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  1. thanks Minimadman, its ok if the figure doesn't look perfect, the lack of Question merch makes it either this or nothing, especially since the Question minimate never came out
  2. If anyone see the Question, please let me know. I'm a huge Question fan and have enough trouble finding these guys. I'm willing to pay or trade. lmk
  3. well, new years all around then, everyone enjoy the new year and boys, enjoy your days as well.
  4. Ah, the GA address threw me off. Thanks so much minimadman, love everything, its all awesome. one happy camper right here.
  5. Just got my SS gift yesterday. An Antman mate, a Wasp mate, and the Scarecrow/BB Batman Movie masters 2 pack. And since Santa was getting some of the warm Georgia weather, I want to say Thanks trekker very happy and thanks so much.
  6. O, ok cool, thanks guys, I was expecting another part of my order in the package with the Box sets, which led to my confusion. thanks though, now I anxiously am kept waiting to see what gift my secret santa sent me.
  7. OK, so I think I got my Secret Santa gift, but I'm not sure, it was from Luke's, and it was the X-Men 1st box set and the X-Factor set. Now, it could also be part of my order from Luke, but I'm really not sure. Anyone care to chime in?
  8. Agreed, Merry Christmas to most, and to the rest, whichever holiday you enjoy, and most important, Happy Holidays, peace on Earth, and all the other nice stuff. I raise a glass to you all.
  9. So they give to the homeless, that makes them TERRORISTS. lol, I hear the Salvation Army is trying to give goods and food to the poor. EVIL. ::sarcasm:: lol
  10. that's hardly fair, I mean, they are in support of the working man and those whose freedom is being infringed upon. Just because they support a specific movement doesn't make them terrorist lovers. Besides, this forum is not supposed to have any political discussions, so I'm going to leave it at that, lets just discuss the music side of these guys in this thread, i.e. pop losing again to something with thought behind it. edit: the post I was referencing is not here anymore, so never mind this now.
  11. About 5 or 6 years ago, I picked up all the US released Secret Wars Figures. All of them look brand new out of the box, not paint wear, all lines crisp and visible. When I finally move into the house I will hopefully be getting soon, and I find them, I'll post some picks of them all.
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