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  1. They are, but they're not an active team anymore, some of the members do still pop up in various titles. And yeah, the original run was cancelled, but then it sold well in digest trade format and they brought it back for several more years. It was pretty critically acclaimed, at least up until Brian K. Vaughan left the book. Could work as a series, not sure if their pet dinosaur would fit a TV budget though, which would be a bummer.
  2. I think Zach already hinted an acid helmet Kaine was likely at some point, back when someone complained about this one being an exclusive. Or I could be misremembering.
  3. It's real good. I went into it only knowing it was supposed to have an '80s Spielberg/Stephen King vibe, so it was also great to see something without any preconceived notions for once. They just got everything right -- casting, camerawork, music, even the title screens are cool.
  4. Definitely wasn't trying to imply anything like that, it's the conventional wisdom because it's been measured in a market/customer base, I just think that then applying it to the narrower market/customer base at your average LCS is making an assumption. I just think they're different animals. Or maybe more comic shops reflect BuffaloDelorean's post than mine. I do think Wave 69 kind of blows up the needing an anchor to avoid sales disaster thing though (providing it doesn't end up being a sales disaster). Also, I didn't mean to derail the thread, sorry Swarm198!
  5. Peg-warming at comic shops or big box stores? I'm just talking about the LCS market/fanbase, where I haven't really seen that at all in the stores I visit, with recent Legends or DCC figures or anything, but that's only a couple of stores and anecdotal of course. My bad, I guess I did assume you were just talking about female figures selling worse, not character obscurity. That said, I think quite a few of the proposed characters in the thread are much less of a risk than the upcoming Wave 69 in that regard. And for what? I don't know, why do any themed wave? It's just a fun gimmick. I doubt DST would go for it really, but I don't think this particular theme would be any more or less a disaster than anything else they've tried, YMMV.
  6. I understand that historically toy companies don't want female figures at TRU or whatever, because they think young boys won't buy them, but surely most of the LCS customer base is older comics fans? I see so many female character action figures/statues/merch at my LCS these days, and it all seems to sell just fine. I mean, did people see that Captain Marvel/Jane Thor 2-pack sitting on the shelf any longer than the rest of Wave 64? I don't know, I just don't buy the argument I guess, at least in this market, and with so many of these characters starring or co-starring in books right now. And Hellpop, nothing can ever sell worse than Wave 15!
  7. Hellcat and Kamala are the big wants for me. For a wave, I'd probably go with: Hawkeye/Ms. America Mockingbird/Madame Masque Jessica Jones/Gwenpool ...because they all have current books on the shelf or in the pipeline, so I think they'd sell fine. More old school, I'd like Crystal, Moira MacTaggert, '90s Wolfsbane, Marvel Girl, Spider-Woman update, Black Cat update, a full TTA box set of Rogues...
  8. Huh, that's definitely weird Polarboy, not cool to spring fees on you after estimating $0, and the second listing specifically says USPS not GSP. I wonder if it's eBay not displaying the shipping info properly or something in how those specific sellers set up the listings. Either way, that's no good. But yeah, not sure how you could even avoid that happening again in the future, I guess the only option is to request the seller cancel the sale like Tenime said.
  9. Yeah I hadn't heard that it could be hidden. On the Canadian eBay portal, there's a GSP notice right under the price/current bid, and there's an estimate of their import fee (based on the current bid if it's an auction) listed right below the shipping cost. Looks like this: Their import fee seems to cover customs plus some "handling," it's just annoying to have to pay customs on packages that would likely slip through without any charge in the regular mail. I just avoid those auctions like Shane said, but its popularity is one of the reasons I've cut back on eBay a lot.
  10. Very excited for Ivy/Freeze, hope we get a look at them soon. The last ones really missing for me are Alfred and Batgirl.
  11. I loved the character designs on Spectacular, Sean Galloway did them, I found it to be a fun style well suited to animation. I'm with Shane though, bring back the '67 cartoon in all its psychedelic glory, you could air it next to Archer or something.
  12. Are these even articulated figures though? I don't think the GI Joe Micro ones were. I only had one or two Super Powers figures as a kid, but I'd love HP's idea to be applied to Secret Wars instead. They actually made a Deadpool in the Jumbo line for SDCC, but it would be pretty rad if they just "continued" that toyline in its original scale.
  13. All DST's release dates are just estimates, so they can get pushed back pretty frequently by shipping delays etc. The 'Ship Dates Update' posts on their website are the closest you'll get, although I think Luke has mentioned trying to update his estimates when/if he gets new info from his Diamond rep. The only confirmed release dates you'll really find are in Diamond's 'Upcoming Releases' list, which is posted on their website every Wednesday morning, and shows everything that will ship to comic shops the following week. So it's only a one week window, but at least it's something.
  14. Well don't tell any moms in Florida, but I just bought a children's toy with a giant prescription pill in its hand. I don't think he's a real doctor either.
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