualizer's question, I'm gonna say "Coldheart" after a perfunctory Google search. Do I win a no-prize?
  4. Based on Frequalizer's question, I'm gonna say "Coldheart" after a perfunctory Google search. Do I win a no-prize?
  5. I dipped out of comics in the 90s, so I will be even more useless than normal for this guessing game. This is the part of trivia night where I go up to the bar to buy a round of drinks for everyone. 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺
  6. Frequalizer, I did some early proofing and it looks like this could really work. I'm using the legs from a Santa Jack Skellington with black feet, and I attached them to a S68 Cyclops pelvis (with the 70s buckle). The colors look great with a Captain Mar-Vell head. What remains: I will probably use either a Yellowjacket or AIM Solider torso, but I need to track one down. I would prefer to use the S68 Colossus overlay because it has a better tampo (chest detail), but seems pretty hard to track those down these days so I may need to abandon that in favor of the old school GSXM box Colossus. Once I find my overlay, I'll probably super glue a wing bracket to the back. I need to identify a hair cap, preferably blond, that just sits on top, like one of those Hulk pieces. I'm sure I have Thor bracelets lying around somewhere, so that would complete it.
  7. Yeah it was cool to see those beat the buzzer on the shot clock.
  8. Definitely need a Doop. For the Starjammers, you can add Sikorsky and/or Cr'reee. Odin has Huginn and Muninn, the Ravens.
  9. Holy crap! And I thought I was organized... I have a spreadsheet with hundreds of potential "recipes," but my parts are a great big mess. This is an inspiration Luke!
  10. Daaaaammn. The VHS colors really pop. I love the cel-shaded look on Prime's windshield.
  11. Whatabout... Elektra-Devil, Echo, Lady Bullseye, "A Daredevil", Gladiator (Potter), Owl.
  12. The One-a-Ways? The Ave-Engers?
  13. I do wonder why Kubricks just suddenly stopped without ceremony. Add another headstone to the brick fig graveyard.
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