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  1. For those of you who are visiting TRU stores to look for these exclusives, you may want to check the boxes on top of the racks. That's how I found them in Northern NJ yesterday. The box is marked Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates Wave 12, and it was dwarfed by the other boxes surrounding it. This is probably second nature for our experienced members, however, due to the increase in frequency and volume in toy deliveries, TRU is more likely to place the stock inside the store on top of the racks rather than in their storage area. Depending on the down time, TRU employees may not get around to restocking the pegs for a while. I'd figure by now, would be in talks with DST to order custom cases, in which the exclusives would be more evenly packed, or exceed, the others. I suggested it once on and got the stock answer telling me they'll look into it. Good luck!
  2. FYI, as of 10AM Monday, Feb 14, EST, they are showing up in stock on the TRU website, limit 2 per customer. Edit: Wow that was quick...Magik & Warlock are out of stock again.
  3. Just saw this on Youtube, in case it hasn't been posted yet, . I thought it was custom figs at first.
  4. I went to TRU the Saturday after Black Friday and saw three Super Hero Squad repackaged toys. One had a pair of claw arms(?) instead of the Vulture, the other had Iron Man instead of Tigra, and the third had a Han Solo with one arm instead of Electro. Coincidentally, the store manager was passing by, so I took the 3 packages and told him that these shouldn't be on the shelves since they were clearly repackaged. He stared at them for awhile and thanked me. Then, he went to the Star Wars aisle and set them down near the Galactic Heroes. I cut him some slack since the TRU was like a war zone this weekend. I just hope they took it into consideration. I could just imagine some kid having this on their holiday wishlist and their parents picking them up without a close inspection. Not to encourage the person who did it, but I was impressed since the packages were repacked pretty cleanly, and the cardback was free of any damage from the tape. I couldn't find a tear or damage to the package to point out to the manager. The claw arms even had the clear rubber bands that held them in place! This person was like the Michelangelo of repackaging. Since I don't collect these, are the packages easy to open? Minimate gremlins are more ruthless at some TRUs. They just steal the figure out of the package. I mean, where's the art in that?
  5. After looking at the data for the past TRU waves: TRU Wave 2 AABlog Pics Feb 25, MMMV sighting March 20, TRU Wave 3 AABlog Pics May 8, MMMV sighting June 18, TRU Wave 4 AABlog Pics Aug 25, MMMV sighting Sept 30, I have concluded that I too, have no clue when these will be out. Oddly enough, my local TRU usually gets them 2-3 weeks after the first sighting. TRU Wave 5 AABlog Pics Oct 26, MMMV sighting ??? Let's start a TRU wave release pool! (Not really)
  6. Thanks to those who responded since my last post. That is a cool "action"-icon, kurtman. Nessex, I agree that the Spider-man 5-pack was a good first set. I was aware of Minimates years prior to that though. I've seen the TRU 5-packs and Giant Sized X-Men sets at discounted prices and was tempted to buy them. Unfortunately, back then I was hunting for Transformers Alternators and didn't have room in the budget. D'oh! Selling off those robots did help me acquire those older minimates, so it all worked out in the end. Salamat, NR (for the welcome and the movie quote hint).
  7. Congratulations! May your marriage be blessed with good health and happiness!
  8. Wave 28 Wolverine for me had hairier arms, an extra pair of "normal" hands in the package, and had both of it's legs articulated with muscle (as opposed to just the right leg for the TRU version). While the 1st and 3rd difference can be a quality control issue, the extra pair of hands was definitely a plus. Sabretooth, on the other hand, had a paler yellow hair color in the TRU wave.
  9. From Storm 1:08's discussion summary at SDCC: "For the most part, TRU packs from now on will at least be 2 per case. (I think they may have noticed the quiet reaction to the 1 per case of Bullseye/Moonstone.)" So, you're not far as this recollection goes.
  10. This is clearly I was going to say Lady and the Tramp but thought "Why would it be a big deal to them?" So I guess Forrest Gump, being my second choice, is my final answer. I hope that quote is not indicative of my choice to participate in this forum. Thanks.
  11. Hello, just wanted to introduce myself after a long time as a fly on the wall. I'm a collector whose minimate addiction started two years ago during a vacation. Not being a beach person and bored in the hotel room early in the morning, I searched the yellow pages and found the nearest comic book shop to visit. A Spider-Man 5-pack and a Cyclops/Emma Frost 2-pack later...the story is all too familiar. "Thank you"s go out to all the contributing board members and staffers, who have made this hobby all the more enjoyable with their insight and good humor. Thanks to the customizers and designers who have never failed to impress me with their talent and imagination. Thanks to everybody on this board who have welcomed me in the past after some quick posts. As my wife said after months of observing me frequenting the boards and reading the messages, "It's a positive community, isn't it?" "Yes" I replied. I hope to contribute every now and then as opportunities arise.
  12. Stop the madness, let the loot(shipp)ing begin. BBTS has wave 28 in stock on their website.
  13. (back to lurking)
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