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  1. IIRC one of the NBX kids (lock, shock or barrel) has a roundish mask that might be adaptable for a hockey mask. Edit: It's Barrel.
  2. Here's a fun question: Of the next 12, what % are characters that were introduced in or before 1985?
  3. For the record: I'm not just looking for the Moon Knight set; if you need the Falcon & Winter Soldier mates PM me.
  4. Anyone need the FatWS sets? I picked them up today. Ideally I'd like to trade for a Moon Knight/Punisher set. PM me.
  5. Do you have the next full sub planned out (even if not fully designed), or are there still some TBD slots?
  6. Jack of Hearts was the previous year. (and btw -- if anyone has an extra or wants to part with theirs, please PM me)
  7. While we wait... sound off on your favorites from the last round? Mine: Stingray, with Kierrok as a second.
  8. Thanks MisterPL! I think that's what I was thinking of. That is definitely more affordable than the Playmobil set.
  9. I never picked up Moon Knight / Punisher, and now I'm regretting it as I can't find it anywhere. If anyone has a set for sale, please pm me.
  10. The Playmobil Enterprise got me thinking about an old bridge set I saw once, but I don't recall who produced it... does anyone know of another ST bridge model or replica in this scale? It would have been just the bridge. I want to say it was something weird like Hallmark.
  11. The show was great -- I'd be down for some MiniMates with gory display options.
  12. Seamus McFly might have a better hat for that Hyde, but his hair doesn't line up quite as well. You could dremel it a bit or take an x-acto to it. You could even cut all the hair off, and display it with the hat backwards for a low-on-the-brow look. I agree that Fixit might be the closest you'll get to the right body -- Kingpin's chest is closer to this suit look, but... he fat.
  13. Officially entering! -- I also missed out on these two.
  14. Yeah, seems like. I had read some chatter (far from definitive) that the high price point was due to this being offered overseas, and it basically being a premium for getting it earlier before it's more broadly available. I'm not sure how true that is, but I agree that $500 is too much for this piece, its size notwithstanding.
  15. I see that Mezco got in on Destroy All Monsters with their 5POA line. Two sets that basically covered everyone. 1: Godzilla / Rodan / Mothra / Anguirus 2: Ghidorah / Minilla / Gorosaurus / Baragon
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