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  1. It could also be like Thanos Quest where Thanos was able to defeat the holders of the gems using the other gems.
  2. Does anyone know if it's better to buy this in store or order it? My "local" Toys R Us isn't very close but the TRU website says thsee things are only on pre-order.
  3. I completely accidentally got The Illusive Man. I thought it was Shepard. But hey. Another rarer Minimate.
  4. I got some! I got Illusive Man, Wrex, Liara, and Ashley. I really didn't want Ashley but a nicertain haul nonetheless.
  5. Yeah working at GameStop isn't exactly a ray of sunshine either. In all doors into GameStop are just doors into sadness.
  6. Sorry if this has already been asked but is 12/10 the actual release date?
  7. Does anyone know what would make good backgrounds for cheap? I'd love to use Luke's dioramas I just don't have the money.
  8. Bloody hell, I thought I posted something on here but it must not have gone through. Sorry! I'll absolutely have something by week's end, I promise!
  9. Oh they're register impulse buys? They'll definitely sell. I was thinking it was going to be in the small standee we have designated for other things, my bad. That thing gets no love, which is why we're still swimming in Assassin's Creed Blackbeard and Edward Kenway figures and Walking Dead figures. I know I'll try my damndest to get these to customers.
  10. Oh yeah people do, it's just the problem of no one ever comes in and very rarely is a customer in there for recommendations, mostly just for their kids or for me Call of Duty/sports game. This isn't indicative of GameStop at all it's just my store is smaller an we have hard time selling game product a lot of the time, let alone things like toys. That being said I did forget completely about holidays and the people that do come in and love what us employees have to say we could probably sell these seeing as they're basically the perfect stocking stuffer.
  11. I live in Podunk nowhere and I highly doubt anyone but me will buy these from my GameStop.
  12. Don't know if this is the right place to do this but I'm starting a new comic type deal. Had this idea rattling around for a while but could never think how to do it. I decided eh just go for it. I will update later with the first of what I'm calling "phone vignettes" which are pictures I'll take with my phone and some back story. This is a world of groups smashed together. The story is about Demitri, the Darkstalker. In the future Demitri takes over, destroying anyone who gets in his way. In a last-ditch effort to stop him, the surviving Minimates destroy a Nimrod unit by overloading it, destabilizing the timeline. Demitri, fearing the worst, jumps back in time with his lieutenants to stop them. Unfortunately for him a traitor leaks his plans to his enemies. Now, at the beginning of his reign, can the heroes stop Demitri, or will he carry through all the way and become the undisputed ruler?
  13. It may be right. Was just in and my manager was in. Said he didn't get any kind of shipment in.
  14. Mine is an Arrested Development reference. It's the sound one of the Bluth family members makes when doing a chicken noise. I think it was GOB.
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